NY Mayor Says Trump Doesn’t Know Business

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently stated on air that he believes President Trump simply a real estate developer and “not really a business person.”

Partial transcript as follows:

BRENNAN: At the DNC in 2016, you called Donald Trump a “risky, reckless and radical choice” and the country you said couldn’t afford to make that mistake.

BLOOMBERG: Did I say that?

BRENNAN: It was a memorable quote. Has he done anything to make you reconsider that? Do you think he’s doing a good job?

BLOOMBERG: I think he, it’s, I would give him an incomplete grade. Some of the things that he’s done, I don’t agree with– the style of changing your mind every day and leaving your staffs out there to make embarrassing things that you don’t back them up. And the turnover in the administration is really dangerous and worrisome and not fair to people. But you know to criticize him doesn’t advance anything.

BRENNAN: His compelling case was that he came from the world of business as you did.

BLOOMBERG: No he didn’t. He was a real estate developer. He was– he didn’t manage large numbers of people. He didn’t run big organizations. He was I gather a reasonably successful real estate developer which is just a different occupation. It’s not really a business person.

BRENNAN: And do you see though I mean you’re drawing a distinction there. Do you see some management issues then? When you say–

BLOOMBERG: Oh I don’t think there’s any question that–

BRENNAN: The hiring, the firing, the tweeting–

BLOOMBERG: Management is not something you– it’s like skiing– you don’t read a book on skiing and then go out and ski double black diamonds. Management is something you learn over a period of time and you have to manage larger and larger groups of people and make more and more difficult decisions and live with those decisions as you go. This president does not have experience in running large organizations or facing a lot of the issues that he has to face and the one time I talked to him after he got elected, my advice was to him was get people regardless of their political persuasion who have expertise in each of these areas that you’re not an expert on and give them authority to go along with responsibility and then let them do it even when there are things that you don’t agree with. And when they make decisions that you don’t necessarily agree with or that don’t turn out to be the right decisions you have to back them up. If you don’t give people the confidence that you’re going to have their backs you’re not going to get good people and you’re not going to keep them.

  • Bernie

    Democrats are really good at blabbering.

  • Stephen Howe

    Is Bloomer a billionaire? Didn’t think so. Trump knows business…and is the right man in the WH.

    • Tuxedo_Plowboy

      Sadly yes he is. 50 billion in fact, and using millions to support all the Democrat/Commies causes.

  • Jmanjo

    Oh come on guys! Bloomberg is a first class billionaire jackass!

  • Maggietish

    And we the people should care what Bloomberg thinks or says because? Bloomberg spends tons of his money in supporting Democrats and every liberal/progressive who is out to destroy America and take away the rights and freedoms of we the people

  • luvsgunsandamerica

    Another liberal that deserves a dirt nap soon

  • Bloomberg is quite clearly an IDIOT! If this man runs for President in 2020, he is in for the biggest embarrassment of his pathetic life!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!!

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    All the Democrats have are their smear campaigns.
    If they couldn’t bash Trump they would be speechless.
    They have no good ideas, solutions, nor any real platform.
    They should be disbanded for their destructive ways.

  • Luke Lugnore

    Bloomberg is a lousy Democrat what do you expect.Someone shut that prick up

  • ROB

    Hey it’s just that it doesn’t take the President long to see a person is not the right fit for the job. If they aren’t they move on. No big deal. It’s life. There are no cushy jobs with him. You are an asset or a liability. If it’s the latter, you’re gone. With obammer he hired worshippers. They crawled around and they stayed. Trump will have productivity or else.

  • Jerry Hughes

    If i were he, I would seek residence out side of the USA and stay there.There are a lot of people in the USA with a lot of money, that are likely to have short life spans

  • rodney hall

    Bumberg is as bad as George Soros! they Both are destroying this country, both spend money trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights. I don’t own a gun,but I don’t these 2 dildo’s trying to stop me from buying a gun if I want one. indict and deport Soros! Bumberg can shove his money up his A#% and keep your mouth shut nobody gives a F#%K what he thinks MAGA!

  • John T Koszalka

    Sour Grapes from another billionaire.

  • rightsright

    Bloomberg, do you want President Donald J.Trump to school you on how to MAGA?

  • bob

    In other words Bloomturd thinks as all liberals do that no matter every success TRUMP has he still isn’t good enough for the far left liberal class

  • Gee, so Trump lacks experience running a large business? I wonder where that puts Obama. I assume the mayor made an even stronger statement about Obama . . . NOT.

  • Francis Kennedy

    ANOTHER Dem throwing ALL of those who VOTED for Trump under the bus. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, doesn’t give a @*#^> about what Bloomberg says. IF what he says is true, what’s that say about the woman AND POLITICAL PARTY that he KICKED TO THE CURB?? Interesting question, how many Millionaire Dems in government (talking about YOU NANCY P.) get that?? Answer: NONE

  • Robert Wilson

    Hillary was right. All you assholes are D-E-P-L-O-R-A-B-L-E.
    Please don’t have children. You are why the condom was invented.

    You are a total disgrace to our great country and to the Party of Lincoln and Reagan.

    Return to your caves(Neanderthals were not human.
    God Bless America- LIVE it or Leave It!

    • Tuxedo_Plowboy

      You’re a sick sick man!!!

  • parthenon1

    Jealousy is embarrasing, Bloomberg, Trump has done more for the small business as well as hiring and growth to all size businesses . . .ANYONE WHO VOTES FOR ANY REASON FOR ANY CANDIDATE BUT A REPUBLICAN FOR HOUSE OR SENATE IS AN IDIOT DOING OTHERWISE COULD MOST LIKELY STOP THE TRUMP GROWTH PLAN.

  • Albedamned!

    Where did this lowlife get “his” money? Can anyone give me the true answer? He was a turd as a mayor and nothing more.

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    It’s the Commies and Globalists that know that Trump is hurting their cause. Yep Bloomberg is one of them.