MSNBC Compares The President To Shoes

Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” very aggressively stated that her shoes had “more integrity and character” than President Donald Trump.

Wallace stated, “Let me ask you something about —that has to be exasperating to Democrats. I mean, I worked for Republican politicians who navigated the evangelical vote very carefully. I mean, George W. Bush disappointed evangelicals when he didn’t make an even bigger effort to pass a marriage amendment. He also disappointed the majority of Americans who thought that was a terrible idea. Donald Trump who has, you know, my flats have more integrity and character than he does — has in the words of Sam Nunberg in The Washington Post quote ‘the president is correct believing his solid group of supporters including evangelicals and Protestants are not going to leave him on this issue. He’s delivered for them on judges which is really the most important issue and on life. A reference to abortion policy.’ How did Democrats sort of counter a politician for whom none of his deeds are worthy of any demerits and the single action of appointing judges they like is enough to erase everything else?”

  • Name

    What can you say about Nicolle: Stupid, Brain Dead, Left Wing Zombie?

  • Ben

    I have to believe that someone is paying people to be a liberal…A grown adult cannot be as hateful and bitter and ignorant about this country, without some kind of promised reward. This “lady” has to have a monetary motive, or maybe a controlling boyfriend that is forcing her to sound so foolish..

  • Jimbo Velasquez

    Nicolle, has “Toe Jam” for brains!

  • richard black

    i was thinkin stick my shoe up her a$$ !!!

  • Eileen Jones

    Trust me, a load of crap has more integrity then Obama and the Dems. and Rinos !!!

    • nosmiley

      Exactly why is it we should trust you? Your party only tells lies. You know it, and want to sweep that part under the rug. No other president has felt the need to send his kids to suck up to Vladimir Putin days after the election. What other president sent his kids to consort with one of our enemies- they even launched a new nuclear missile for testing, today . Who will it ultimately be aimed at. ? Have you kept up with the owners abroad that own Trump Towers ? They mainly pay to use his name. Anyway, more than one has removed his name from their hotels as he is such an embarrassment. I seriously doubt you know anything about a load of crap. You’re doing a poor job of sounding tough.
      Did you graduate from High School, or take the abbreviated route and get the GED ?

      • Eileen Jones

        I do know about a load of crap….I was a Dem. for 47 yrs. and realized that they promised the world to get your vote then dumped their load of crap on you after the election !Have YOU kept up with the Clinton Global Initiative? Bought by the enemy …Putin for 145 mil., to get 20 % of OUR Uranium . I seriously doubt YOU know anything about that big load of crap…..NOT BAD FOR A HS GRAD !!!!! SWEEPING things under the rug is the one thing the Dems. are good at….Clinton’s email scandal. Bill Clinton and Monica, Obama and his pals Holder and Rice and Clinton on BENGHAZI…need I say more GED boy ???

  • Nicolle Wallace another stupid so called journalist. I wonder what she is going to say when all the crooks in the DOJ, FBI, CLINTON AND OBAMA are up for charges and Obama maybe even for running a criminal organization as President.

  • Charles De Gaulle

    Why all the dumbest useful idiots work @MSNBC? I mean The dumbest progressive republicans.

    • metheoldsarge

      Not all of them. Just 25%. The rest work for CNN, ABC and CBS.

  • GomeznSA

    Hmmm, using a Washington (com)Post ‘writer’ hardly qualifies as a valid source. Maybe she needs to get her shoe size ‘verified’. I guess her blatant hatred for anything to the right of dead left doesn’t allow her to be even remotely neutral.
    Full disclosure: I’ve never even heard of her, of course I try not to watch any far left sources…………………

  • 1775concord

    Without the nasty and dismissive snarl by Nicolle Wallace and her shoes and Trump: OK, Nicolle, here it is. you have NO integrity and character. You worked for John McCain’s campaign. You sabotaged it. Your jealousy/hatred or whatever for Sarah Palin led you to hand her over to Katie Couric for two days. Couric, far leftist, edited the interviews to make Sarah P look foolish and ignorant…which she is not. BTW, Katie Couric was exposed about a year ago for editing an interview with NRA people from Virginia..when she did the same thing to them, but got caught.
    Rats like Nicolle Wallace need to have some kind of punishment for their lying hatred and disrespect.

  • survivor33

    And Nicolle Wallace, my toilet has more integrity and character than you AND msnbc.

    • nosmiley

      Hey there Repub. Exactly how do you measure integrity and character in a toilet ?
      I missed that day in school. Did you even go to school ?

  • Albedamned!

    Is she related to the prostitute Stormy? Neither has any credibility.

  • Janis

    Does anybody actually watch her show? She is shrill and looks like a Cabbage Patch doll.

  • Jmanjo

    Liberals make the dumbest damn remarks. This twit is showing her lack of respect and her lack of intelligence. Fake news hustler is the best response to her remarks.

  • Terry Butts

    Lets get this straight the people who threw a fit when Trump compared allowing refugees in without VETTING them to ensure a terrorist that could kill thousands like the ones that attacked the trade center in NY to eating an entire bowl of candy while knowing there was at least one if not more that was poisoned and would kill them in that bowl are now comparing Trump to a pair of shoes?

    Seems like they do not even understand what an analogy is much less how to properly use one.

  • Floyd McWilliams, PhD

    Answer: Bill Clinton, or, worse yet, John F. (do’em en masse, in the White House) Kennedy.

  • Gary Barber

    what a dumbass