MSNBC Compares The President To Shoes

Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” very aggressively stated that her shoes had “more integrity and character” than President Donald Trump.

Wallace stated, “Let me ask you something about —that has to be exasperating to Democrats. I mean, I worked for Republican politicians who navigated the evangelical vote very carefully. I mean, George W. Bush disappointed evangelicals when he didn’t make an even bigger effort to pass a marriage amendment. He also disappointed the majority of Americans who thought that was a terrible idea. Donald Trump who has, you know, my flats have more integrity and character than he does — has in the words of Sam Nunberg in The Washington Post quote ‘the president is correct believing his solid group of supporters including evangelicals and Protestants are not going to leave him on this issue. He’s delivered for them on judges which is really the most important issue and on life. A reference to abortion policy.’ How did Democrats sort of counter a politician for whom none of his deeds are worthy of any demerits and the single action of appointing judges they like is enough to erase everything else?”