Muslim News Site Demands Amazon Ban Book

A Muslim news website has demanded that online retailer Amazon remove Breitbart London editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam’s forthcoming book No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You from its virtual shelves, branding it “Islamophobic hate”.

The Muslim Vibe targeted Kassam’s book alongside a self-published work by Rebel Media contributor Tommy Robinson.

The site, which has links to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), branded the as-yet-unreleased work a “fear mongering book… which claims Muslims are a growing serious cultural and political threat who want to impose ‘Sharia Law’ in Western countries”.

CAIR has been declared a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates, and was named by U.S. federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror-funding operation.

As Kassam’s book is also not released for another twelve days, it will not have actually been read by Muslim Vibe writers.

The site was launched in October 2014 under the editorship of Muhammed Salim Kassam — no relation — who acts as director for a number of businesses based in England.

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  • gvette

    When any Muslim says anything, they should be shot. problem solved!

    • Al

      I concur friend. Off with their heads.

      • gvette

        To get rid of an infection, you have to kill it.

    • Terry Looft

      No, No, they should be treated like they treat other people. Burning, thrown of buildings, you know. Fun stuff!

      • gvette

        I didn’t really think about that. I guess you’re correct. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander!!!

  • Charles Stilwell

    Book’s should never be banned ! How else are you to learn about evil; knowledge is power !!!

    • Joan Freda

      That’s precisely why they want it banned. That’s only the beginning. Next they’ll try to ban the Bible and replace it with their own koran, which in my opinion, is not fit for toilet paper….

      • Doris Will

        This is exactly the way my friend from England told me how the Muslim terrorists became so entrenched and powerful in England. First they all settled in the same neighborhood, that leeched out encompass more territory. Of course these neighborhoods grew in population, thus giving the Muslims a voter majority in that area enabling them to get Muslims elected to public office, thus enabling these NO GO ZONES. This gave them the power to drive non-Muslims out and making them violent enough to keep the English Police out. They then demanded Sharia Law. Then they became autonomous with their own law and courts giving them full control of that area. The proof is in the pudding. Now, in America, they have emboldened themselves enough to demand barring books from being sold. What’s next? Book Burning. Infidel burning?

        • acs1949

          The difference in America, and why these terrorist scum will ultimately fail, is that OUR police, unlike their unarmed counterparts in good ol’ a**-backwards Britain, are armed and ready to respond to Islamic violence wherever it occurs. We also have the 2nd Amendment, which guarantees the right to keep and bear arms to all law-abiding Americans, meaning that our armed citizens are also ready to respond to Muslim violence with a little .45-caliber(or .223, 30.06, 12 gauge, what have you) “tit-for-tat” of our own.

          • Doris Will

            Well, who is watching the hen house Dearborn, MI. is getting to look like Bradford, Yorkshire, England: Paying with food stamps and taking the groceries home in BMWs. Wearing Burkas. They have even bought shopping centers, and refaced them in Bagdad Style.

      • acs1949

        Joan, the flakes on the Left are already trying to ban the Bible and destroy Christianity, replacing it with worship of the all-powerful Socialist State. Small wonder the snowflakes are yammering about Muslim “religious freedom”-in that respect, their goals are identical. I wonder what those idiots would think if Sharia became a reality here and all their beloved “transgender” freaks and gay buddies were shipped off to Nazi-style extermination camps along with Christians, Jews, and anyone who wouldn’t “submit to Allah”? It wouldn’t be long before all the feminist head-cases and leftist windbags joined them there-the goal of the “religion of peace” is the complete subjugation of all ‘infidels”, meaning anyone who speaks the truth about Islam or disagrees with the sexual abuse or execution(or both) of any woman who dresses like a normal American or supports women’;s rights.

  • rightsmite

    If they don’t like it, they can go back to their rat hole in Islamabad or Afu**istan or wherevever they came from. If Obama were still in office we would be up to our eyeballs in Muslim immigrant terrorists. It’s ALWAYS their way or the highway. They want any book banned that might reveal the truth about THE REAL ISLAM. THE RELIGION OF DEATH.

  • Arbie Viau

    I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of these Muslim a$$holes making demands!! I demand they get the hell out of America and go where they are wanted. America has the Constitution and that’s my choice, only stupid sympathizers would agree to their “infidel” antics!!!!

  • HDMania

    To hell what these muzzies want..anything to expose them for who they really are..kick them all OUT of america..

  • Michael DePoy

    I think he has the wrong book, Lets just make it simple ban the Koran with it gone there no more problems.

    • Ken/FL

      Outstanding solution.

  • Bayside GolfClub

    Islam violates the U.S. Constitution in the first place. It teaches lie, cheat , steal, rape, enslave, murder, invade, subvert.. It’s not theory. It’s all over their ‘bible’. It’s in print, their ‘priests’ proclaim it from pedestals.
    It should be outlawed because it is outside the law. It in fact was outlawed in 1776..

    • FEDUP365

      They aren’t even supposed to be able to immigrate to this Country, there’s a law on the books from back in the 50’s (just a guess) that said they refuse to assimilate to western life styles and laws so they weren’t supposed to even be able to immigrate and they definitely can’t become US citizens which means moose slimes can’t hold public offices that are filled by the voters.

  • Marine68

    Sorry camel Jockeys, this America.

  • Sharon Windus

    What are these muslims afraid of? That more people will learn the TRUTH of what they are? They should just go back to their little pig sty in the middle east and murder each other like they have been doing since the time of their “prophet”.

  • Beverly Seymour

    This better no t happen…this is America and we are entitled to read anything we want, and to make up our own minds as to the validity of the information. The very fact that muslims think they can “demand a book ban” is utterly crazy. They all need to take at at least a 1-year course in freedom and the constitution and how it impacts civil rights before they can even step foot in this country because they NEED DEPROGRAMMED like they are leaving a cult or something and asking to live among us. yes, AMONG US…there should NEVER BE TOLERATED any “no-go” zones in America! We are free to travel anywhere in this country and ANY zone or area should afford Constitutional freedoms.

  • Beverly Seymour

    The Koran should be BANNED and ILLEGAL as a TERRORIST PROPAGANDA. It instructs violence against nonmuslims in over 100 verses.

  • gene smiith

    What is the scum worried about, THE TRUTH???? Omg, really?

  • Ken/FL

    Our Government would be smart to buy this book and make it required reading in our schools.

    • mike

      Our government is already too involved with education. Our government has banned the Bible and other books from school but retain the smut and re-writes of history. You may bring the quran to school though.

      • Ken/FL

        The Bible like any other book should be allowed in schools, the guidance for making you read

  • mike

    The issue here is not what these animals are demanding; the issue here is whether or not Amazon will cave to their demands. These clowns like the lgbt, hispanics, blm etc. can make all the demands they want. The question is how many more times will our businesses cave to their demands instead of standing up for your country?

  • gilfaethwy

    It’s indicative of the topsy-turvy state of things when telling the truth about Islam is called “islamophobic’! Read the Qu’ran, read the Haddith, read the pronouncements of imams and ayatollahs throughout the “Umma”…

    Ever heard of “Taqiyya”? “Kitman”? “Tawriya”? “Muruna”? Google them! THAT is the real business of CAIR and most other Muslim “civil rights” organizations.

    • acs1949

      After reading about Muslim duplicity as preached by the “holy Koran”, I believe the answer to that duplicity and hunger for conquest was provided by Christian warriors like Charles Martel or the Knights Templar-in simple terms, “Kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out!” Force is the only language those camel jockeys understand. A person like me whose ancestry is more than 50% Irish hesitates to praise the British for anything, but they also had a remedy for Islamic fanatics, applied at places like Khartoum and Omdurman, “At one hundred yards, volley fire…Present-FIRE!”- repeat as necessary until the threat is eliminated. After the battle of Omdurman, witnesses(including a young Winston Churchill) reported that the ground was so covered with Muslim corpses that one couldn’t walk in any direction without stepping on one or more of them. I submit that THAT is the ONLY way to deal with fanatics!

  • kassa1

    Please call dust on Muslims do not like what’s on Amazon they have the right not to buy it, if they don’t like that they have the right to get out of this country go back where they came from and defend her freedom in their own country.

  • Arrow

    Screw the muslims. When they grant all the rights to their people as they demand here, we should consider. But, then, Freedom of the Press will prevail.

  • Eileen Smith

    We do not censor. Parents can and should, but no one else should censor what another reads or writes. Those who object can write something in a review of the book or an editorial AFTER they read it to present their views. But…no to censorship.

  • Albert Witte

    Muslim cry babies. Send them a pacifier and then send them to hell.

  • game50

    Screw the Muslims if they don’t freaking like what’s going on here ….they schould go back to the Middle East … where they belong….. and leave us alone ….. so we can live here in peace and stay alive too….this way we don’t have to put up with their b******* anymore.

  • disqus_3MEvLTGTn0

    Look if Amazon won’t remove Nazi materials for the Jewish people then why in the hell should these Muslims be treated any differently. Get over it.

  • Columbusboy

    Will the good Muslims PLEASE stand up and be counted!! Where the hell are you????

  • Gen11American

    Since Muslims this country have STUPIDLY allowed into this country are killing dogs because they hate them, and because Shariah Law bans them, and because the Muslims are attacking Christianity in every manner and form possible, every patriotic Christian American is obligated to carry Islamophobia to its logical conclusion by demanding that EVERY GD MUSLIM IN THIS COUNTRY DEMANDING SHARIAH LAW BE OUSTED BY OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AS SUBVERSIVES, BECAUSE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE! IT BEHOOVES THE MUSLIMS TO KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT BUT THEY’RE FAR TOO STUPID TO REALIZE THAT BECAUSE THEIR AVERAGE IQ’S ARE 70! THAT’S FAR TOO STUPID TO BE OF ANY USE TO OUR COMPLICATED 21ST CENTURY SOCIETY, SO WHAT THE HELL GOOD ARE THEY BESIDES PROVIDING SOCIALIST VOTERS FOR THE DEMOCRATS TO USE FOR EVIL PURPOSES?!

  • David Blakeman

    CAIR does not believe in the First Amendment, that would be the first thing they would abolish if they were in power. As far as I am concerned, If you don’t like the way we do things here in America, GO BACK TO WHATEVER SAND PILE YOU CAME FROM.

  • disqus_Jwz6tzxH5A

    I am sorry but in the US if you don’t like it don’t read it or purchase it. Every place has the right to offer it. I thought the banning of books was stopped years ago.

  • Sam

    Islamic ideology (cloaked as a religion) has no business telling any one ( business or group) what can and cannot be published and sold in a free society! Problem is this brand of religious ideology is being catered to by governments and social groups without looking at their history of murder, rape and destruction of any who dare cross their system of hatred in the name of a man made “religious sect”. Their system of thinking and actions do not belong in the USA. They are welcome to leave…the sooner the better.

  • jjmcl431

    Islam is a cancer. to bad we have not found a cure for either one.

  • John Hammersmith

    we should adopt their policy no bibles in their rat hole countries no korans in the united states!

  • dosgatos

    CAIR is completely anti American and should be BANNED in our country immediately

  • acs1949

    So who cares? No surprise that CAIR is whining about anyone telling the truth about Islam. CAIR is a Hamas front organization, closely affiliated(like Hamas) with the notorious Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization. Under the Constitution, Sharia law is illegal in any case, since it violates constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. It is anathema to American ideals of equality for women, and preaches hatred toward any other religion but Islam. Surprising that the Left is crying about Muslim “rights” when Islam also believes homosexuals should be killed. Hypocrisy once again-what do the leftist fools who defend Islam think would happen to their precious “transgender” freaks under Sharia law? CAIR should be exposed as a terrorist group and its members expelled from the country after it is forced to disband or face prosecution. This is in no way a “religious freedom” issue-it concerns a completely foreign ideology that is at odds with basic American values and threatens the stability of our entire society. I suppose Amazon will cave in to these ridiculous demands, since most retailers lack the spine to stand up to bullies like that. Oh, and BTW, I guess Muslims belong to the “Nancy Pelosi School of Literature”, i.e.,”We’ll pass it(or pass judgment on it) and then we’ll read it”.

  • Meri Robinson

    Amazon has every right to sell the book. Everyone in America has freedom of speech and the Muslims need to understand that or go live somewhere else.

  • Richard Frick

    This is America and NOT the Middle East. We speak English and abide by our Laws and Constitution. We were founded on Christian Principles. If the Muslims don’t like it let them return to their Country and Religion. We don’t give a tinkers damn about how they feel or how they want to take over the USA. Send them Home never to return.

  • jim jones

    Muslim=cancer, both must be eradicated!

  • AndrewBuckmichael

    It is time to eradicate all muslims.

  • George T Horvat

    Yeah sure; and these are the same people who will confiscate any bible that comes into their countries and burn them. Screw every one of these Muslim bastards.

  • Jeannie

    Why don’t they want us to read it??? I must remind them the truth only hurts WHEN IT SHOULD!!!! WE do not answer to your demands. You do not control us.

  • Robert LaBiento

    I sat this ,with all due respect: fah dem!

  • FEDUP365

    I am demanding that Amazon burns all quran books and all moose slime books on terrorism and quit carrying them as the islomaniac’s can’t read and won’t pay their bills if they ordered books on Amazon and they would find a way to demand the Countries they invaded to will have to foot their bills.

  • iprazhm

    Will Amazon comply? It already supports terrorist’s by offering their merchandise for sale on it’s website –

    Amazon also sold ISIS flags and headscarves their terrorists wear on the heads, until complaints demanded they be removed.