Should McCabe Have Been Allowed To Just Retire?

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) recently spoke to NBC’s “Meet The Press,” where he discussed the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe just two days before he was eligible for pension.

Rubio stated, “I don’t like the way it happened. He should have been allowed to finish through the weekend.”

“That said, look, there’s an inspector general report that’s due and work that’s being done. After he had retired if that report would’ve indicated wrongdoing or something that was actionable, there are things that could’ve been done after the fact. But, you know, 48 hours to go before retirement, I would’ve certainly done it differently given the fact there’s still this report out there that hasn’t come in.”

  • Stephen Howe

    No…McCabe should be in PRISON with COMEY & MUELLER!

    • RC

      I agree! But along with a few others who obviously feel we have a double standard. They get away with everything and we real people get away with nothing.

      • Dealerdeb1

        I put a $290 insurance refund check in my business account and the IRS picked it right up. IF they can do that they can find the 2.5 million illegals getting tax refunds. I have ZERO trust in the government agencies.,ZERO

        • RC

          As Ronald Reagan, of whom I was not a fan, said, “The most terrifying words in the English language are I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” I think he said it all. And I agree with you that the government can find someone’s stray dog or cow but can’t find an ILLEGAL alien. One thing our “trusted leaders” don’t seem is that those illegals broke Federal law the instant they stepped across the border.

    • doc suske

      AND Hilary

      • kerijay

        Instead we get to pay for her trip to India.

    • Last time I checked it is still not against the law to be a conservative Republican like McCabe

      • don

        Its not what you are, but what you do. When he lied, encouraged lying and violated the public trust he earned his fate.

        • 13gatorgrowl

          Ditto! He earned his fate NOT a pension!

      • James Brooks

        But he is a lieing terrorist.

        • eclemensen

          Hope you guys love Putin because when Trump turns the country over to him, he will kill Trump and then take your guns away. Morons.

          • MoBetter2

            Your statement is proof that in addition to some chickens, there are a few people who can survive without a functioning brain….

          • eclemensen

            NO less Better, MY Statement contends that you brain is controlled by a party that now is depending o Putin to stay in power in the next election and that you have a President that not only kisses Putin’s fanny, but is a five time draft dodger, who is out to get real American hero’s who continue to put their lives on the line for this country. McCabe has put his life on the line for twenty one years, TRUMP ran scared, If Putin had a chance he would have killed any and all the FBI, and CIA people he could, but since he can’t Trump is trying to discourage any one, that even thinks about protecting the country. From the discretion against at least two Purple heart recipients, to claiming the congressional winning in last weeks race was just like himself. The Orange Crested YLLO Bellied, bone Spur Cadet, coward didn’t even have the courage to go to the press dinner. last year. Try countering these facts less better.

          • Dealerdeb1

            oh please rather sophomoric and dramtic

          • eclemensen

            To james, Deafersheb. Can either of you come up ANYTHING PROVIBLE that actually that takes away from my statement. There is sophomoric, and there is just plain not looking at the facts, or in our cases led astray by right wing lies and deception. So James you should put away your bong, and just even try to make sense of what you are being told by the right. the right up until this date had been firmly in the pocket of the FBI, nothing has changed except an arse hole that is trying not only to kill your first amendment rights, but to become “President for life.” even though he only has, at the ,most a 40 % approval rate, do either of you KNOW whom did get away with that. ADOLF HITLER. Why does Trump want a parade? because the soldiers have to march in front of him and salute him just like they do Putin and In. If he didn’t Need a big show for his own vanity, could not he go to ANY Military graduation? You want to salute our actual hero’s instead of a guy that would not fight to protect this country, in the sixties or even today, then have the loco base guys march in the parades of their areas, Where they are the real hero’s not someone WHO WILL NOT DO ANYTHING TO STOP RUSSIAN CYBER ATTACKS PRESENTLY GOING ON IN NOT ONLY THIS COUNTRY BUT ALL OVER THE WORLD.

          • James Brooks

            Are you really that stupid or what have you been smokin?

          • James Brooks

            Are you crazy???

          • kbhret

            Keep that qwip above and promise to re-post it here 5 years from……
            And remember you authored it!!!

          • eclemensen

            kbhert If you guys get what you wish for, you won’t have a first amendment to be able to read it.

          • kbhret

            The only folks I see accomplishing that would be today’s generation of the “tolerant and open minded” democrats and their offspring
            think antifa, think colleges & universities that prohibit differing opinions, think today’s modern so called journalists and what they focus on vs what they ignore, think Hollywood and all of those highly intelligent “entertainers” who tell us who to vote for every November, think all of those enlightened souls who bemoaned apartheid government in South Africa back in the 1980’s and examine closely the wonders of South Africa today (30 + years after their wish came true, think…. well, sorry my fingers are tired, but I have plenty more examples

          • eclemensen

            kbhbret, tolerant yes, we allow dissonance, from the radical right to march on to our campuses, unlike the right who says anything to the south of 75% is far left. Yes Think Hollywood Bruce Willis, Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, all who would turn asunder anyone that makes a living with their hands. yes lets talk about apatite, the most conservative Area, since Nazi Germany, and how it has changed. Your figures might be tired, but you mind is asleep.

          • kbhret

            Makes sense to me….
            see ya…

          • eclemensen

            I’m sure it does, the right believes all are created equal, but they are more equal. they deserve a double standard.

      • Stephen Howe

        Buddy, have YOU got the wrong number. He’s an Obamite, like Comey. Mueller says he’s GOP…but so does RINO McCain!

        • 13gatorgrowl

          You are correct! Too many are pasting the titles on them to get elected.

      • Dealerdeb1

        he may be a registered Republican I don’t know but NO ONE gets a pass capisce`?

        • kbhret

          RINO maybe

      • James Brooks

        Why would it be against the law to be a Republican they are the best thing in the USA and TRUMP is the best President in the history he has done more good for us than any other President,What are you a Hillary or Obama lover???

        • kbhret

          A hillary AND obama
          Reinforces everything I’ve always said, “There’s no one more stubborn than a liberal.”
          Like trying to talk to a rock!!
          And eclemensen cannot spell worth a s-it either.

          • James Brooks

            Your sure right friend.

    • Ray Harnes

      I agree with Stephen Howe. All three of those dirt bags should be in prison. Under NO circumstances should the American tax payers be on the hook to pay ANY of them for the rest of their lives unless it’s in the form of 3 meals and a cot behind a bunch of steel bars. Marco, you’ve obviously gone the last few steps you needed to fully assimilate yourself to the congressional swamp. It’s time for you to go. I will finish with my favorite mantra!!! Term LIMITS for ALL members of congress.

    • Bud William

      Don’t stop there, you could name at least 8-10 people who should be in jail.

      • 13gatorgrowl

        Greater numbers need to be in prison and no retirement! They take an oath and swear to uphold it. Therefore the retirement pension should ONLY be upheld IF they uphold the OATH! Otherwise–OUT, Pass go–do not collect a penny!!

    • Dan C. Watkins

      With Lynch, Obama, Clinton, Holder, Clapper, and many more! But here’s the kicker! Check out this list of Legacy marks achieved during his administration!

  • avspatti

    Absolutely NOT!

  • Bob


    • It is not against the law to have a conservative bias against a lifetime far left liberal Democrat like Trump. He is a Trojan Horse POTUS as a Republican since his entire history before the election is of being a far left liberal Democrat.

      • kerijay

        That’s how he knows how evil the democrats are. Good going Mr President make our country GREAT.

      • James Brooks


    • DEW

      YES–When you don’t do your job you should be FIRED and lose any benefits !

  • ffajaz681

    No screw all of them with there million dollar pensions, after a few years in government. When most of us have to work for 50 years to get a small pension. They can scam & skim money from taxpayers and break the law and get paid to do it. Time to end all pensions for rich, crooked gov. employees let them draw SS like the rest of us and use IRA’s (etc) that they pay for

  • Ralph Shives

    NOO WAY! He should have known the rules before he broke them. The dummy ahould have retired immediately instead of waiting. He also should be placed in one oh his cells.

  • RTaylor Jenkins

    He was fired two days before he was eligible to retire. Two days. After a whole career of honorable service. Of course, he should have been allowed to retire.

    • RC

      After his actions how do we know he had an honorable career? Example: I worked 10 years before my retirement was vested. Then I worked another 31 years before I could comfortably retire. That guy, McCabe is a criminal. He did what he could to change the outcome of a presidential election then lied about it under oath. Still he gets full retirement? Not in the real world. If any of us did just a bit of what that guy did, we’d person would be in prison and not looking forward to a lucrative retirement.

  • Dan

    Fuck these crooks!!

  • Jim Franklin

    NO. His own action have led him to this point.

  • survivor33

    He got what he deserved…he was a traitor and was incompetent so why should the tax payers pay him like he was being rewarded. IN FACT, ALL THE TRAITORS, I.E. CLINTONS, OBAMAS, LYNCH, HOLDER, RICE, AND ALL OF THE PROVED TRAITORS SHOULD LOSE THEIR PENSIONS. In the real world, if we did the same things these corrupt people did, we would have been fired and lost all our benefits, such as insurance, pensens savings, etc.

    • quarkie009

      In days of old, traitors that were convicted of treason would have been hung for their high crimes and misdemeanors. Perhaps it should be brought back in order to get rid of the deep state for trying to destroy a sitting president that is currently being railroaded by all the liberals and the liberals in the news that are in truth , a bunch of communists hiding and behaving like a bunch of sissies.

      • It is not traitorous to be a conservative Republican except in this Trump administration where the White House is full of lifetime leftist Democrats. Trump has a visceral hatred for conservatives and especially those of us with integrity.

    • If he was indeed incompetent then he would still have a job. It was his competency that got him fired. McCabe was the antithesis of a traitor who placed his integrity above his job.

  • JayKay4

    “I would’ve certainly done it differently given the fact there’s still this report out there that hasn’t come in.”
    Senator, I understand that YOU haven’t seen the report, but that doesn’t mean that the AG hasn’t seen it. He has seen it, and he based his decision on that report and the recommendation from the FBI.

    • No reasonable person would act this way and fire McCabe so it must have come from the very top which is undeniably Trump. He wanted McCabe out simply because he could not vote for a lifetime far left liberal Democrat like Trump.

      • JayKay4

        No reasonable person would ever think that following the advice of the professionals in the FBI would be considered unreasonable. This is one of the few decisions made by Jeff Sessions that is reasonable. Most of the time he decides not to prosecute obvious crimes. Andrew McCabe should be prosecuted. Will he be?
        Your assumption that the AG did Trump’s bidding has no basis in fact.

  • Kirk Kahler

    no !! he was and is part of the deep state that had but one agenda and that was to put Clinton in office ! since that did not happen then it was to damage trump any way he could ! I think it is time for a lot of these bad actors to be picked up and taken to GITMO and showed some tough love ! I am sure that if they see just what there new life is going to be they will be more than happy to roll on all of there handlers and those that have been behind it all ! it is time that team trump start to get these people rounded up ! they are a danger to America ! so they need to be put in jail for all of there crimes ! there are a lot of dirty elites as well as law makers that need to pay for there crimes and we did vote for a America and American first agenda and sad to say the only way to make this happen is to jail all that have broke the law !! I am talking from movie stars, elites, law makers, sports stars any one that brakes the law ! the left gets a way with it every day and that is not right ! the supporters of the left do it all the time and get a way with it ! it is time that this shit comes to a end !

    • It is Trump that is proving to be a danger to America as his action in this case illustrates.

  • mrp15

    Absolutely not. He’s a dirty cop and should be in jail. He leaked, he lied and now he claims to have memos, just like the other dirty cop Comey. And his wife accepted 3/4 million dollar contribution from Clinton lackey MacAuliffe and MCcabe never revealed that fact when he took on the Clinton e-mail investigation. And along with the lovebirds Strzok and Page, he plotted an insurance policy in the event crooked Hillary lost and Trump won, and voila we have the Trump/Russia collusion conspiracy that has tied up this nation for almost two years. That is an outrage and all monies spent on this witchhunt shuold be returned to the taxpayers. The evil tentacles of the Clintons reach out and destroy everything and everyone they touch. All those going down can thank the Clintons who remain unscathed.

    • YOU are really confused because you have chosen to be uninformed. There is no doubt that the Russians wanted Putin’s friend Trump in office. If there was really no collusion then McCabe would still have a job. Be careful in accusations against Trump’s best family friends the Clintons.

      • mrp15

        Sorry, Cristo, you’re wrong. Putin already knew crooked Hillary was for sale and could be bought because of his experience with her in the uranium one fiasco. So why would he want anyone else to be POTUS?

        • MoBetter2

          Please, do not confuse the functionally illiterate with the facts….

  • Dan

    He can retire, but not with a pension.

  • tony Chasco

    you don’t let a criminal retire.

    • Indeed and McCabe was no criminal but only a conservative Republican who was Never Trump like most true Republican conservatives..

      • kate777

        What is it that you do not care for President Trump…I have asked some of my neighbors the same question and all they have said is they “just don’t like him, has nothing to do with his policies or anything else; they just do not like him” so they voted Democrat. So besides you thinking he is not a true Republican conservative, what policies do you not like ?

  • fearless frank

    No he should not have allowed to just retire. Attorney General Sessions did the right thing by firing him based on the recommendations of the Inspector General and the Internal FBI report. Senator Marco Rubio is wrong.
    Hopefully, he will be charged and prosecuted just like any other FBI person. His firing was done by the FBI book and had nothing to do with President Trump.

    • It had ((((EVERYTHING)))) to do with Trump. Senator Rubio is a man of character and reason as his position exhibits. It is not against the law to be a “Never Trump Republican”. We conservatives are all dubious of Trump suddenly claiming to be a Republican with a lifetime history of being a far left liberal Democrat who counts among his closest friends the Clinton’s, the Obama’s and the Soros’.

  • Bishop351

    Hell no. Not another Lois Lerner episode. McCabe decided politics over his functional job so tough luck.

    • Ray Harnes

      Dirty politics at that. That guy isn’t quite on par with Hillary Clinton with his illegalities but he’s not far off either.

  • worldnci

    NO NO NO….his position was given to protect Not lie about his activities!!! He and others like him should be charged and the maximum sentence given!! Look what they did to the Salor who only took a picture but NEVER Shared it!!

  • Patrick Murphy

    Why should we allow this crook to profit from all the things he has done wrong to us the American people? Not just NO but rather HELL NO! Put him in prison like he deserves.

    • This is America…we do not incarcerate people for having a different ideological position or opinion. Men of integrity do not fire such people either. If Trump had nothing to hide then McCabe would still have a job.

      • Terry Butts

        The entire WITCH hunt against Trump was proven false the very report used to start the collusion claims was proven a lie before they even convened the which hunt. The fact that it was FINANCED by the DNC was CONCEALED when using it to get the WHICH HUNT started that alone puts DOUBT on its accuracy before we even dig into the poor reliability of UNNAMED sources that can never be cross examined in a court of law.

        The fact they HID that truth and proceeded to continue is not an “IDEOLOGICAL POSITION” it is a violation of law concerning evidence in such hearings.

        From false claims the RUSSIANS were responsible for the emails when it was in fact a DNC insider using their AUTHORIZED ACCESS to download and leak emails before being found murdered to the false claims of Russia somehow interfering with the election the evidence was clear TRUMP was not involved and did not benefit from any of those actions. In fact most of the FAKE EVIDENCE against him was financed by Hillary supporters.

        This and NUMEROUS other sources all saying it was not Russian hackers yet they continue the which hunt and spouting the FALSE LINE that RUSSIAN HACKERS supporting TRUMP were responsible.

        If there was a SHRED of evidence instead of just ACCUSATIONS the DNC and MEDIA are desperately hopping will SUDDENLY become true if they spout them enough made by people many of whom have since confessed to lying the investigation would be over and Trump would be on trial but no evidence has been found of ANY crime by Trump in all the years they have WASTED taxpayer money on this which hunt.

        The worst Hillary could come up with during the election was he FOLLOWED THE SAME TAX LAW SHE DID and somehow since he was a Republican that it should be a crime for him to take that same LEGAL tax deduction she used herself.

        The reality is the only evidence they have found connects HILLARY to the RUSSIANS not Trump.

        There is far more evidence in the URANIUM ONE scandal than anything against Trump.

      • Patrick Murphy

        That’s were you are wrong as McCabe served the will of the President and when he was caught lying to congress that was good enough to fire him. It never mattered what you or i want and never did. McCabe screwed the pooch and got his ass handed to him. So get over your liberal feel good garbage and understand this is the real world and you screw up and get fired for it snowflake.

  • james oriley

    Why should he collect anything, If he is guilty of a crime like anyone else you loose all .

    • kerijay

      Why should the Clinton’s?

  • Mary

    He belongs in Prision along with Comey

  • quarkie009

    If any of us had done what McCabe had done; we would have been fired on the spot. Why should he be given mercy when none would not be given us. Rubio and the other senators need to get a life and stop complaining about mercy not being given to McCabe. The democrats/communists only shows mercy to their own kind. Remember when Obama/Muslim was in office, he showed no mercy to the republicans. So why
    bring it up now. Besides if the republicans don’t get their act together, they will be in the minority next year. They need to grow a spine and not act as if they have been castrated.

  • Robert Earl

    If an FBI official becomes so unethical that the non-partisan Office of Professional Responsibility recommends he be fired, he should be fired without regard to how much time remains before he is eligible to retire with pay.

  • Alibaba

    McCabe should be happy he didn’t retire in a federal prison. And all that crocodile tears from Rubio?… Makes me wonder if they shouldn’t be cellmates…

    • doc suske

      Maybe will still occur

  • Charles Lagioia


  • dolittle

    no he should not of been allowed to retire he got what he deserved and comey did too and there’s more that should be fired rubio speaks out both sides of his mouth always has always will

  • Of course, his only fault seems to be that he is a never Trump Republican like myself. Like so many of us conservatives he refused to vote for a candidate whose history is of being a lifetime far left liberal Democrat pretending to suddenly become a Republican thus making it certain that whomever would be elected that a far left liberal would be in office. I applaud McCabe for his integrity which is very rare in Washington and especially so with Trump as POTUS. In the Trump administration integrity is NOT tolerated.

  • doc suske


  • wabbitno2

    This liar along with several others should have been fired a long time ago, What in the hell took so long, just wondering

  • No and what does the wishy washy “Republican” from Florida think he has to say about anything anyway. He is just becoming ANOTHER establishment r i n o.

  • srw

    NO NO NO…….What these people have done to others….. destroy with lies… Used the trust people have in the FBI. He still gets his pension… just not all the extra govt perks .. till he is 57. Not to worry . He has been able to accumulate over $11 million on his govt salary. Not to worry he still has all his lil moles in the FBI .. all his far left Dem operatives.

  • jdp75495

    I guess that tells us something about Marco Rubio. I hope his voters don’t forget that Marco doesn’t know right from wrong.

  • Gail Davis

    You are wrong again Rubio, McCabe Should have been let go along time ago and with no retirement. He along with Comey, Lerner and many more that were the puppets for communist muslim Obama’s work need to see jail time and their retirement cease along with their Oreo leader. They are criminals and why should the American taxpayers have to pay them retirement money – they all are guilty of criminal acts. It is high time to start putting these corrupt people in jail. In Russia, a bullet is less costly.

  • kstep15

    Hell NO!

  • Lori

    Seems like “little Marco” hasn’t grown much and still inserts foot whenever he opens his mouth. So he wants to “pay” McCabe for screwing over Americans, and deliberately breaking American Laws, laws he swore to defend and uphold, for trying to destroy a lawfully elected President, elected by the majority of the American People. So its screw them and lets pay the low life piece of shit for being a crook, doesn’t say much about Marco’s honesty does it ? For the rest of us ,especially with the FBI involved ,it would be “If you play, your going to pay” ,but for Democrats and crooked FBI,it’s no problem,we’ll pay you for breaking the law.Correct Marco ? I no longer trust you even a little bit.

    • MoBetter2

      Haven’t trusted little Marcolito since he eagerly jumped aboard the Gang of 8 scamnesty….. As Mr. Wonderful is fond of saying: “He’s dead to me!”

  • Terry Butts

    When has ANY CORPORATION allowed someone they fired to remain and retire just to collect a pension.

    Now when someone who deserved firing long ago is fired by the government the liberals and certain media whine that he should have been allowed to stay for at least two more days just so he could retire and THE TAXPAYERS would be funding his retirement through a pension.

    In fact their were numerous lawsuits over corporations finding any excuse to
    fire people near retirement to avoid paying them a pension one just
    HOURS before being eligible. In fact these lawsuits and the actions of
    corporations that did this was the excuse used to create the social
    security system in the first place. Ignoring the fact that it put a forced pension plan on the people that was in the hands of those who
    OWNED or controlled those very corporations.

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    No-Why should he get off -Free and Clear-He did Crimes-Broke the Law and Lied-So he needs to pay the price and Time-Just like anyone else.Michael Flynn-Has gone through Hell-None of them seem to care-About him.???

  • don

    The FBI has been ruining lives with sham investigations meanwhile actual crimes go un-investigated. The Clintons prosper while regular folks get jail.

  • Christiann

    NO! McCabe, Mueller, Rosenstein, Hillary, Obama, Strozk, Lisa Page, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Comey et. al. must be investigated and hung for treason against America!!

  • James Brooks

    Mc Cabe in prison for life.

  • Finder1009

    Criminal activities should NEVER be rewarded. and that 1.8 mil retirement is definitely a reward for his criminal activities during his tour of duty. Let him wait till the same time as the “Common American” to get retirement. Perhaps at that time his retirement will be reasonable instead of ignorantly high

  • George Matyas

    He lost his pension, not his vested rights, so at age 60 he can collect, but won’t receive retirement benefits, like health care etc.

  • William Foe

    No, absolutely not, we have to start showing traitors we take our constitution and our rights seriously. We have to start executions for treason!

  • Steve W

    Once the ethics arm of the FBI said he should be fired, he should of and was fired. Am curious at the silence of the FBI Director, Christopher Wray. Is he hiding under a desk, like Col. Klink he has nothing to say about anything. Perhaps he is very smart or the opposite, cannot tell.

  • 7711lh

    “NO!” If any American citizen did the things this individual did we would have been fired immediately! Why would any one feel sorry for some one who broke the laws he swore an oath to protect not abuse. This same person would have prosecuted you (USA Citizen) for breaking the same laws. No double standard between citizens and the people in the places to uphold these laws.


    No he and his wife received 700000 $$ from Hillary’s foundation and MacA “illegal” send him in Jaill

  • Junius Graham

    Rubio is a Democrat.

  • Edgar Carpenter

    Rubio is a closet democrat and he has head up someone’s arse

  • Al C.

    Rubio should retire. He’s a worthless RINO. McCabe should be behind bars.

  • Janis

    I would imagine McCabe over the years has signed off on ordinary FBI agents being fired for lying. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. When you sit there in judgement of others, should you not also be set to the same standard? I know these Deep Staters all have a God complex amongst themselves, but the American taxpayers are starting to have the onion peeled back and all they want is to see them Go to Hell.

  • parkslopedog

    McCabe has to wait until 57 for his full pension–so what? He’s wealthy. He can make speeches trashing our president, write blame books like Hillary, go on TV trashing our president, run for office as a Dem. He’ll never see the inside of a prison–that’s for us little people.

    • kbhret

      Retired 1811’s can collect at age 50 with at least 20 years of fed service.
      They draw a SS supplement until age 62, the earliest age you can go ahead and start taking social security.
      PLUS, they get their “TSP” that is like a 401.
      For these federal bureaucrats, this TSP can be worth over a 1 million for these overpaid SES (senior executive service) “politicians”

      Not sure where this, “He has to wait until 57 to collect his full pension” is coming from.

      • parkslopedog

        I read it in an alternative news outlet more than once. You know the finer details of the federal salary economics–not everyone does.

        • kbhret

          Sorry, I wasn’t criticizing you.
          I meant to type,
          “Not sure where this he has to wait until he is 57 to collect his pension IS COMING FROM IN THE MEDIA .”
          It sounded like I was singling you out…. I wasn’t.
          Sorry about that. 😉

  • Charlie Silvertooth

    Hell no, when we the people screw up on the job, we are fired be damned the pension. And when you stab the american voted in the back you should be in prison. Charge and sentance this corrupt pile of shit to 50 years, then go after the others.

  • Donna

    If the truth had been exposed years ago he would have been fired then. He deceived and lied to the American people so yes he should be fired before retirement.

  • Maggietish

    Retire from what breaking every law within our nation. The job he did was to undermine the United States and the American people and totally betrayed all of us. He should’ve been fired and he absolutely should be in jail

  • Barb

    I believe that Jeff sessions did the right thing by firing McCabe, who was very partisan. I am sure that AG sessions had knowledge that supported his actions. It is time that all public servants be held accountable for their actions. I am quite sure that their will be much more forth- coming on the abuses of the Obama administration.

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    NO!!!!!!! Many need to go to prison. End the corruption of the FBI, CIA, IRS, DHS, DOJ and other government agencies.

  • parthenon1

    He should lose his pension, as a member of law enforcement he should have known the penalty and still did the crime !

  • William Manners

    McCabe did not get what he deserves. He was using his position at the FBI for personal reasons and interfered with investigations against the purposes of the FBI. Since he was defeating the purpose of the FBI, he was actually working against them and should be prosecuted for treason for acting against the United States of America!

  • FEDUP6

    Wrong – if Federal employees misbehave on the job, they should be fired!. There is no entitlement or protecting them from their own misdeeds so they can continue to receive tax dollars.

  • ezloan1

    WHY should a HIGH level guy get to “retire” w/benefits when he BROKE THE LAW?? 19 FBI agents were fired last year and they lied, but DIDN’T LIE UNDER OATH like McCabe. Would they all be upset if he wasn’t so close to retirement?? I’m so sick and tired of MANAGEMENT getting a golden parachute and the rank and file getting the shaft!! Hey Rubio, why does Congress get SEPARATE more comprehensive health insurance and the rest of the “people” get OBAMACARE??

  • J. P. Lynch

    From what I read, traitor McCabe has not yet lost his pension. He has years to go before he can even collect it. It’s more fake news! But if he is convicted of a felony by the FBI or treason against the USA, he will lose all of it!! It’s amazing the $$ value of his pension for only 20/21 years of service!!?? And what about the $500,000 the clinton/Podesta group gave his wife for her political campaign along with crook exGovenor McCauliff ??!!
    The more you stir this mess the more it stinks of corruption and treason!
    Just my opine 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • eclemensen

    let’s see we have a five time draft dodger, stealing a retirement from a twenty-one year veteran service personal who risked his life daily for that twenty one years And the right say Trump’s a good guy lol

  • Gerry Costa

    Absolutely NOT !!!!!!!! rubio is wrong — again. It seems pretty obvious that the seriousness of that dirtbags offenses, determined by the FBI & OPR –NOT PRES.TRUMP, were bad enough to prompt his firing right then. There is a lot more to come out of this,comey,clinton,obama,mccabe,strozk,brennan and clapper fiasco. Hopefully they will all end up behind bars.

  • MoBetter2

    No! These deep state azzhats played a game they thought they could play endlessly, undetected. Once they get caught they want to leap into a comfy tax-payer funded retirement. Actions have consequences, and crimes committed while an FBI agent ought to warrant serious repercussions! Don’t let McCabe be too lonely in prison – put Comey, Mueller and Strzok in with him as his cellmates!

  • George Reed

    H— NO!!!

  • Dealerdeb1

    NO not at all unless he was willing to turn on his cohorts and roll over with the truth then he needed to be fired. The problem with DC is too many are never held accountable and we let them slide. THEN we get to pay for them forever. he screwed up, he knew what he was doing, he’s a criminal.

  • Ken

    Weren’t there actually two reports that recommended his firing? One from the IG and the other from an internal FBI investigation? I agree with Rubio that if there was wrongdoing it should be punished by the law. That does not seem to happen at all in DC anymore. They investigate things to death, find lots of laws broken, then do nothing about it. Hillary is a prime example, there are many others.

  • Stan Joy

    Absolutely NOT!!! He should have been charged a long time ago. Folks, when you stop and think what has happened to some poor worker, falling on hard times, he steals a loaf of bread, he goes to jail, right?? This man along with Comey, Brennan and other higher up members of the CIA and the FBI have betrayed all of us!! I know there are good honest dedicated people in the CIA and the FBI, these people have defiled the good name of these agencies. To me this stuff, especially, these people and what they have done borders on treason. Again folks, I ask you all to pray for our country and our President. God Bless

  • Well, that tells us all where Little Marco is.

    Marco, are you serious. Are you a crony sell-out.

    You want to allow a criminal to retire to get his pension rather than justice be served for treasonous and seditions activity and destroying the FBI?

    Is this a move for JOB SECURITY Marco, want to make sure when you are caught you still get your pension?


  • Aline Oary

    No! Why should we pay for him to live like a king after the crimes he has commiteed over the last 8 to 10 years???m Never. 1.8 million dollars of our tax payer money. Rubio cannot be trusted!

  • Robert Meyers

    Of course he should not had been able to retire. He had already bilked the American taxpayer for thousands of dollars for not doing his job.

  • James Brooks

    after all the lieing and cheating No He did not deserve to retire.

    • cutterguy

      should have been fired!

  • crockett

    All A–Holes need time behind bars for crimes they committed

  • Dave Bishop

    McCabe deserved no retirement benefits, but he will get them when he reaches retirement age… but that is still more than he should get. Eric Holder, Obama and his DOJ, McCabe, Comey, et al should also be locked up, stripped of all government benefits, and put away for life, along with the Clintons. They have done more to bring this nation to its knees than any others in the history of this nation, but, unfortunately, they will all be eulogized while Trump is being pilloried by the media and our nation seems to be, with the Dem’s redistricting, leaning toward becoming a vassal of the Untied Nations.