Liberals Trying To Push Fake Narrative

Gayle King of “CBS This Morning,” claimed that the Statue of Liberty was “weeping right now” over the separation of immigrant kids and their families.

King stated “We arrived yesterday afternoon. We went straight to the facility, the location where kids and their parents were reunited. All I can say after talking to the people, watching the people, listening to the people, that the Statue of Liberty I think is weeping right now. It’s unbelievable the stories we’ve heard.”

“We’re standing in front of a converted warehouse. This is the first stop for many undocumented families caught at the southern border. It’s where federal officials are trying to weed out criminals. An executive officer at the center told us a 55,000-square-foot facility can hold about 1,500 people. This is a very nondescript building. It’s not marked. And it is deliberately not marked. Yesterday, more than 1,000 people were being processed here. That includes more than 500 families and 197 unaccompanied children.”

  • EdWatts

    Well, Ms. King, would you be upset if Bonnie and Clyde had a child which was “snatched away” from them? These people have all — ALL — broken at least one law, and they brought their children with them to do so! What would you think of a bank robber, carjacker, or rapist who brought his children with him while he broke the law? How about when his children are “separated from him” when he goes to prison?


  • What is the U.S. suppose to do we are paying over 1/2 trillion dollars on illegals that should be going to our citizens. Most if these people came here illegally they should be deported immediately and given a free ticket back to the country they came from or that country pay for them being in this country. Two ways that can be done. through the foreign aid we give these countries or they write a check. The tax payers are disgusted with what is going on. We have veterans living on the streets. I want those veterans to be taken care of before any illegal. We do not want illegals in this country. If they want to come here do it the legal way. The democrats want open borders and guess who pays for them. The democrat politicians are liars, thieves, incompetent and do not give a dam about the citizens of this country. You vote for a democrat and you are voting for a communist country because that is what they want and remember folks the only ones that have anything in a communist country is the party members and you have to kiss ass to the heads of the party and bow to the thugs to get that.

    • apzzyk

      First, catch up with the times. Over 10 years ago Congress passed a law and the President signed it that no Federal Taxpayer money could go to anyone in the country illegally. When that happened and the illegals were purged from the rolls, a couple of state did some cost accounting and both found that it cost their taxpayers $100 up front to save the Federal Government about 50 cents a month. At the time I had taken in a woman who was applying for SS Disability and, at the time living off of SNAP and some benefits and she had to get a copy of her birth certificate and present it to the Local Social Services office so that she could remain on SNAP. With Social Security they were able to process her claim without the birth certificate. She got the Disability as well as Section 8 housing and other benefits and is now living on her own.
      If you and others want to do some cost accounting and cost benefit analysis, you should look at what deportation is costing the taxpayers. To involuntarily deport anyone, the government has to take them into custody, hold them in a detention center for at least 6 months to give them the chance to show that they are legally in the country, or apply for some available status, such as for political asylum, before they have their first appearance before an immigration judge. They might have to appear several times before this administrative judge makes a decision. There are some immigration proceedings that have been going on for 5 years or more, so this is not in one door and out the other and across the border – THAT IS THE LAW. Sessions orders to hear more cases is being ignored because he lacks the authority to short cut this process. Data from the DOJ and INS for 2106, indicates that the average amount of taxpayer money required to deport just one is about $500,000 and that is for the simple civil deportation, which does not take the time of a Federal Prosecutor and the appointment of counsel that goes with criminal prosecution, so these prosecutions are costing the taxpayers more with no different results – there will not be an increase in deportations because of these criminal prosecutions!!! So, they have spent $500,000 of the taxpayers money, so where is return on investment? Not there. For the cost of deporting 10 illegals; the data shows that 1 mile of Interstate Highway could be totally rebuilt; The Average VA doctor earns less than $250,000, and my VA primary care Doctor has about 200 patients – over twice the load of a private doctor at less cost, and specialists get paid more as a base salary. In 2012, due to treatment delays (the SCANDAL) I could not get an appointment with an eye doctor for 7 months, so when I did I was blind in one eye, and that was malpractice. My claim for the loss of this eye and some vision in the other is for over $5 million, which will include a paid care giver for the rest of my life. I can fumble around the house ok, but going outside there are tripping hazards, etc. That is the cost of saving money at the time and paying more later. Tax cuts are very popular, but the Government has to also pay for its contractual obligations, so this is an obligation that they did not do. My disability pension is a Constitutional Right under the 14th Amendment – read your Constitution too, and read it an put it on your phone and send the Phone to Trump who has never read it..
      If you look at what they wrote, your communist party members included all of the Founders because the Preamble begins We the People . . .NOT We the Capitalists ..
      My Great Great Grandfather joined the Continental Army on July 4, 1776 – what was your’s doing?
      My Great Grand fatheer served in the War of 1812;
      I Was the only known Quaker in the USMC when I served
      What do you really think of that draft dodger in chief? That you and the other super patriot draft dodgers elected to drive us into the ground.

      • Susan K.

        So do you support open borders?

        • apzzyk

          We have over 3,000 miles of open borders with Canada, now a threat to our national security, and that does not include the Canadian border with Alaska. Trump killed the Ford plant in San Luis Potosi that would have kept some home. If we gave the countries of origin in Central America the funds that we have wasted in Afganistan to make them good countries for their people, they might not be coming. The best way to prevent immigration is also the best way to prevent flood – do something that will prevent it. FEMA has spent millions in my town widening the stream bed and raising bridges so that when we get floods like 2013 there will not be so much damage. There is no global warming! Between the time I was 17 and in the USMC in 1957 I was continually on the road and went all over but am back home to stay because I do not want to become an immigrant – now I will be the 4th or 5th generation of my family to die in CO – not bad for a state that is less than 150 years old.
          Now, with the current influx – immigration from the S is not new, been happening since before the US. This inhumane treatment is not necessary – Trump says that it will keep others from coming, so where are the signs 50 miles S. of the border – they get there and find themselves in a POW camp. While there are earlier times when spearation has become necessary, but not in this scale. Have they put tattoo numbers on arms yet so that they can be reunited? Why is Trump out to destroy the reputation of the US and its people all over the world?
          There is no need for this extremism, and from the response I think that he can kiss having friends in either house of Congress is gone.
          On 2nd thought, I was looking at immigrating to Canada so that I will not be associated with this crap. I will take my VA diaablity and SS with me to spend there to bolster their economy – when old me (78) out of their houses of more than 70 years you are doing something. Trump wants to be a 3rd world Dictator so he can do that without me.

          • theicecube

            It is not our job to fix other countries.The people creeping into America should fix their own country and not come here to change and destroy ours.

          • Susan K.

            One of the major reasons for the influx from the south is the unfunded mandates. If those were done away with, the problem may take care of itself.

            “If we gave the countries of origin in Central America the funds that we
            have wasted in Afganistan to make them good countries for their people,
            they might not be coming.”

            A better plan would be to guide them into making their own country better, and keeping it that way.

          • apzzyk

            The definition of an unfunded mandate is when a superior government authority orders another to do something without compensating them, and a Supreme Court ruling of at least 20 years ago said that was an unconstitutional for violating States Rights – the 10th Amendment. Now we hear Trump about the locals not enforcing the immigration laws, which, without payment by the Feds would be rulled the same, so what you are hearing from Trump is just the hot air. The feds cannot reduce funding tor those places that are Sanctuary cities or States, so all that you are hearing here is more hot air. Recently, the Secretary of Homeland absurdity said that all of those form Haiti and El Salvador and another country in Central America – a total of about a million people, would loose their refugee status next year so there will be another Million illegals if the order passes the courts, which I do not think will happen. This administration is trying to make existing problems worse. Congress has had enough menbers of the House who represent districts where the illegal hysteria is the worst which is because there are few people with Latino names in the district. There was an unwritten law when the Klan controlled the rural west that there was a ‘sunset’ law to black and brown minorities of don’t let the sun set on you in this town. The current residents simply have had little to no exposure to these minoriities on a personal level, and these are a good part of Trump’s base. Once a person has actually handled a white rat, they loose their fear and they find out that the tail is not that bad – I was a lab assistant and during tours the students got to handle one and the fear disappeared – same has been done with snakes, so why not poeple. If more people would go S of the border as I have by car and actually met the people there on their home turf, Trump would not get by with his characterizations of these people. Outside of the border areas in Mexico the murder, rape, etc. rates are less than half of what we see here, and you would find as I have that the people to the S with very few exceptions work much harder than we would expect someone doing a similar job here down there. In the last year reported the homicide rate for US citizens who are in Mexico is less than 1 per 100,000. You do have to lock up your belongings because there are always opportunists. In 2016 we gave ElSalvador over 70 million dollars which fell by about half last year, so things are getting worse there instead of better.
            I have been checking out what I hear from others for a long long time. In the USMC that was ‘believe nothing that you hear and only about half of what you see’ and I have found that has worked well for over 60 years. If someone tells you something or anything ask the speaker about his sources and you will find that there are many who are playing on your lack of knowledge. Good luck.

    • kassa1

      Communist a.k.a. Democrat party love to pull on the heartstrings of America by using humanism as their vehicle to propel their evil Demonic agenda,As they could care less one I told her about these children or anybody else they hide behind your name in the name of humanism. These people are evil and the only thing they seek his power and money as they are the slavers of yesterday and the slavers of today and the future. They are as guilty of killing all those who died for freedom in this country as if they killed him there self no difference. They are despicable m as they could care less one iota about these children or anybody else they hide behind your name in the name of humanism. These people are evil and the only thing they seek his power and money as they are the slavers of yesterday and the slavers of today and the future. They are as guilty of killing all those who died for freedom in this country as if they killed him there self no difference. They are despicable At the very very least and treasonous at the very very most up most


    This entire crisis was choreographed by Soros to further destroy America.

  • JD Carpanzano

    The MSM found 4 kids crying and that’s what they reported. You can go to any nursery school and see that every day just because mom wants to run home and take a bath! Trump gave them and Exec Order, which is illegal in this case according to the Flores Decision, but never counted on him detaining the WHOLE family. Now they’re going nuts about that! They wanted or better were counting of having the entire bunch released so they could vanish and register as democrat voters right after they get on welfare.

    • Susan K.

      Yep! You nailed it! The left is getting more and more desperate for new voters as November gets closer.

      • JD Carpanzano

        Thanks Susan! I can’t abide the leftist hypocrisy, they truly make me sick!

  • David F Lanphere

    Am I supposed to be crying right now, after reading this story? How about my Niece, in the Philippines, who has been waiting since she was a child to join the rest of her family in America the LEGAL WAY? My niece is in her mid 30’s now! Besides, it was the democrats who wrote the law that required the families to be separated!

  • Patrick Feeney

    More proof that the Demoncrats are full of whacko emotional drivel

  • Broos

    And Trump/Rethugs are playing along with the MUTUAL Wall $treet-theater ! Bugger DEM ALL !

  • Estell Newton

    No need to separate them. Just send ALL of them back home.

  • theicecube

    The statue of liberty is crying because she knows that the Dems are doing everything they can to destroy and gain complete control of the country no matter the cost.