Mueller To Most Likely Be Fired

Sen, Chris Coons (D-DE) told CNN he believes special counsel Robert Mueller will most likely be fired by President Trump.

Coons stated, “I’m very concerned, given that President Trump said publicly that it would be a red line if the special counsel started going after his personal finances or his family’s business.”

“We know that starting several weeks ago that’s exactly what is being done in the special counsel investigation. They sent a subpoena to the Trump Organization. And just in the last two weeks the president has started attacking the special counsel by name in tweets.”

“I think it is obvious he would like to fire him. Whether he will or not is the core question. Many of my colleagues think it would be dreadful if he fired him but don’t think he will. I think the president’s abrupt recent actions and how he dismissed the VA secretary, the secretary of state other key members of his cabinet suggest that this is something he likely will do.”

  • Stephen Howe

    Mueller, Sessions, Rosensteinbergblatt should ALL be fired. Let the chips fall where they may. MAGA!

    • Pastor Charles Taylor

      Amen, Amen!!!!!!!!

    • jim

      Mueller is the biggest ass of them all a total fraud this investigation needs to be done on the democrats side also , nobody is going to tell that Obama wasnt involved some way

  • Fake news put out there by a Stupid democrat. Mueller should be kicked out of the FBI for is criminal actions which resulted in four innocent men sent to prison. Two died and finally two were released after spending 30 plus years in prion and awarded $100 million tax payer dollars. Mueller should be sent to jail for the rest of his lies and should not get one cent of tax payer dollars for his retirement. I would like every one connected to that case go to jail! And you stupid ass so called journalist ought to get fired for not bringing out this horrible miss justice! Saying Mueller is above reproach, how incompetent you are and comple jerks!

  • Jmanjo

    Why is it so many Democrat officials look like baboons! This guy is a nut too. Funny how they get a different fool liberal to pass the torch of stupidity each week. Probably because their attention span and intellect won’t support anything bigger than that. Like Maxine Waters, she can only articulate a few moments at a time and Pelosi can no longer carry on a conversation.

  • John T Koszalka

    What going on here is this the new SCHIFFTY SCHIF for the DEMO-RATS? We have a PRESIDENT that does not have to take any crap from anybody, and that’s what they are all afraid of. The only people he OWES anything to are the DEPLORABLE ONES, and we can see he is doing a great job with his BOOTS ON DAILY GOING THROUGH THE MUCK, AND MIRE OF THE SWAMP (Washington DC). God Bless President Trump. #MAGA

  • Steve Volkle

    How long can this person SUCK OFF THE PUBLIC DOLE?? It’s been over a YEAR and he hasn’t come up with ANYTHING. It’s time mueller was as gone as yesterday’s news

  • A_patriot

    I say, consider the source. CNN. Fake News. President Trump isn’t going to fire Mueller. What Mueller ought to do is wrap up this fool-hardly investigation — one that should never having started, since in the ‘real world’ the crime must come first and then the investigation. This one got started simply because people were upset (deranged to a degree) and in their outright misery sought to oust the new President, simply because he wasn’t their ‘chosen one’. Stryuk cited the notion of a back-up plan. This appears to have been it. Comey writes notes during a meeting, then ILLEGALLY leaks said notes to the media, via a friend in the press, for the whole purpose of having to call a “Special Investigation”. The acting AG is part of the plot.

    After all of these months what have we got? Nothing on the alleged Russian Collusion regarding the Trump Campaign — because there was none. What they do have is so far from the stated mission it has become fruit from the tainted tree. The whole thing should be tossed OUT, as well as a few of those remaining bad apples.

  • rayhause

    What is one of the most upsetting about all this Mueller investigation is we can’t find any Democrats come up on our sites and not just defend him buy even defend their party. Most Democrats are as worthless as that of Obama and the rest of his administration.

  • Pebbles

    I think Mueller is a direct descendant of Sen. Joseph McCarthy (sp?). Ole Joe destroyed many innocent Americans whom he believed were communists. This happened back in the 1950’s. He was merciless in his hunt and false accusations and he completely and totally destroyed untold lives. UNTIL, one Senator had the balls and the guts to stand up to ole Joseph in the meeting room. He shouted out that he “had enough of McCarthy’s vicious attacks on innocent citizens”….and walked out. The entire room walked out after him. Eventually Ole Joe was spurned and ended up losing everything. Mueller is EXACTLY like Sen. Joseph McCarthy!!! Hopefully karma and history will, in Mueller’s case, repeat itself.

    • Tuxedo_Plowboy

      McCarty was right about Communists in government. Now they own the Democrat party completely.

      • metheoldsarge

        Joseph McCarthy may have been an SOB but if he was still alive, he would be saying; “I told you so!”

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    Mueller will keep on doing this as long as he is allowed to. It’s time time investigate Mueller himself.

  • RDB

    Coones is hoping Trump will fire Mueller so he can have a perceived reason to chastise Trump. Mr. Coones, Trump is smarter than you!

  • Ken

    He should have never been appointed in the first place. You are suppose to have a crime that was actually committed before a special prosecutor can be appointed. No crime was committed. It has been a huge waste of taxpayer money that we don’t have.

  • Ken Mathews

    I doubt Trump will fire Mueller, it would be a mistake. Not that Mueller does not deserve to be fired. The Democrats keep saying Trump will Fire Mueller to keep the Liberal base supporting Mueller. Trump talks about Mueller to make sure the Press and not let Mueller just fad into the sunset.

  • iwojimafan

    There is a Federal Law that states the special Prosecutor must recuse himself if he has any friendship with anyone he is investigating, which means that MUELLER is breaking the law and since he refuses to resign, President Trump should FIRE Him Now and tell any of President Trumps critics to Pound Salt Up there Behind since Mueller is Breaking the Law and refuses to resign.
    AG Sessions then needs to charge Mueller for breaking the law.

    • Tony

      It would probably be a great relief on Mueller if Trump would fire him. Mueller has no other option than to find something on Trump or be fired by Trump for Mueller to be able to excuse himself from this fiasco with any kind of dignity. So Mueller will keep digging until he is fired or comes up with something that will stick. Also true for Rosinstine.


    don’t be afraid Mr. Trump. FIRE THAT S.O.B. he is not investigating the collusion he is investigating a person for anything he can . HE HAS NO HONOR. deep state

  • Gail Davis

    Mueller is part of the FBI stench that reported to communist Muslim Obama to help bring down President Trump. Mueller is wasting the American taxpayers money. He is one that should be investigated as he is one corrupt person, tried, convicted and sent to jail.

  • scott forman

    Fire Meuller’s treasonous ass, as well as Rosenstein. Then try them for sedition and treason and hang them. Get obumer and the Hildebeast, Brennon, and many others in the obumer administration that are guilty of TREASON. We can have a picnic as they flail from the gauntlet. This would be true justice and restore our country to the rule of law under the Constitution.

  • Mo

    Going after what Mueller is going after is so far out of his scope that he is in violation of the Special Counsel Law and he should be shut down and arrested and charged. He and Rosestein have orchastrated nothing but a witch hunt because their candidate had her ass handed to her in the election that they all had thought was bought and paid for. Mueller is ignoring the only evidence that he has found because it points at Hillary, the DNC, the DOJ and the FBI. These are the real crimes but the Left is still trying to push their that pile of crap on the American People about Russian Collusion when the only Collusion points directly to the Clinton Campaign, the DNC, the DOJ and the FBI in a massive fraud of an Investigation into the Clinton email scandal and the FISA Warrant abuses in obtaining warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign with outright LIES!

  • Larry

    Well I hope Trump gets with it soon. This lawyer is the typical crook in the hen house. FIRE HIM !!!!!!

  • richard black

    surprised he’s lasted this long !!

  • Robert Pescatore

    Like all Dems they are just another bunch of liars that will reap what they are sowing and if they sow evil they will reap evil if they reap corruption they will reap that and if they sow lies they will reap lies but if they sow good they will reap the good that comes from sowing it.