Mueller To Most Likely Be Fired

Sen, Chris Coons (D-DE) told CNN he believes special counsel Robert Mueller will most likely be fired by President Trump.

Coons stated, “I’m very concerned, given that President Trump said publicly that it would be a red line if the special counsel started going after his personal finances or his family’s business.”

“We know that starting several weeks ago that’s exactly what is being done in the special counsel investigation. They sent a subpoena to the Trump Organization. And just in the last two weeks the president has started attacking the special counsel by name in tweets.”

“I think it is obvious he would like to fire him. Whether he will or not is the core question. Many of my colleagues think it would be dreadful if he fired him but don’t think he will. I think the president’s abrupt recent actions and how he dismissed the VA secretary, the secretary of state other key members of his cabinet suggest that this is something he likely will do.”