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U.S. Spent $500 Million to Train How Many Syrian Fighters? You Won’t Believe This…

The Obama administration’s success in the Middle East has been nothing to write home about. Despite efforts to paint a rosy picture of strides made against ISIS, Al Qaeda and all of the off-shoots, from Iraq to Syria to Libya to Yemen and beyond– the truth remains clear for all to see: the Middle East is a roiling mess and it’s not getting any better.

In a recent appearance before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Deb Fischer (R-NB) asked General Lloyd Austin of U.S. Central Command to confirm the number of U.S.-trained Syrian fighters that remained on the battlefield.

Gen. Austin answered that of the about 60 Syrian fighters that the U.S. spent $500 million to train,

“It’s a small number. The ones that are in the fight is… we’re talking four or five.”


In light of the fact that it has recently been revealed that the Obama administration has been ‘cooking the books’ when it comes to intel on ISIS and trying to paint a picture of greater American success, and now we find that the taxpayers have had to foot the bill for what could conservatively be called a roaring failure, when are the American people going to demand accountability for Obama’s failure to stem the tide of Islamic terrorism?