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MSM Politically Boosts Chelsea, Smears Ivanka

The fact that Chelsea Clinton, daughter of two-term President Bill Clinton and two-time loser Hillary Clinton, is being heavily promoted as some kind of rising political star across almost every spectrum of our national media, is not in doubt. Her every utterance, even the confusing ones, are hailed and bolstered by our media as The Gospel Of The Up And Coming Social Justice Warrior, as pronouncements from American Royalty.

And yet, what has Chelsea ever accomplished — other than, you know, failure? NBC News paid her $50,000 a month to do absolutely nothing — they still let her go. She helped to manage the racket known as the Clinton Foundation, which is now in a corruption death spiral. Both Chelsea and her husband promoted a hedge fund that is now belly up.

Born on third base. All that money. All that fame. All that media love, and all Chelsea can succeed at is winning board seats she earned only through her parents’ cronies and tweeting out things that hit our political media’s sweet spot for all thing left-wing and Clinton.

While there is no question Ivanka Trump was also born on third base, her accomplishments are legion. Fashion, design, fragrance, and helping to run her father’s very successful company. Sure, like most of us, she has had her share of failure, who hasn’t? But that Ivanka is a prominent, respected, and accomplished businesswoman is not in doubt.

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