Netanyahu Sends Message To Palestinians

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested that leaders of Palestine to “abandon the fantasy” of ever gaining control of Jerusalem.

Netanyahu said, “I think President Trump did a very important thing. He not only kept his promise and the promises of successive American presidents, he also recognized a simple reality. You are sitting right now in the government office of the Israeli government in Jerusalem. The prime minister’s office is right here in Jerusalem. The Israeli government, the seat of Israel’s government is in Jerusalem, which is its capital. And it has been the capital of the Jewish people ‘only’ for 3,000 years. I think that’s the key, ultimately to peace. Because a peace that’s based on lies will crash on the rocks of Middle East reality.”

“It’s time to tell Palestinians: abandon your fantasy of destroying Israel, abandon the fantasy that you will conquer Jerusalem, abandon the fantasy that says Israel will disappear. It will not.”

  • Daniel Gray

    Ok stupid, there is no such race as the Palestinians. According to every freaking library in the Middle East their proper name is BEDOUIN!!

    • Daniel I personally enjoy calling them phalusstinkians! because their entire existance is based on motheMADS phalus!

      • Daniel Gray

        cant argue with you there, but if they are going to use the names I wish they would use the correct one.

    • Dr_Zinj

      Actually, they’re Philistines; mixed with a bunch of Arab nomads.

  • Dot

    Netanyahu is absolutely correct. Palestinians will NEVER conquer Jerusalem, as JEHOVAH GOD makes that very clear in his Word, and He does not lie. In fact, God explains what will happen to the enemies of Israel, as nations join with the Palestinians, in order to destroy them from the face of the earth. Going to be a sad and frightening day for the enemies of Jerusalem, as God breathes fire out of his mouth, and destroys them ALL. Read it for yourself people, in God’s Word. Jesus is coming back soon, as this is one of the end-times prophesies in the Bible. Get ready, REPENT, and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, before it is eternally to late for you. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

    • Aline Oary

      I love Israel!

      • EC

        Keep repeating that, God’s listening…

    • EC

      You might be very surprised who God chooses to punish if and when he does so. Somehow, I don’t think it will be nearly as cut and dried as you simple minded followers would like to believe.

  • Al

    Su0pport Israel.

  • NO Israel will NOT go away and Jerusalem will never be owned by the rotting muzslime hoard! In fact Israel will more than triple in their national boundaries in the very near future, and izslime is going to become very subdued.

    • EC

      Are you saying that their population will triple within their boundaries, or that they will triple their occupied land? Your wording is a bit confusing.

      • O K EC yes their land boundaries will more than triple. They will be in full possession of their Biblical boundaries just as God said they would. They will get a lot of Jordan, all the rotten muzslime within their borders will go about quietly or be gone completely. It will seem touch and go for a time but Israel will prevail.

  • Morty Katz

    Am yisroel we will break your bones

  • George Rowe

    One of my favorite organizations is:
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    I am a Christian, Charter, Life Member of JPFO which has numerous award winning
    CDs, DVDs and publications of interest to Liberty and Freedom Loving people.
    Great place to learn historical truth and facts.
    Hope you will check it out and join.

  • jim jones

    What the fuck has Israel ever done for America?

    • Canadave

      Jim Jones …
      You totally miss the point you moron!

      • EC

        He asked a very straightforward question, and yet you can’t answer it, but only respond by telling him he missed the point and then name calling. That’s long been the practice of the left, which only reinforces my theory that the hard left and the hard right are really just two sides of the same ugly coin. Thanks for that…

        • Canadave

          Beyond the fact that Jews have been a bigger blessing to humanity than any other ethnic or racial group and that today technical, scientific including medical advances come out of Israel far beyond Israel’s population that blesses and benefits the world. Israel is a light in the darkness of the Islamic world which could greatly benefit if they would discard their evil, barbaric religious cult. From a Christian/Judaic perspective The Bible and Torah teaches that those who bless the Jews will likewise be blessed. Some will disagree but I firmly believe that Israel has a legal and historical claim for it’s existence but that’s a long rant. The Jews have been persecuted for 2,000 years without any justification and hence it’s time for them to be protected even if they contributed nothing to America which they actually have. Israel is an ally and is the sole representation of western civilization in the Middle East. Is that a straight forward enough answer to a straight forward question? You’re calling me a leftist and you couldn’t be farther from the truth.
          “…my theory that the hard left and the hard right are really just two sides of the same ugly coin” That’s not your theory but it’s accurate. The far right and far left are socialist and top down totalitarian. The principle difference is that the far left, communism, believe in the fantasy that after they have murdered all the opposition they will evolve into a utopia, a society without government, all blissed out staring at the stars saying “far out” in every sentence. Morons like Bernie Sanders actually believe this shit and he almost became The American President. Conservatives are always accused of being right or far right but they are actually in the centre. Today’s Conservatives believe in small government, free enterprise and the primacy of the individual over the collective which is the exact opposite of the right and left.
          Before I forget … EC and Jim Jones This may be a concept that you find difficult to grasp but a good reason to support Israel without a quid pro quo is because … ready for it? IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Did you ever consider that?

    • Dr_Zinj

      Kept Islamic terrorists off our backs for one, by being an easier target than the U.S.