Hundreds of Muslims Demand Religious Accommodation from Employer – What Happens Next Is Perfect

The Cargill Meat Solutions plant in Fort Morgan, Colorado recently had nearly 200 Muslims walk out on their jobs after their demands for additional privileges and special accommodations for their religious prayers were not met.

Cargill, which in the past had acquiesced to Muslim demands, even providing a separate prayer room for Muslims, apparently had enough. One or two people going on break at a time in order to pray is one thing, but wanting to shut down the entire operation so the Muslims can go pray? Cargill has a business to run. 

After the Hamas-linked CAIR stepped in to pressure the company to submit, Cargill made the decision to let the striking workers go on the basis of a “no call, no show, walk out.”

As Pamela Geller writes,

It works this way: every accommodation gives way to more demands. Everywhere American mores conflict with sharia, it is our mores that must give way.

Muslims impose their work times, their sharia on non-Muslim coworkers, and punish companies that refuse to submit. Litigation jihad is a huge industry, and American companies are being held hostage by Muslim workers.

Meat-packing plants are a favorite target of these Muslim mobs because they employ so many Muslims. Swift has suffered violent protests and lawsuits. The Tyson plant generated national controversy when it dropped Labor Day as a paid holiday in favor of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr. Despite this, Tyson suffered terrorist threats that were written on the bathroom walls, saying “all Americans must die.”

Cargill is a favorite target. Despite accommodating the vast majority of Muslim daily prayer requests in specially created prayer rooms, that is not good enough — Muslims want to shut down the production line.

It is not necessary for a Muslim to pray at a certain time. These actions are merely devices with which to impose Islam on non-believers. Prayer is not required on a strict schedule, and Muslim prayers are commonly “made up” after work or school. This is true even in Muslim countries like Iran.

This is stealth jihad, as Islamic supremacists seek to impose the sharia.

The assault on Cargill is just one of many attempts that Muslims have made to impose their religion on the secular workplace. Recently, Muslims have won several high-profile court cases where employers have been forced to pay out and change the way they do business in order to cater to people who knew what they were signing up for when they applied for work.

For example, the two Muslim truck drivers who sued Budweiser because they didn’t want to deliver beer. They won $240,000 in damages. 

Imane Boudlal, the woman who insisted on wearing her hijab while working at Disney even though it violated their dress code. She refused several offers to let her work in other areas where her hijab wouldn’t be an issue. 

Or the supposedly devout Samantha Elauf who accepted a position at the ‘soft-core porn’ of retailers, Abercrombie & Fitch and then sued them because she wanted to wear her headscarf even though it violated their dress code. She won $20,000. The funny thing about her case was that apparently she never informed anyone at Abercrombie that she wore a headsccarf for religious reasons. Thank goodness some reasonable judge overturned the decision on that basis. 

In these cases and many others, employers willingly make accommodations and then are met with more demands.