NRA’s Loesch Blames Sheriff Not Guns

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch spoke to NBC news and insisted the attention shouldn’t be on gun control but rather Broward County, FL Sheriff’s Department for its failure to effectively act during the Parkland school shooting.

Loesch stated, “Can we look at what could have prevented this? That firearm didn’t walk itself into the school. An individual who was allowed to go unchecked by the Broward County Sheriff’s office allowed that firearm to go into the school. It’s not the fault nor are 5 million law-abiding Americans culpable for this.”

“I wish that as much attention were given to the Broward County Sheriff and their abdication of duty as trying to blame five million innocent, law-abiding gun owners all across the country.”

  • Joe704

    Murder has existed ever since Cain killed Abel, and the instrument used has just been whatever was most handy. It is a human issue, not a weapon issue. Those persons likely to commit such an act must be identified and closely watched. They cannot be preemptively detained, but they – and only they – should be denied legal access to weapons. Those who use firearms to commit crimes must be quickly and severely punished, without exception. If nothing else, it will prevent repeat offenses.

    The ultimate truth is that we all live in a hostile environment, and each of us is responsible for his/her own safety. You can’t pass the buck to someone else, so accept it and learn how to survive.

  • John Fitzpatrick

    Dereliction of duty and failure to act during a crisis is what we have here.Not a gun question. Let me say this if that sheriff and those who support him and the weak and faulty FBI who serve the highest bidder get our guns the killings will be massive. The silent majority better speak up to uphold the second amendment all you have to do is remember WWII or all the small little nations that have no guns allowed laws. The people die by 100 of thousands. This sheriff need to be put in jail along with the cowards that didn’t override his order to save maybe just one life. NO THIS IS NOT A GUN ISSUE FLORIDIANS MAY WANT TO BLAME US GUN OWNERS BUT THE TRUTH IS YOUR SHERIFF KILLED YOU CHILDREN. BLAME GOES WHERE THE TRUTH IS BLAME THE SHERIFF AND THE FBI