Liberals Love The New 3 Minute Abortion Device

The left and their pro-abortion ideals have officially gone too far. Instead to trying to help women find the help they need with raising their children, or giving them options in adopting, they continue to push their murderous agenda.

Recently, a new device has been released, called SofTouch, and it has been displayed in a feminist magazine. According to the makers, it can kill your unborn child up to 12-weeks gestation and at a super effective and quick “three minutes.”

Glamour said this, “You’ve probably never heard of it, but recently a device that has the power to transform the abortion process hit the health care scene.”

“It fits in the palm of a doctor’s hand and doesn’t require an electric suction machine or an operating room or fasting the night before. A patient doesn’t need to be sedated and there are and no limits on her lifestyle either before or after the procedure. In fact, she can get the entire procedure done in her lunch hour and go right back to work. It’s nonsurgical, noninvasive and is nearly 100 percent effective. It can be completed in 60 to 90 seconds if the patient is less than six weeks pregnant and in about two or three minutes if she’s between six and 10 weeks.”


  • Chuck

    GOD, save us from ourselves!

    • standforfreedom

      God would be disgusted with any loss of life. We the People are disgusted with the liberal socialist idiots who are more concerned with their agenda, political correctness and obstruction the good this
      govt could do if they wanted too!

  • Robert Berger

    I don’t believe this ! Liberals are not “pro-abortion “. They are PRO CHOICE . People who oppose abortion are not “pro-life”. They are ANTI-CHOICE . Pro BIRTH,. FORCED birth . Conservatives couldn’t care less about children once born . If they starve, tough noogies. At least you weren’t aborted . Trump is planning to DENY poor women the very help they need to provide for children and PREVENT abortions . He is a total hypocrite ! Even more disgusting, conservatives don’t want babies that grow up to be gay to have any rights . Supposedly, a fertilized cell has “rights”, but not one that grows up to be gay . What kind of sick, twisted thinking is this ? Democratic politicians and liberals want to PREVENT as many abortions a possible by making sure women have access to contraceptives and pregnant women will be able to provide for children once born , unlike hypocritical anti-choicers .

    • raymond

      Robert you must be the biggest idiot on the block if you do not believe Liberals are pro -abortion…just check Killery Clinton’s record on abortion…in face she is the very one , (with her scumbag husband) that signed the first abortion laws…get your head out of your ass and admit the truth….

      • Robert Berger

        You don’t know what you’re talking about ! Hilary Clinton has spent he life trying to make life better for poor women thus DECREASING the abortion rate in America. Trump claims to be “pro-life” but his disastrous social and economic policies will only INCREASE it markedly ! You can’t prevent abortion by increasing poverty, unemployed,went and helplessness in a country . This is exactly what is going to happen under Trump ! You have been hoodwinked by the greatest con man in U.S. history !

        • SZ2015

          Dear IMBECILE, because that is exactly what you are! In 1965, before the Dumbocrats under LBJ signed the first Welfare Laws, 99.5% of Black Babies were born to TWO PARENT HOUSEHOLDS! That 1/2% was Black unwed Mothers, mostly teenagers. TODAY, however, thanks to Dumbocrats, Libturds (like yourself), and the FemiNazis, FULLY 50% of Black Pregnancies are ABORTED and over 75% of the unaborted are found in SINGLE MOTHER Homes. Looks like YOUR FAVORITE Policies are working REALLY WELL! Actually looks more like Genocide to me!

          • Robert Berger

            The Republican party has turned the war on poverty into the war ON he poor . Welfare hasn’t caused all the difficulties among black and other families – lacck of jobs and good education has done this . This is the fact of the GOP (gross old perverts) , not the Democrats . Poverty causes abortions , and no one forced black or other women to have them. In many cases, if poor women in the past 40 or so years HAD given birth , their children would just have grown up in the same kind of abject poverty, malnutrition and hopelessness which affects born poor children . We would have had more crime, more unemployment, more drug abuse, more physically and sexually abused children than we have now .
            And no, things were NOT as hunky dory as you make it sound in the past among poor blacks and the poor in general .
            If we are to do something about abortion, the only way will be to decrease poverty and unemployment in America, improve our schools, make college affordable , and create more jobs. These are all t things which the GOP has BLOCKED ever since that idiot Ronald Reagan became president . This country has yet to recover from his catastrophic supply side, “trickle down” economics . Prosperity does not “trickle down”. It never has and never will . And it certainly won’t do this under Trump .

          • SZ2015

            Well, it’s now pretty clear that not only are you STUPID, IGNORANT, and WILLFULLY SO, bbuit you HAVE NO WORKING BRAIN CELLS AT ALL and must have the IQ of a piece of DUNG! No point in having a discussion with someone so INEPT and STUPID! GFY! I know, how about unwed Black Women keeping their EFFING LEGS CLOSED! They DON’T because WELFARE PAYS THEM TO POP OUT MORE UNWANTED BABIES! WELFARE PERPETUATES POVERTY! Over 9 TRILLION DOLLARS SPENT ON WELFARE – RESULT – NO CHANGE IN POVERTY! And where have your vaunted DUMBOCRATS done ANYTHING? Hmmmm? Oh, PERPETUATED POVERTY TO KEEP THE BLACK SLAVES (Oops VOTERS) IN LINE! More Blacks have jobs now after ONE YEAR of Trump than SIXTEEN YEARS of Clinton and OBOZO! And if you can’t understand that, then you are DUMBER than most LIBTURDS!

          • Robert Berger

            Wrong ! It’s the Republicans who have perpetuated poverty, not the Democrats ! We have a welfare state not because of the Dems but because of the Repugnicans ( my spelling ) . Just telling women to “keep their legs crossed ” is totally unrealistic . And remember – there were countless abortions BEFORE Roe v Wade, and who knows how many poor women died from botched illegal ones . Roe wasn’t the beginning of abortion in America – it was the end of women DYING from them .
            Lots of the women who have abortions aren’t promiscuous young single women – they are MARRIED women who would not have been able to provide for children .
            And adoption is not the answer . Trying to stop abortion by making it illegal is like trying to stop a forest fire by pouring gasoline on it .
            Fact – more abortions happen in countries where it’s ILLEGAL than where it’s legal , and every year there, thousands of poor women die in agony from botched illegal abortions, leaving so many children without mothers .
            But take the prosperous nations of western Europe and Scandinavia – because of the prosperity and easy access to contraceptives , they have the word’s LOWEST abortion rates . Poverty has been virtually eliminated there – because of the kind of social and economic policies America LACKS ! Fact – the more poverty in a country, the more abortions. The less poverty, the fewer abortions. It’s that simple .

          • SZ2015


          • Robert Berger

            Under Obama, an enormous number of abortions were PREVENTED because of increased funding to help poor women with contraceptives, medical care etc . Our idiot-in-chief Trump is planning to DEPRIVE millions of poor women of this help and this will be guaranteed to caused a steep INCREASE in the abortion rate ! If you voted for Trump, you voted against your own interests , because he is trying to DESTROY government programs to help anyone in need . You voted for the greatest con man in US history ! The only people in America who stand to benefit from a Trump presidency are rich, white, heterosexual Christian males ! If you’re not one of these, you are screwed !

          • SZ2015

            GFY – One cannot have a discussion with a COMPLETE LOONY! Your SLAVISH PROSTRATION at the altar of OBOZO the IMBECILE is showing! And YOU are screwed because you are so BRAINWASHED (really hard to do WITHOUT A BRAIN) that it is POINTLESS to continue any discussion with you! GOOD BYE!

            Oh, BTW, ABORTIONS INCREASED UNDER OBOZODOESN’TCARE, check the Statistics IF YOU CAN! MAYBE MOMMY can help look that up for you!

    • LiberalTerminator

      Yea, and the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East.
      For Cross, Gun and Free Enterprise.

    • JDD999

      Right on, Robert!

  • Roc RIzzo

    How many of you “pro life” folks would adopt any number of children that are born to mothers that cannot, for whatever reason take care of the child?
    So many times I have heard from folks who are allegedly “pro life,” that they would not adopt any children. To me it appears that these folks are merely pro fetus, because once it is out of the womb, they will not adopt these children, nor are they for any programs that would help children who are born without resources. Be it healthcare, food, money, or other form of support, these folks say that it is either the job of the parents, or they should starve, or otherwise die. This is NOT what I call “pro life.”

    • SZ2015


      • Roc RIzzo

        And even if they do not keep their legs closed, would YOU adopt their child? If not, then you are NOT pro-life!

  • metheoldsarge

    There are those who insist that sometimes abortion is necessary. Others
    say it is never necessary. It is an issue that has and will continue
    to be debated until the cows come home. In any case, it
    is my opinion that abortion should never be used as just another form of birth control. The most
    brutal is partial birth abortion. In my opinion that is nothing
    short of murder. That procedure has been illegal since Bush signed The
    Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 and was upheld
    by the Supreme Court in 2007.

    Unwanted pregnancies are tragic and compounded when the babies are born with
    drug addiction and/or HIV. The billions we send each year to
    countries that hate us could be put to better use here. It could go
    a long way toward educating these single mothers on prevention and
    also helping them to become more productive members of the community.
    It could also help provide the care needed for drug addicted and HIV
    babies. More assistance could also be provided for agencies to
    arrange adoption for the unwanted babies.

    What is tragic is when the aborted child could have been a healthy baby
    that a childless couple would have been grateful to have. There are
    many couples that wait for years to be able to adopt a child. I
    wonder where these considerations are on the priority list of our pro
    choice politicians, if they are even there at all.

    I wonder how many of the older pro-choice or abortion activists were
    anti-war protesters in the 1960s? How many of them spit on our
    uniforms and called us baby killers?

    • Robert Berger

      Abortion is not the answer . Adopting children in America is a lengthy and inefficient process , and we have an enormous number of children who were put up for adoption but are still waiting . Many of these are now teenagers ! There is only one way to prevent abortion and that is to prevent unwanted pregnancies . But this is more easily said than done .

  • ronald larson

    Keep messing with your body and things can wind up bad for your actions

  • WHO know’s better than GOD ?

    Women have more MISCARRIAGES annually than all the world’s wars’ casualties in thoughout history. Bad god, BAD GOD !! WHY do YOU KILL SO MANY FETUSES?
    Oh, uh, wait … GENESIS specifies CLAY nostrils, and the BREATH OF LIFE … Good god, GOOD GOD !! Who am I a creation 2nd-guessing YOUR CREATION ???
    All you anti-abortionists would do yourself well to hear again JESUS’ words: “Those who have EYES to SEE — WILL SEE; those who have EARS to HEAR — WILL HEAR.”
    Only GOD decides if FETUSES receive “Special Dispensation”, alive in the womb.
    The HOLY SPIRIT may at will visit whichever WOMB will(is) form(ing) a FETUS to perform this GOD-ORDAINED MIRACLE OF PRE-BIRTH LIFE — i.e. JESUS.
    I challenge you to study the Bible to discover if there were OTHER such Miracles.
    Yes is the RARE answer. I encourage you to get some GODLY EYES and EARS:
    It’s not too late to REPENT of your 2nd-guessing GOD — INSTEAD:
    who resides in all who 2nd-guess GOD, knowing what they believe is BLASPHEMY.