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Maher Asks Feminist Icon Question about Women Under Sharia – Her Answer Is Surprising

The way feminists love to go after Christians and constantly beat the drum about the so-called ‘War on Women’ in this country, it seems there is a disconnect when it comes to Islam and how women are treated under Sharia law.

When feminist icon Gloria Steinem visited Bill Maher – another darling of the left — Maher asked her,

“Why aren’t the way women are treated in the Muslim world considered more of a feminist cause?”

“Are you kidding me?” Steinem responded. “Of course it is. And women in those countries consider it a feminist cause.”

Steinem, clearly attempting to paint Christianity and Islam with the same broad brush said “All monotheism is a problem.”

Maher responded “Yes, but not quite as much,”

“I can’t handle any monotheism,”  Steinem replied.

“I can’t either, but size matters.”

Steinem didn’t address why feminists in this country are silent about the honor killings and female genital mutilation, and the many other inequities baked into Islam and Sharia law. But she did point out how Muhammed’s “first wife was a real estate agent who was smarter than him, richer than him. He reformed law on inheritance… In his day he was a reformer on a lot of issues for women.”

“I’m just saying that for the people who were so for the Civil Rights movement in the sixties and against apartheid in the eighties,” Maher said, “it would seem that Sharia law in 40 countries should be the cause of feminists.”

Do you think Steinem’s answer was satisfactory? When was the last time you heard a feminist criticize Islam?

Watch the full interview here (the part about the Sharia and feminism starts at 7:06).