Kim Jong Un Wont Like Our New Technology

The United States has weaponized a new microwave technology that can disable nukes shortly after launch.

NBC has reported that the microwave technology can scramble the North Korean nukes without having to physically intercept the rocket whatsoever. This makes Kim’s ICBM just a big pile of metal.

U.S. officials confirmed the intel with NBC.

“The microwave weapons, known as CHAMPs, are fitted into an air-launched cruise missile and delivered from B-52 bombers.”

“With a range of 700 miles, they can fly into enemy airspace at low altitude and emit sharp pulses of microwave energy to disable electronic systems.”

  • Sounds too good to be true, nevertheless when can we send a bunch into Russia and China and Iran

  • Tom

    If we fly some of these microwave missiles close to Kim will they cook him like a cheap roast?

    • R.D.WYLIE

      Who want’s a roast with a ugly haircut!!!

  • chucklc

    That is what Hillary and her minions needed instead of bleach bit and hammers.

  • Dan Menard

    This sounds like the reverse EMP that we hear so much about NK using over the USA! Talk about a great example of IRONY!

  • Ovomit1

    …going ahead and cook that obese possum -throw in potatoes and a side salad -and the starving N.
    Koreans could have a feast

  • Ellis Drewery

    Why do we advertise this type of technology, just to give our adversaries time to develop counter measures? I assume it would be a useful defense against the missiles of any hostile country, but some of them have the technological capability to expediently come up with a neutralizing mechanism. Some things ought to remain secret until our enemies become the first to know.

  • Freedom

    One would wonder why we give the enemies a look into our weaponry.

    I think the information given out makes the enemy think about it. Now
    while they are thinking about it we hit them with something else no one
    knows about.

    Just my take. President Trump does this. Watch this hand while he
    hits with the other……The 3 pods game. Where is the pea. Excellent.

  • Tom

    Kim Jong Un is a blithering idiot, possibly even with out this new microwave technology, he might do some damage to the USA, but NK will be completely destroyed, he sounds like a man that wants to commit suicide for him and his country even, if he were to escape distruction himself, where does he think he is going to hide. All of the people that have attacked the USA have been found and either stood trial are been found and distroyed just like Osama Bin Laden, I personally think he is just a blow hard, trying to make a name for himself.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    I knew they had this technology, but can they turn the nuke around and send it back where it came from, or dump it in the ocean and make it a dud?

  • wilfred

    very nice we should toast that son of a bitch