Liberals Claim Pruitt Is Destroying Environment

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin of CNN stated that President Trump was “in favor” of EPA administrator Scott Pruitt “destroying the environment.”

Toobin stated, “The two people who can do no wrong in the Trump administration, no matter what the news is—both in the news today. One is Scott Pruitt because he is destroying the environment and Trump is in favor of that, and the other is Vladimir Putin.”

What are you thoughts on the matter?

  • Patrick Feeney

    Liberals are a full of crap as a Christmas goose!

  • Bernie

    Today’s left-wing makes it easier and easier that this once-proud South Side Chicago minority democrat is now a “racist”, “bigoted”, “woman hating”,” deplorable” conservative voter and Trump supporter.

  • Ronald Hagler

    That is an interesting statement considering the writer offers no evidence to support these claims. Alas, I regress. I was thinking about the Democrats of the 40’s and 50’s. No, that too is incorrect because Joseph Kennedy bussed union workers to various voting precincts to insure a Democrat (often one of his sons) was elected. Illegal voting was rampant during the “hay-day” of Joseph Kennedy. It has come to fruition that Democrats have neither respectability nor credit where facts are concerned. They simply say what they want the situation to be and declare it as fact.

    If one wants to voice concern (and throw blame around) about the environment and its destruction, why not target the rich, elitist’s liberals from the entertainment world who move outside of the city and convert millions of prime wildlife acreage into extravagant homes. Why not check prominent Democrats and where they live, outside of D.C.? Educated masses scream about global warming but refuse to admit the only problem is the number of people who are cutting down trees, hundreds of years old, to build their “dream” homes! The ozone layer is not getting bigger; the oxygen layer is getting smaller. Fewer trees (by millions) and more people equals disaster: and that, ladies and gentlemen, is not Donald J. Trump’s fault!

  • This is bullshit! Pruitt fired Obama holdovers. Replaced them with Republicans. What’s new in American politics! It’s called the “spoils system. ” The spoils system has been around as long as America! Pruitt obviously pissed off a lot of people in the opposing party. Retibution was a given! He did some stupid things. But they were outside of the directive. He should have done a better job “covering his ass!” I don’t think he cared! Just deal with the “shit” and get out!

  • Estell Newton

    And former administrations had nothing to do with it? What about the atomic bombs that were dropped under a democratic administration. What about the damage other wars did under democrats? STOP BLAMING TRUMP FOR WHAT OTHERS HAVE DONE. THIS DAMAGE STARTED LONG BEFORE T RUMP WAS EVEN BORN.