Parent Of Parkland Shooting Victim Calls Sheriff A Coward

Andrew Pollack A parent who lost his daughter in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting appeared on “Fox News Sunday,” and called deputy Scot Peterson “a coward.”

Partial transcript as follows:

WALLACE: Andrew, I want to go back — I understand your strong feelings, but isn’t this issue — isn’t this issue of mental health and trying to make sure that sick people don’t have access to guns, isn’t that part of the problem?

POLLACK: OK. But was that — was that a big issue when we were protecting airports? Was that a big issue? I’m not saying it’s not an issue, Chris. But when we were protecting our federal issues, is that a big issue?

We have our children in these classes which is — that’s the issue is OK. That could be worked out. But right now, the country just wants to come together and make our schools safe for our kids.

There is no other issue than our kids going to class and not thinking about some monster is going to stalk (ph) them in the hallway. That’s what we need to focus on, and we could all come together as Americans instead of other issues and those other issues — I agree with you there are other issues there, but the main issue right now is fixing the schools.

WALLACE: So, let’s talk specifically about that, sir. When you say fix the schools — I mean, you’ve compared it to airports. Are you saying school security, ID checks? You tell me what it is that you would like to see.

POLLACK: I think that — I’m not — I’m not an expert in it, but I think we need to hire the experts and check every school individually and make sure they are safe for the children, you know? There’s a serious problem. Like I said, if the new norm has to be our kids are safe in school. This can’t happen again. I can’t let it happen to another kid in another state.

Like right now, Governor Scott, Governor Scott is doing what he had to do, but he also had to go visit the parents of dead kids for two weeks. I’m on right now today because I want to tell every governor in every other state — they need to be proactive right now. They need to get a bill in place what all — and we are going to put all America together and work with these governors to protect our schools.

We can’t have another shooting in this country. I can’t live with it, and I’m — this has — this has to stop with Parkland, and my daughter’s death can’t be in vain. It has to be the last one.

WALLACE: Andrew, what do you think about the teacher issue? And, you know, I know this must be incredibly painful, but now we hear the stories that there were police on the scene and they didn’t go in, at least three sheriff’s deputies were there and didn’t go in. What —

POLLACK: Yes. One deputy that worked there, Peterson. He worked there, and he’s a coward. He was — he stood by the door. I know is a fact he could have made it to the third floor and saved all six victims if he wasn’t some little — I can’t even — words can’t even describe the way I think about him. But I’m not trying to think about that stuff because that’s just negative and it’s just going to make me toxic.

So, I just want to get the word out to the governors of every state that they have to do something now, today. Get together, they can call me, I have other dead parents here, we all want to help them, and let’s make the school safe.

  • Bernie

    Do you think CNN or MSNBC will ever have this father on?

    • AlmostFamus

      No way, CNN is not for Armed Teachers or hiring trained Armed Security, their whole agenda is to Disarm Law Abiding Citizens!!

      • Bernie

        You’re singing to the choir….

      • mustangsallyann

        They sure don’t want to acknowledge and then add the cowardice of the responders to their debate. If this showed us anything more, it’s that we can’t count on LE to keep us safe. Many of us already knew it, but now anti-gun liberals got to see it as well. Taking citizens ability to protect themselves and others in danger is stupid, stupid, stupid!!

  • Monticello Shuttles

    I LOVE his t-shirt

  • Joseph Robbins

    What was the logic behind creating gun free zones? That’s obviously an open invitation. Every day somebody somewhere breaks a law. Some new law will accomplish nothing.

    • ipsd48

      Sen Biden spearheaded the bill’s passage. Why would you expect any logic?

      • roy207a

        Nothing else from hands on feelem up Joe,He cant keep his hands to himself.Biden is responceable for all gun free zones,this puts the blood on his hands.

        • sdgarman

          James Brady’s wife did her part as well. Talking about a poor delusional woman. She took up her campaign rhetoric during the school shootings in the 90’s.

      • Joseph Robbins

        Thanks ipsd48. He would have been one of my first three guesses.

  • Mister Vice

    My condolences to the Pollack family for their unfathomable loss.

  • Bill

    First the mayors in democratic controlled areas must be held accountable if they are telling police to stand down. In California a sanctuary state, like Oregon, the police are instructed to not cooperate with ICE. Democratic strong holds are supporting lawless behavior to create chaos. Drug infestation, both legal and illegal are destroying our country. Moral and Christian values are under attack, we allow open borders and allow immigration from country’s that hate us, refuse to assimilate to American values and culture and demand we give them special prevledges. They are afforded all the benefits at expense of American taxpayers.
    In this most recent shooting both the FBI and sheriffs department were called about the threat Cruz was becoming, yet nothing was done. It is way past the time for authorities to release all information on these mass shooting! I would bet drugs, both legal and illegal play a key role, psychotropic prescription, anti depressants etc, etc. it’s time to come clean and be honest about this problem. Many believe these are false flags to remove guns from American ownership? The connection has merit and may be true.?

  • gene smiith

    This family is hurting and who could blame them.
    Sadly, with all the talk by the Media and Trump haters, the solution will never be reached and agreed on unless cooler and more focused heads prevail….not as is currently going on.

  • DoubleC

    I live close by, no children there but I am Grandmother of student going to a different high school this fall and i’m terrified….everyone needs to pay attention to this man, he’s putting his grief in check to help others, the very definition of a Hero, The sheriff needs to go by any means possible, the governor needs to investigate everything about him, he’s a crook in my opinion, putting federal money before people’s lives is unacceptable.

  • Luke Lugnore

    Fire the sheriff and all who did not help those people and take away there pensions.They do not deserve to live on our dime

  • Jim

    Wow finally some common sense thinking. Do you want your kids to go to school where there are guns to protect them or do you want them dead?

  • Rick W

    My heart goes out to all the families for there losses. He is absolutely correct , our schools need to be protected from unstable fanatics. The children don’t have the option or the means to protect themselves.

  • Joey

    The fact that so many red flags were supposedly missed by all the law enforcement involved honestly leads me to wonder if these children were the most recent acceptable sacrifice in a political partisan action to be able to strip law abiding Americans from their guns? We know for a certainty that the top officials in the FBI had been politicalized or were already liberals anyway. They totally blew off the the criminal activity of the hildebeast and the emails. They immediately went after our President for the clussion that they committed themselves on several issues. There are zero excuses for the derilect of duty that The Broward County sheriffs committed. It’s obvious that Scott Israel has or at this point had political ambitions as a liberal.
    So now I wonder… if “if’s and but’s are like candy and nuts) then maybe I am right? And OJ Simpson has nothing to do with any of this!!!

  • lordhoff

    Do as Israel does; armed parents protecting the kids. Who could be more motivated?

  • metheoldsarge

    Every day brings more and more unanswered questions. The bureaucrats and the heads of the Law Enforcement Agencies have a lot of explaining to do.

    When ever there is a shooting you can be sure of one thing. Liberal Politicians will be falling all over themselves to get in front of a TV Camera to start demanding more gun control. It almost seems that our liberal politicians would rather use tragic shooting incidents to further their own gun grabbing agendas. Makes me wonder if victims of shootings are nothing more than political pawns to them.

    The way the attention has been put on Israel I am beginning to suspect the other agencies are feeding fuel to that fire in order to take attention from them. I wonder if he will be used as a scapegoat. A lot of people are calling for his badge. There is a lot more blame to go around. The bureaucrats and the heads of the Law Enforcement Agencies also have a lot of explaining to do. They all have the blood of those kids on their hands. This could have been prevented if all these people had done their jobs instead of worrying about political correctness.