Manchin Very Confident In Himself

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) stated to media that he is not viewed by people as a Democrat but rather simply as a West Virginian.

With the upcoming West Virginia U.S. Senate race, Manchin stated, “I have been down this road before. In 2012 Barack Obama got beat by Mitt Romney in West Virginia by 35 points. I won re-election by 25 points. That is a sixty point swing. It’s unheard of.”

“So the bottom line they don’t look at me as a Democrat, but they look at me as a West Virginian.”

  • Rodney

    Oh Joe, you can spin it every which way you want, The truth is, in the past voters have voted for the devil they know over the devil they don’t. With the election of Donald J. Trump that trend has changed (IMO).

  • Davidme2

    OK, he may be just another West Virginian, but is he a True American First and does he Honor and Believe in Our Constitution and Freedom Of “We The People” ?!?! I for one do not trust any Democrat, as they all seem to have fallen in line with the Socialistic Movement Against America and Our Duly Elected President !!!

  • Daniel Brofford

    Not anymore Joe. When we watched the state of the union and at one time Trump had said something you liked and you started to clap and stand up but you looked down the isle and seen Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer looking at you and you stopped. That showed us that you have no backbone and you will do what they say and not what’s good for West Virginians. This is 2018 not 12 so get ready to go home punk.

  • le3845

    Joe, I do like you but why don’t you just switch your party affiliation over to Republican. You are a conservative Democrat and one of the last that we can work with but I would still like to see you go Republican.

  • Donald Baker

    No Joe, you are a liberal democrat who opposes our right to own a gun and you have lied to us on that issue

  • Bud William

    Way to go Joe, forget you are a Democrat, and remember to do what is right and good for WV.

  • Arnold Young

    Wanna bet on that? you loser!!!

  • Francis Kennedy

    WOW…Joe why didn’t you come right out and say it “The Democrat Party” has LOST THEIR MINDS!!! And you don’t want anyone to believe you’re one of them~~Sorry, but YOU ARE~~

  • Spunky

    Trying to remove yourself from your party – voting that direction many times – looking forward to your retirement – you let WV down too many times

  • jim jones

    A soon to be unemployed W. Virginian!