Kim Jong-un Has Met His Match

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is claiming that North Korea leader Kim Jong Un “may have met his match,” when it comes to President Trump.

Clapper stated, “I support the letter that President Trump sent to Kim Jong Un. I think it was a good thing to do.”

“This is typical North Korean, two steps forward, one step back. That’s what they always do. And in some ways, Kim Jong Un may have met his match here with our very unconventional president.”

“There’s value having gone this far. There’s value in meeting and greeting, gripping and grinning and just establishing rapport. Yes, I think it would be important to have this summit.”

  • Ed Price

    Can’t save your ass now by placating to the President. Your true colors have already been shown you weasel.

  • apzzyk

    Soon after taking office Trump wanted to charge S. Korea for keeping our troops there to defend their border with the N. Kim struck back by participating with joint teams in the Olympics. In Korea geneology is as important to both sides as is keeping the Trump gang and their supporters together for Trump, so as Trump was writing the letter threatening to pull out, Kim and the Pres of S. Korea were talking in the DMZ – we are totally irrelevant to their possible reunification which is probably going to take about as long as they have been separated. Trump has been all about driving wedges wherever he can, but in that area the N. has a much larger wedge than the US can ever bring to bear. If there is some kind of a beginning of trade between the N and S, then Trump’s embargo will be nulified, because the S. has no fear of the nukes – it would be like NYC bombing Newark, and there are plenty of buinesses in S. Korea that would be more than glad to do business with the N. Just think, truck loads of goods made in the S could just be put on trucks and taken to the N. to replace the market in the US for Korean products. Trump had better get off of his all about him or the US or we will loose our bases in S. Korea which will do nothing to help us respond to China’s expansion into the S. China Sea. The tarriffs on Canadian Steel and Aluminum go into effect tomorrow, so we will see the small businesses that use imported steel to make their products move to Canada because there are no terriffs on finished goods. Smooth move, draft dodger in chief!!!

  • doc suske

    God Bless Pres Trump- KAG