Kim Jong Un Issues Bizarre Response to UN

The latest round of U.N. sanctions may have made Kim Jong Un’s country significantly poorer, but it certainly didn’t make its leader’s regime any saner.

On Saturday, a North Korean state media outlet promised “to end the US” over, among other things, the sanctions and the United States’ decision to fly two supersonic bombers over the Korean Peninsula in a “show of force.”

The sanctions, enacted under Resolution 2371, were passed unanimously by a 15-0 vote of the United Nations Security Council, including affirmative votes from China and Russia. According to CNN, the new round of sanctions would cut North Korea’s $3 billion export market by one-third.

“This is a hysteric fit of those taken aback by the DPRK’s continued demonstration of nuclear attack capabilities,” an insane editorial by the state-run Korean Central News Agency published the same day as the sanctions read.

“The more desperately the U.S. works to realize its ambition for ‘nuclear dismantlement of the north’ through ‘maximum pressure and engagement,’ the more dynamically the DPRK has stepped up diversifying and modernizing the nuclear force before the U.S. and its vassal forces come to their senses.”

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  • rs1123
    • Dale

      Wish that were all he was. He could start a real war with his stupidity. He’s flat out nuts.

  • Jagoda Ison

    Kill that bastard !!!

  • denoferth

    So now the sniveling cowards “leading” the free world have allowed professional extortionists in Russia, China, North Korea and Iran to blackmail us into evermore deadly concessions so we hope they won’t drop atomic bombs on out cities. Is this what the world has come down to? These dopes are hoping to keep lining their pockets lined while hoping to be the last butthole to be eaten playing chicken with certifiable monsters who should have been eliminated for the good of humanity years ago. Of course the ruling class agreement among thieves is that they don’t do that to each other so long as the monsters only murder their own little people. The silly talking heads have been busying themselves with idiotic arguments about when the nukes will be small enough to fly on missiles when they already have them in submarines. So much hot air, so little brain power.

  • ratnn

    The Clintons gave the North Koreans the technology to do this when they were the occupants at the white house

  • kassa1

    Food for thought! This little nation didn’t get all these missiles and so-called nuclear tips that could be put in the muscles without any help from outside the country someone help themed them, so don’t be surprised if this billionaire one wall border who is in disarray right now over United States election and Israel’s last election will do anything to take over this world even using this little troll doll to do it. Remember wearing big enough or smart enough to develop muscle on their own, somebody supplying it.

  • The last three administrations did nothing so now we have a problem folks. Hang on this is going to get real interesting.