Maher Upset Trump Helps African Americans

Bill Maher recently suggested, while speaking to Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson, that President Trump should see a rise in the polls because of all that he has been doing for African Americans lately.

“I wonder today if policy even matters to black or white,” Maher stated. “I see the things that Trump is doing. He asked Kanye to the White House. Today he was talking about maybe lifting the ban on the federal illegality of marijuana. He pardons I forget her name [Alice Marie Johnson]. You know, people are going to watch TV, and they’re going to see grateful black folks, ‘Thank you, President.’ This anecdotal way –I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes up in the polls. He’s a master manipulator.”


  • Never watched Bill and never will. A complete jerk pushing fake news and lies.

  • Gordon Raymond

    He shouldn’t be talking. He’s just as bad.

  • Dan

    The liberals are so afraid that Trump will and is making America Great Again. What will they do when all Americans are working and no longer relying on government for unemployment benefits and food stamps? The Democrat’s biggest threat to their future is an American citizen that is self sufficient and who doesn’t have to rely on the government.

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    • vladilyich

      Unemployment insurance is paid by employers and is managed by the states. Next lie, please.

      • Dan

        And the states are not the government?


        But being an employer, your unemployment insurance goes up and the feds step in when the monies you paid in runs out. Just like workers comp ins. someone gets stung by a bee on a work site and another falls off a ladder your rates go up all paid by the employer!

      • rottenrollin

        Hey Vladdie……..who is the ultimate payer of the insurance?


        Go back to your dacha, commie.

    • rottenrollin

      They’ve spent ALL their energies trying to subvert Trump.

      They’ve nothing left to help the American people with.

  • Joanne Hamilton



  • Rodney

    Billy boy, your racism is showing. Is it not about ridding poverty, lifting those up who have been down? Is it not good for all citizens to find their way out of poverty or at least less on the government dole? Sounds like you are afraid of losing the slaves off the liberal plantation.

  • Austinniceguy

    Moron Maher is the same loon that wants us to fall beck into recession because he hates Trump. Really, he wants to see millions of Americans in misery than enjoying employment and financial stability. That’s the kind of thinking the libtards prefer.


      That’s what happens when you get super wealthy at the hands of the public, you do not care about the public you are set for life!v Just because you are an over paid entertainer!!

      • Austinniceguy

        Absolutely agree!

    • rottenrollin

      Sick, evil, twisted, evil, malfeasant, evil, arrogant, evil, repulsive……….DID I SAY EVIL?

      In other words, A GOOD DIMMERCRAT.

  • Ronald Hagler

    Has any liberal or fantasy driven “entertainer” ever considered that Donald Trump may not be racist? He seems to view all people on an equal basis, which, of course, confuses the liberal masses. Does it matter if Mary Johnson is black or white, when the balance of justice is in question? When we allow a judicial system to give a 15 years sentence to a person for attempted murder (because he was not effective and his victim did not die) with a chance of parole, while a mother is given life for a first time offence of drug procession, we have a problem. I do not know all of the facts surrounding Mary Johnson’s incarceration, but that seems to be the base case.

  • Mac Daddy

    It is not going to make a difference what President Trump does he will be hated & criticized by the Liberal Leftist Media. These are the same Liberal socialist that could find no wrong in President Obama’s stay at the White House. These Liberals want to destroy our country first by taking away the 2nd Amendment, then by finish taking away the First Amendment because if you don’t agree with them you are a racist, a dolt, any other form of low life they can think of. Oh but these same socialist like Maher & the other fat cat rich left coast liberals & politicians want us the middle class too pay for all their social programs. “We The People Are Pissed”

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Should he not be allowed to manipulate people of color considering how long they have been kept in slavery to the DNC’s plantation, allowing abortion clinics to be put in predominantly black neighborhoods, having black ministers convince young black women to have abortions, using welfare programs that keep the father’s away from their children? Liar and fool or simply another DNC mouthpiece, Mr. Maher.

  • Gardener8

    Mr. Maher needs to grow up and stand behind all Americans. His trash talk is boring.

  • metheoldsarge

    Just another egotistical blow hard with a superiority complex. Not even funny. I really don’t care what he thinks about any political issue. I wish he would just shut up.

  • Jerry Hughes

    You know Maher, you little pencil necked geek, there isn’t a lot of patience left with you.

  • rottenrollin

    Bill Maher is SUCH a small little bitch, isn’t he?

    He’s like so many lib haters, he feeds the beast within.

    That beast is gonna eat his azz one of these days.

  • eda719

    This goes to show you what liberals are all about. Instead of being happy for the Black folks that are benefiting from President Trump’s actions, Maher would rather be critical because it’s all politics for these people. The Democrats have hood-winked the Black community by making them think that they’re the only ones who care about them. Meanwhile conditions under Democrat leadership either are stagnant or get worse for the Black Community.
    MAGA for all races!

  • Doris Will

    Well It doesn’t take much for a “Liberal” to take off his gloves and show himself as he really is with his claws in view. Yesterday he wanted the whole country go broke, just because his party couldn’t deliver the jobs, lower taxes, salary increases. Nancy Pelosi just slipped the other day when she guaranteed tax increases for the middle class so that the wealthy can increase their fortunes for the future. It is refreshing to see all of their self serving truths all out in the open.