Meghan McCain Speaks On WHCD

Meghan McCain stated on “The View,” Michelle Wolf’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner stand up act was a “big gift” to the people who support President Trump.

McCain stated, “I will say, this is a big gift to Trump supporters.”

She added, “There’s already this implication when you hear people like Jim Acosta saying Trump supporters, their brains don’t—whatever the quote is—their elevators don’t go to the top floor, there’s an idea that the media, especially in D.C., hate the Trump administration, hate Republicans, hate people in the middle of the country.”

“It’s a big fat gift to the administration and a big fat gift to the Republicans.”

  • survivor33

    WOW, this is the first thing I have ever heard MdCain say that made any sense and was true. Yes, that idiot that thinks she is a comedian tried to trash the Rep’s but it backlashed. Now we know there is one more liberal lizard lacking in any brain power whatsoever.

  • doc suske

    Right on!
    Dum de dum dems- liberals ain’t

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Yup, it will turn more people to Trump. and solidify those who already support Trump. This is good news. Now just wait until after November after Republicans get a majority in Congress, and the Senate, I should clarify that by saying a major majority. Then look out Hilda-Beast, Comy, and Obama, because then the shit is really going to hit the fan, then end up all over you three traitors.

    • Roert Redden

      So true and they all earned what they get.

  • Dodie1990

    Most people outside the beltway pay no attention anyway. Those that like Trump do so, those who don’t don’t. Wolf’s presentation changed no minds. Dems are well organized and ready to vote this fall, Republicans don’t seem to care. And the 2nd amendment for sure will die.

    • Bernie

      Well look what we have here. A White privileged elitist that knows so much more than anyone else….especially those dumb folk outside the beltway.
      OK Dodie, you can now run back to your lily White neighborhood, pat yourself on the back and tell all your friends what an incredibly wise person you are. Especially the ones that KNEW Hillary was a cinch to be our next president in 2016.

      • Dodie1990

        Sorry I voted for Trump. I am a 71 yr. old conservative Republican. My point was most people are fat, dumb, and happy beer in the fridge, color t.v. etc. Few vote. Few care about the mainstream media . Those who care about that dinner and speaker are inside the beltway folks. I am not one of them. I live in NW PA. Those of us who support Trump and the 2nd amendment must get our act together and vote. If the Dems take over the House that will end anything he tries to do. Plus they will try gun confiscation. Already happenung in several states.

        • Bernie

          Oh Dodie,
          I’m a 75 year old ex-proud South Side Chicago democrat turned conservative.
          Things are fine. Don’t worry. Especially with the news today regarding Judge T.S. Ellis and his take on the Mueller investigation.
          Have faith!

        • Dodie1990

          Should have put a comma after sorry. I am not sorry I voted for Trump will do so again if I have the opportunity.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    This is true because it ignites the Trump supporters.
    It also proves President Trump’s assertions of MSM extreme biases.
    In times past celebrities roasted celebrities in a spirit of good natured fun.
    This so called “comedienne” did her act in a mean-spirited, malicious manner.
    One day this will back-fire and turn on the people doing all of this hate-speak!

  • Kirk Kahler

    we all know how the left and Hollywood and a good deal of sports all hate trump and team but I am sure that will be changing soon just look at all the has been done for America in less than two years ! that cant stand that team trump is winning on all fronts !! that’s why the stars , people in sports, MSM, the elites and most of the democrats are pushing lies fakes news and all kinds of hate to try to sway the American people but list look at the numbers the people are not buying it !

  • Kent Powers

    Is she a comedienne>what has she done, where has she been, give us some references, she is certainly not funny, bright, good lookin, or talented, must be a democrat.

    • Btwxdncs

      Supposedly because of her ‘performance’ at the WHCD she would not be able to pick up any work.
      She did lose out on a $4-mill movie part and another $410,000 Comedy gig, but surprise, surprise,
      Netflix picked her up for a continuing show they will be taping soon.
      She’ll have good (bad) company too: BHO who will be promoting what a good (sic.) President he was and Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor.
      I will never use Netflix again!!!

  • Letterman007

    Now if she could straighten out her dad!

    • Helen Hollingsworth

      She can’t because he is so bitter at not being the center of attention of the R Party having lost….He even has to roar out his contrarian opinions against Trump in this time frame of life’s closure for him…You would think that he has more important things to do now…..

      • Letterman007

        I suspect your correct. He needs to worry about his health and the health of the Republican Party!

  • Brenda D. Wester

    Joh McCain I think you are the one that the Elevator does not go to top Floor. Trump is doing a great job and you people in congress are trying every way to try to get him to fail. all of you should be feed to the dogs.
    I hope you all get your dues and get thrown out.

  • Kurt Kruse

    Let us enjoy the gift and the Democratic parties shambles. Vote in this years mid terms, as all of the House seats are up for grabs,.and 1/3 of the Senate seats as well.Want to help drain the Washington DC Swamp vote the Republican Ticket always, if we get President Trump and the Republican party a clear and definitive majority we can stop the Democratic slaughter of our Immigration laws,and the “resist” movement. America did not cast their Vote for Democratic fools who refuse to work across the aisle for the good of this nation.Elected politicians need a very large and loud shout out, that American voters gave them their jobs and by God we can take them away as well. We can and we must do better!

  • Thomas E. Marsh

    Meghan is a Republican too bad her dad is a rhino.

  • Suzu M

    While these liberal type people keep confirming the reasons we do not agree with them, we Conservative type people should get busy demonstrating what common sense and a love for our fellow Americans should look like. A big step is softening on the sarcasm, and speaking GOOD things about one another. We’re in this together. Let’s show them why OUR views on policies work, and let’s do nothing to push them further away.