NCAA Mom Screams Slavery

Mother of former Duke basketball star Wendell Carter, Kylia Carter is comparing the NCAA to slavery.

“When you remove all the bling and the bells and the sneakers and all that, you’ve paid for a child to come to your school to do what you wanted them to do for you, for free, and you made a lot of money when he did that, and you’ve got all these rules in place that say he cannot share in any of that,” Kylia Carter told ESPN. “The only other time when labor does not get paid but yet someone else gets profits and the labor is black and the profit is white, is in slavery.”

“To be honest with you, it’s nauseating,” she finished with.

  • Maggie Cadden

    Isn’t he getting a college education? Did he have to pay for it or was his education paid for?

    • usmcSergeant

      Some do. Most don’t or can’t. Have you ever listened to most of them try to speak on a microphone?

      • ROB

        Speak or drone ? Not much I can understand.

      • Daniel Brofford

        No they think they can go to college on these scholarships and the teachers will take care of their grades. That does happen but when it does the student comes out on the short end on the stick. They think because some black people sold other black people to some white and black peoples that we whites people owe them something now. They can keep crying and trying but I don’t owe them anything. They vote for the democrats and then the democrats screw then and makes it looks like it’s soneone else’s fault so they keep voting for the democrats lol. One day they “may” learn. I doubt it.

    • dittybop

      doesn’t mean a thing, most college athletes can’t add 2+2 and get the correct answer! That’s why when most pros retire, they end up broke in a year or two!

    • ROB

      “Education” Maggie? Come now. It ain’t about education, rather bassetball skills; Period. His money comes when he is drafted into the big leagues. Until then he be a “slave”.

      • Adrian Cancienne

        You’re a sad individual wasn’t slavery a long,long,long,long time ago and i don’t think college athletes think of themselves as slaves they love what they do!

        • Cali Broheim

          You are an idiot who cannot recognize sarcasm.

          • ROB

            Thanks Cali. You answered them right before I was fixing to.

        • John

          Sorry to bring you up to date, but slavery is still going on.

          • Daniel Brofford

            Sure is but not in America. At least not like it used to. There are other counties who still have slaves legally but not us.

      • Gene Slates

        Rob, you truly are a sad and uninformed individual. Slaves got nothing out of slaver. These college athletes are gaining an education, free housing and food. They are in a position of bettering themselves for their future. Slaves never had that opportunity. Slaves also never complained as these entitled, FREE D.BAGS!

        • Cali Broheim

          You are also an idiot who cannot recognize sarcasm, like the commenter above you.

          • Adrian Cancienne

            Carl go to your safe placeyou liberal fool.

          • tim317

            are you really that dim?

          • ROB

            Thanks again Cali. Some folks can’t see (sarcasm) sometimes.

  • billybob

    So when you take away all the free education room and board, and advantageous star athlete benefits, it’s slavery? I gotta call B.S. on that entitled momma! I guess since she didn’t get paid for pimping out her son to the college it ain’t right. If the young man actually paid attention in classes that were selected with the view of what happens after graduation, he still has his degree to fall back on and a well=paying career. But I guess that is squat hunh?

  • Lee J

    Let’s see. He gets a free education. Afterwards he probably makes a deal with a major team for big money. He drives hi Bentley to his mansion and swims in the pool while the maid cleans the house You’re right. This is definitely slavery.

    • Sick of Rino’s

      What mama seems to be saying is, “Ain’t nobody giving me any freebies.” She has to know if her son is that good, he will be going pro making millions but she wants instant results and that just ain’t going to happen. Her son will be getting a free education, housing allowance, food allowance and a clothing allowance. Mama, be proud your son has the skill levels to get that education, to have doors open for him later and sacrifices today are tomorrows investments. It’s not about you, mama, it’s about the opportunity your son is getting for a bright future and a ticket out of the ghetto and off the streets. Stop the damn whiny, slavery BS!!

      • Columbusboy

        Bet she’s a Democrat—Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee.. ENOUGH ALREADY!!

    • Derek Williams

      That only happens *IF* he doesn’t get hurt while playing college ball. Every year he plays college ball, he takes a MASSIVE risk that he may get hurt and he may not get to go pro and make any money.

      • Lee J

        Then he should major in accounting and get a job. Doesn’t pay as much as being a pampered athlete, but you won’t get hurt!

  • Jim Kellely

    Her picture speaks for itself!

    • BoundlessExistence

      Only an idiot like you would think that her appearance has anything to do with her opinion, you are hopelessly stupid, and no, I don’t agree with what she says.

      • Jim Kellely

        Look in the mirror!

    • cathy

      her picture looks like a man! NOT a woman! How’s that Boundless?

  • Medic RN

    Bingo. Well thought out; principled explanation. But not completely accurate. NCAA doesn’t select or provide based upon race but skill level.
    These athletes are all slaves regardless of skin color.

  • Rosco1776

    So don’t play, slaves didn’t have that choice! Friggin’ morons!

  • ROB

    Carry yo boy to another country where they don’t have “slavery”.

  • Clayton

    if this is slavery then give me the skill to play and sign me up

  • ROB

    Am I a slave to the company I work for? I work for a nominal wage and they reap all the big money. Who do I whine to lady?

  • Adrian Cancienne

    Free education,board, and meals wow and that’s slavery get a life lady!

    • Columbusboy


  • Rex Stevenson

    B.S.! The kid got a FULL SCHOLARSHIP (tuition, books, meal card, dorm room, etc.) valued at more than $175,000.00. Ungrateful bastards!

    • Columbusboy


  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    I would say your son-Is getting Paid-Really Good-Are you having to Pay for that College Education-If your not-Mother-I would keep my Mouth-Shut.Slavery-Has been over a Very long-Time-I Bet you weren’t A slave.And the Rules-For not Giving College-Players-Basket-Ball and FOOTBALL ETC.Have been around a Long-Time.Dont like it Drop-Out of College and get a Job.???

  • Doug Sunada

    I have to laugh at this lady of this child of “slavery”, the apple doesn’t fall from the tree does it, here is the bottom line your son got a free ride on just his ability to play a simple street game, and this school is hard enough to get into w/o any scholarships, so lets see how he will benefit from his education that he was supposed to be getting from this slavery camp, ask those that had to pay for the education to go to a school like Duke, its not about money or the skin color what is he gonna do when he puts all of his eggs on a NBA team and nobody hires him…Is he gonna use his education and tools to apply for a job in the field that he took classes for or is or will he be playing the blame game on the NCAA for not providing the right tools for him to succeed in life….. His mom is a product of what used to be and how she was treated and now she continues to feed the fire instead of breaking that mold of slavery, and moving forward and forcing yourself to teach and praise for your child success in life……..

  • DaveNKy

    I agree! And any parent with an NCAA son should immediately withdraw them from college. That’ll teach ’em!

  • Cali Broheim

    The illiterate athelete doesn’t even belong at an institution of higher learning.

    Alabama football player: “Nick Saban, he a good coach”. Hahahahaha. Where is the verb in that sentence? English placement test? Math placement test?

  • raymond

    Typical fucking , ignorant, arrogant Ni**er comment. most blacks are welfare for life people and they create their own slavery……slavery ended 200 yrs ago but these lazy ass people use it to defend their own short commings……

  • tom

    These days college isnt what it is cracked up to be. So in the case of ncaa athletics she is right. The coach, the school and the tv networks make a lot of money. As far as the argument that they get a free college education, they would and can try to, but they mostly they get to play ball and make the school money.

  • Robert Marshall

    As usual a stupid black person throwing out the slavery card. B*t*h get the f**k over it. Cry I don’t care. I am sick and tired of the bs. If you don’t like where your life is…CHANGE IT YOURSELF! Or move the hell out of the USA, go to some other predominately colored country and see how good it really is.

  • Ronald Hagler

    I feel sorry and embarrassed for Wendell Carter for having to endure such a greedy, hateful person as a mother. The average annual tuition to Duke is $72,710, which hardly qualifies as slavery because this was given as part of the “slavery pact” for Carter to play COLLEGE ball at Duke. The racists’ remarks by Kylia Carter are self evident when you consider that all athletes are not black and all administrators are not white. Kylia Carter claims to be a woman of God, but acts just the opposite. I would expect talk of this nature from poverty stricken areas in our large cities, but not from the Carter matriarch. Both parents are educated and have spent Wendell’s lifetime getting him an education: a most admirable attribute that is diminished by her recent remarks. She told reporters (before Wendell entered college) that she and her husband had stressed grades and education to young Wendell, but this dedication was tempered with racist comments about how black men in the U.S. are mistreated. *

    If parents insist on teaching their children to suspect other races as “out-to-get-them” how can they expect their children not to grow up with some type of chip on their shoulder? As for Wendell Carter, please show me where any WHITE person did anything other than help him! As for education, Wendell opted out of his contract with Duke and declared himself for the NBA draft. If he falters in professional basketball, he has no education to land on. It is evident that Wendell is just like his mother: choosing money over all else. Mr. and Mrs. Carter spent nothing for Wendell’s education and still she claims he was a slave to the system. Is she not exhibiting her reverent, unhealthy relation to money? Is she not a slave to her own self-eroding anger at authoritative people?



    • Columbusboy

      Duke should kick his ass out, and thus save itself from being classified as a slave owner! Then that scholarship could then be awarded to someone who APPRECIATES IT!!

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    This woman is a mis and uneducated brainwashed idiot. Also a racist and bigot. Liberals seek and pay for these useful idiots.

    It is politically useful for the left to never let the VICTIM card die and to never let the idea of slavery and racism die. How can ANY educated person support Democrats in any way.

    Look at this woman in disgust for supporting a false agenda.

  • billmc972

    He can always walk his happy ass off the court and out of the school.

  • Muleskinner

    Basketball is a “Profit Center” for most colleges. It is a money maker but the NCAA rules prohibit any player from making any money on their athletic prowess. But “slavery”??? He can walk away from the team, scholarships and chance to develop his skills to professional quality. It is this kind of hyperbolic rhetoric that is drowning out any real debate on race relations. I’m calling a BS Penalty on this one…

  • Sarge

    Loaf of bread under each arm and crying she’s hungry

  • Bruce Walters

    When will blacks realize and accept the fact that slavery was abolished nearly 200 years ago, and stop trying to use it as a reason to blame their failures

    • kbmiller

      Only when the Bleeding Heart Liberals, aka, DumbA$$o CROOKS stop trading welfare for their votes. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  • Darlenemc1952

    So don’t play. It’s simple. Most people play because they love the game now it is all about the buck.

  • Reruho

    He isn’t working for free! He is getting a college education at a school that I could never send my kids too. Besides the education, they include housing.

    He may not get a paycheck, but is not working for free.

    This racism crap is dividing this country.

  • Thaum

    Slavery is defined as INVOLUNTARY servitude. It’s by definition NOT slavery if you volunteer. I don’t think Duke university forced him to attend or to play basketball.
    Trying being an intern….

  • Terry Butts

    Lets get this straight a MOTHER thinks that a VOLUNTARY organization no one is FORCED to join is the same as slavery?

    Slavery is when someone is sold as property to another.

    They have no choice and are forced to work for nothing more than the bare minimal food and care needed to protect the investment of the OWNER.

    The NCAA is a sports association that deals with people who SIGNED on to be ATHLETES in a specific sport they are not treated as property but do have certain rules of conduct they must follow just as in any occupation or society no one forced them join and there is no ownership papers saying they are anyone’s property.

    Frankly the “COMPANY STORE” scam from decades ago where corporations only paid workers in script that could only be used in the companies store where the company controlled the prices was a lot closer to slavery than the NCAA. (since the company controlled how much the worker was “paid” as well as the prices at the only place he could spend the script it guaranteed they could never get out of debt to the company essentially forcing them to work for them without receiving valid money for any debt outside of the company.)

    If her complaint is that collage athletes are not given MILLION DOLLAR contracts like pros then she needs to learn the facts.

    if they paid college athletes they are no longer allowed to be collage athletes under existing laws concerning education.

    In fact did they not have a scandal just a few years back over a collage that GAVE a car to one? Claiming it constituted the same as paying the athlete the price of the car in violation of the RULES/laws concerning school athletics programs. Frankly by that logic even the scholarships granted to athletes would violate them.

  • truthtellertoo

    Gee, if she feels that way, she should emancipate her son from college.

  • DonRS

    Well, if the FOOL and his MOTHER went to college to get an education, he was paid handsomely. But of course she ignores or fails to understand the primary purpose of college. On the other hand, if this kid has enough talent, screw the education and go for the BIG BUCKS in the NBA. Screw the Duke education (about $65,000 per year) AND not have the talent, then you’ve screwed YOURSELVES!

  • DonRS

    Another entitled, dependent black woman that didn’t get her pot of gold!

    • Columbusboy

      I’m thinking she wants HER money NOW, and doesn’t want to wait until her enslaved son makes the big bucks and can buy her stuff!! Talk about being GREEDY!!!

  • 1775concord

    Carter’s mother, you are ungrateful and lack understanding of what was done. May I assume, that since it costs $50,000 or more per year to attend Duke, that you did not pay that tuition and your son received a scholarship. So he received $200,000 to be educated at one of the finest colleges in America. Next, his abilities would have been unlikely for entry to the NBA, with its huge salaries. But, since he went to Duke, he had the basketball education given to him by Coach K, one of the premier coaches of all time in the NCAA.
    He was therefore ore prepared for the next step…a career with many dollars in the NBA…or, if he was still not good nougto at least have theknowledge that he did everything he could to prepare him for this next step.

  • Jack Simpson

    Please, Please, can we please stop this idiocy? I am positive not one slave ever made as much money as this woman’s son did. I am also positive that her son gave her a good percentage of his money made playing a game. She certainly knows how to bite the hand that fed her well.Maybe she should work as a servant to some rich white guy so she can see what slavery almost looked like.

  • John

    The argument that only “white” subjugation of “blacks” is slavery is false. Slavery has been going on for thousands of years, involving people of different races and people of the same race. Therefore her argument is bogus.

  • ahrcshaw

    I guess she thinks he should have been paid for his opportunity to make millions, that is what education is all about. Fortunately Kylia had athletic ability to help him go to a great educational college as well as a leading basketball school to get a student athlete a great opportunity. Kylia could have gone to another school? it was his choice so what is the problem, is he entitled? Yes, it is all about race and slaves his education is meaningless, just like those NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem. By the way I went to College as well on a Football scholarship, maybe the difference is I made sure I got an education to fall back on. Sorry, when Colleges start paying players to play, they I will quit following the sport, and suggest that they fire the players if they do not win, end of athletic students.

  • parthenon1

    Sorry lady but if your son or any ones sons feels a college education has no value then they took nothing of value for a career path atter professional ball if they get that other wise dumb move ! He will make a good dishwasher with a degree in early morning birdwatching !

    • 1775concord

      Obtaining a degree in birdwatching (actually, ornithology) takes intelligence and a lot of effort.

      • parthenon1

        I stand corrected. . . .But I had a friend that went to school with a very well known basket ball star who went on to become a star in the NBA but in college back then every scholarship athlete had to have some sort of job at school to help defray the costs to the school for some reason or another but in any case this young mans job was to make sure the heat and cool in the athletes dorms . . . .it was electric which meant he pushed one switch in Fall and another in Spring.. . . .meanwhile the local Chevy dealer supplied him with a new Corvette to drive while attending school. He eventually went into banking so he must have had some “smarts”, He probably increased tjhe assets of his bank personally !

    • kbmiller

      I’d bet he ends up turdwatching….. cleaning toilets if he doesn’t attend class.

  • randolph.poole

    Gee, is this an “entitlement” mentality or what? Yeah, lady, playing basketball at Duke is slavery at its best…dumb ass!

  • She be lookin fo da money he isn’t getting yet.

  • Glenn Baumann

    Not only did he get the free education, I am sure he also had a “slave” who completed all of his assignments and took all of his tests so he could continue his servitude.

  • kbmiller

    Who else is SICK and TIRED of the whining? Some people are so f’n stupid !!! Didn’t slavery mean that the slaves were forced to work under penalty of physical harm or even death? College athletes trade their services for room, board and the education they are supposed to go to class to acquire. Seems like this mother and many others missed out on their education. Hmmm, wonder why?

    • Columbusboy

      She sounds just like Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Schumer, Lemon, Mathews, Maddow…all woe is me…
      Get real,people!

  • Columbusboy

    Yeah, Duke gave you son an education and you play the race card! You’re racist.

  • Columbusboy

    Some folks are just flat out ignorant, AND flat out dumb! Readers of this article will quickly realize who I talking about.

  • Derek Williams

    College athletes work just as hard as professional athletes, in addition to going to college, which is hard work in itself. College make a KILLING off of merchandise sales, advertising, and other revenue from college athletes, and the athletes (at least the ones who are not there on full scholarships) are not being paid anything, yet are being used as massive cash cows by the colleges (who, by the way, raise tuition every year, putting students in MASSIVE student loan debt). It is about time the athletes are finally taken care of and actually compensated for their hard work and receive a portion of the massive revenue stream THEY produce.

    • kbmiller

      Booo Hoooo if those athletes feel they’re being taken advantage of, why don’t they quit the team? You sniveling libturds are PATHETIC !!!

    • Matt

      How much do you suggest Duke should pay each student athlete? If he gets paid, he certainly would not need a scholarship. How about $110000 per year? After taxes, that is about $72,000 a year. Just enough to pay his own way at Duke! So, he’s going to Duke, playing basketball, getting an education, and most importantly, getting paid! Everyone happy now??

  • Matt

    She is who seems racist. There are white, hispanic, Asian, etc student athletes on scholarships at universities throughout the USA. What about non-scholarship athletes?? Are all of them also “slaves”??At any point he was free to walk away from Duke. If it was that terrible, why didn’t he just leave and go back home to his mother?? I bet that very few of the Duke athletes would be accepted to attend there if they were not athletes. The high $ cost of enrollment at Duke is inconsequential; he would never be accepted! Maybe the real slaves are the regular hard working overachieving students not on athletic scholarship along with their parents who all work extra jobs and go into massive debt in order to attend Duke. Playing basketball is/was his “job” to pay for his education. He knew that when he signed his scholarship contract (yes, he had to sign a contract). He was not only afforded an opportunity for an excellent education, he also received opportunity to display his talents in a forum that has lead to a promising career as a professional player. If it wasn’t for the NCAA and Duke, he would likely be looking at a much dimmer future. What an ungrateful, racist, complaining mother she is! I would hope he would be ashamed of her comments. NBA teams are not looking for players that openly display destructive attitudes or make remarks about how terribly they are being treated. In the eyes of most NBA fans, his value surely just plummeted.

  • scott forman

    This woman is ignorant.

  • jim jones

    You can’t quit slavery, the dude can quit playing basketball, you can’t have it both ways, either he plays with the expectation of turning pro and making sickening amounts of money; or da boy quit!

  • john jones

    what about howard university and all the other black colleges do they hold their blacks in slavery also.

  • Daniel Brofford

    If he would have gotten an education before he went to college he would have known what the rules was before he went. If he did in fact know how can you cry now? Some of you ppl are always wanting something for nothing. You crying is not going to help though because people are really getting sick of this type of nonsense.

  • kbmiller

    What’s nauseating is the never ending attitude of entitlement and victim status these people have. The slaves of today are the working tax paying citizens whose income is forcibly taken by the government, by threat of imprisonment, which is used to support the lazy idling breeders with the fruits of our labor.

  • Daniel Brofford

    She is a idiot. He got a education from a school that he could not have gotten any other way then to play B.B. for them. He was payed to play by recieving his education. Now having said that she probably knows he didn’t learn much because he is to stupid so a education that given to him and the teachers passed him not because he got good grades but because he was good at B.B. will not take him very far in the job market. Oh well he tried.