Magazine Wants Hillary To Run Again!

Even after President Trump completely decimated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, there’s a very liberal magazine that is publishing articles which push for Clinton to run again in 2020.

“Are you sick of Republicans? Or just right-wingers in general? Do you want to send a message to Washington that you aren’t going to buy into their racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and classist nonsense for one second longer?” Writer Matthew Rozsa said.

“Then do the very thing that Donald Trump unintentionally encouraged in a recent tweet: Encourage Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2020!”

He went on to portray Clinton as a symbol of hope saying:

“A foreign despot who has invaded neighboring countries and has a right-wing nationalist agenda is about as Nazi-like as you can get.”

“This is where Clinton offers a quality that no politician in America can beat. While Republicans are trying to tar her with a bogus scandal connecting her to Russia (and anyone who believes Clinton did something wrong in the Uranium One deal lacks credibility on all matters political), the reality is that no candidate can be better described as Russia’s nemesis than Clinton.”

He also said that Clinton being elected to presidency would invariably anger “misogynistic trolls” and highlight the issues women face nationwide.

“I can’t think of a single political figure in recent American history who has been hated as deeply, or for as long, as Hillary Clinton.”

“From the moment she emerged on the national stage in 1992 as a distinctly feminist prospective first lady, she has been the target of right-wing wrath woefully out of proportion to anything she has ever said or done.”


  • Mein kampf

    i wouldn’t vote for her or DJT again. Both are into the dark side of politics. We need a new face and one that represents all issues right, left and centrist.

    • gvette

      LOL..Trump does, you’re just to stupid to see it.

      • Mein kampf

        No gvette, your just a mindless ass kissing idiot like those of us who thought DJT would make a real difference and instead has lead the country into chaos just because of his insatiable appetite to lead idiots like you who can’t think for themselves and attack anyone who criticizes this megalomaniac and his band of mindless supporters. I for one have seen what he really is and would not vote for this numbskull again. Hillary is no different than this buttmunch.

        • Jim Strong

          And you are just another demorat commie, that thinks you are so smart.

          • Mein kampf

            Compared to you JS I’m in the top 1%. Stay in line with your Fuhrer and watch him destroy this once great country.

    • ImAPepper1942


      • Mein kampf

        Yup! Like a landfill full of garbage like yourself.

  • Joey

    Matthew Rozsa is a complete idiot.
    The best thing that’s happened to this country in recent history is the hildebeast and her sexual predator husband not getting back in the WH.
    If not else we the people have protected the WH interns from Slick Willy and the wrath of the hildebeast!

    • ImAPepper1942

      RIGHT ON !

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Thank God for President Trump. He is doing great.
    Hillary is not suited for any public office.Temper tantrums aside.
    I do not think she will be alive in 2020 because of her illness.
    She would not likely survive another grueling campaign, just ask her aides.
    Between her falls, blank stare episodes, seizures, too weak to walk on
    her own, pneumonia, etc., nope. She would never be able to do it again.
    She needs to stop ALL public appearances and retire forever, in prison!

    • Lowell Tietyen

      the she-devil will live forever….unfortunately !

      • Jim Strong

        Her time is running out.

      • ImAPepper1942


    • ImAPepper1942


  • Holy Joe

    I agree, the nut house Neddy commenting on President Trump etc is indeed way off line. Trump is being obstructed not only by every Communist in both Houses who masquerade as Democrats & Rino’s but he has invaded no foreign countries as far as most of us know. All that was done in the past by both so called Democrat and Republican Politicans in the heady name of “Freedom” but from what ? – no one seems to know. The so called American Government is Washington DC is a colossal mess and has been since about 1956. It only gets worst every year with the election of self serving money grubbing thieves as so called Representatives and Senators, a hearty pox on them all and let Trump try to get something done except carping and criticizing him for even breathing. As Lewis Carroll once began a nonsenseical rhyme –
    “Picture if you can a winkle ?” – well try picturing an honest politician in Washington DC – or anwhere for that matter. I defy you to name but one. Alas there are none.

  • jackcandobutwont

    PLEASE…have hildabeast run yet again in 2020…she’ll be even more soundly beaten…AGAIN!!

    All the dnc has is the same ole BS they have used for 30+ years…..Republicans are bad and we Dems are good…..which is BS!!

  • jjmcl431

    I hope they do run her again. Then when she loses a second time she can write another book entitled “What Happend …Again?”

  • randolph.poole

    This Rozsa must be a complete and total douche bag!

  • 094870

    She would be worst than obama was if that could be posible.

    • ImAPepper1942


  • metheoldsarge

    Hillary will not go away or retire from political activities. Her ego won’t let her. I think that a 2020 shot at the White House is out of the question. The Democrats want the White House and I don’t think they would want to let a two time loser have another shot at it. They may not think she is electable. She is the same age Reagan was in 1980. By 2020 she would almost be 74 so I seriously doubt she would have a chance of winning the nomination.

    I think the only thing she can hope for now is to try to get back in the Senate or get a seat in the House. She could try to unseat Senator Gillibrand in the New York State Primaries next year. She could also try to unseat one of the New York Representatives. There was also talk about her running for NYC Mayor but that turned into a pipe-dream. Rumor has it that there is an opening in NYC for Chief Dog Catcher.

  • Jmanjo

    The only thing left for Hillary is to run away! Nobody wants her! They don’t trust her, they don’t like her. She provides no useful service for anyone. She only lies and cheats and kills her opponents!

  • mwood13

    not suprised communists never stop trying

  • Oh, Please do run again. Even my dog could beat you in any election.

  • James Chandler

    Let her run, but only if she took and passed a Lie Detector Test , the test questions were prepared by the Senate Judiciary Committee and both ranking members of the committee were present at the test and the test results are to be made public

  • Dennis Anderson

    I dont like homosexuals because I happen to be normal. Xenophobic you melennials can go fuck yourselves with this.
    There are laws of nature you pull that stuff on me and its your life. You democrats were and still are trying to take over with one world order. Charles Manson should have died back in 1969. Can you imagine all the people who would still be alive if they had left the death penalty on the books. I beleive this is all connected food stamps / illegals it was a take over. Thank your god Trump was here and wanted this miserable job leading this country for the right reasons.
    In whatever group of people, whatever government, what ever country. Theres the people who are productive with a direction. Then theres the majority who would live in a sewer if they didnt have to work for the priviledge. I beleive Hillary would make a good dog governor. She would even smile at the deplorable dogs before feeding them cynide laced McDonalds burgers.