Parkland Student Say’s Trump Avoiding Us

CNN’s “The Lead,” host Jake Tapper recently questioned a survivor of the Parkland school shooting, Sofie Whitney. He asked what her personal message to the president was.

Whitney replied saying the president is “avoiding us.”

Whitney stated, “President Trump, I think that it’s really important that you listen to us, because we are your constituents, you are working for us. And kids are dead. And you’re avoiding us. I’d really like to talk to you.”

  • Stephen Howe

    Er…it’s not Trump’s fault that your police hid outside. And Trump DID listen. Where were you, kiddo?

  • Betty Sakai

    CNN needs to do some housecleaning and send the remaining workers to get their ears and eyes checked. More than any President except Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump is listening and doing the job for the people.

  • Jeff Ridgley

    He just had a bunch of the survivors and their parents at the White House last week . So how is that avoiding you ?

  • Keith

    Who had the first meeting in his office? The issue here is the shooter, his Doctors, The Sheriff’s Dept and the FBI. They all failed. The Government totally failed to protect anybody involved yet we are supposed to turn in our guns so they can protect us? I think not. Not Now, Not Ever. CNN is only interested in making money off of this story. CNN is Very Fake News.

    • Keith, why are ya using that tired ol’ argument that the government is after your guns…they’re not…but assault weapons made specifically for battlegrounds to kill, injure and maim humans in the least amount of time a maximum amount of folks do not have a place in the public period.

      Your hunting rifles are safe, your pistols for defense are safe, you have that right to bear arms, but some idiot drooling over an assault weapon in the same neighborhood our children play in and go to school in might be a tad concerned, if America indeed comes to its senses…

      • Rick

        You couldn’t more blind can you Texancoach. The stated goal of every gun control group in existence is the total removal of firearms from the US population and removing the Second Amendment from the bill of rights

        • What are ya afraid of Ricky…no one will ever take your hunting rifles and pistols…what ya ought to be fearful of is that they are definitely gunning up to take away your social security and Medicare…

          • Rick

            Don’t call me Ricky, Only my Grandmother had that right She also was pretty intelligent which is something I cant say about you. Perhaps you might want to upgrade your reading and comprehension skills then reread my post particularly the 2nd sentence Its a real simple sentence to understand and I’ll bet even you can understand it if you read it enough times

          • Ok, Rick…I reread your second sentence and oh yeah, it’s understood for the second time that it’s bunk…the only ones who state that are gun nuts…you got that notion from gun advocacy groups and cannot give any evidence of a legit gun control organization that advocates the abolishment of all guns.

      • GomeznSA

        “assault weapons” – that term does NOT mean what you ‘think’ it means – after all there is no specific definition and it was ‘invented’ by one of the original hoplophobes.
        Now if you want to talk about “assault rifles” – that is a whole different issue as that term DOES have a definition. And those are heavily regulated since NFA ’34, which is before “assault rifles” were even invented.
        BTW, the government ‘may’ not be after our guns, but people within it certainly are: diefie in 1991: Mr. & Mrs. American turn them all in. Period.

        • Jimbo Velasquez

          He probably thinks the AR in AR-15 means “Assault Rifle”, let him look it up!

        • So Gomez…a gun that was made strictly for the battlefield to kill or maim a maximum amount of humans in the minimum amount of time…what do you call it…

          • Mr. Manfredgensenden

            I don’t know about Gomez, but I call it an AK-47…which is a fully automatic ‘machine gun’…which the public can’t purchase. ‘AR’ is ‘Armalite’, the company that makes the AR15…which is a ‘simi-automatic’ classified as a ‘varmint rifle’.

      • Keith

        The Second Amendment has absolutely NOTHING to do with hinting. It’s in the Constitution in case the American Public, us Deplorables ever have to rise up against a tyrannical Government and start shooting Politicians. Tired argument??? Did you ever attend an American school? Did you learn anything?

      • ZoocS

        Assault weapons made for the battleground? You can’t be talking about the AR-15. They don’t use AR-15s on the battleground. Just because the AR-15 looks like a mean and hateful weapon doesn’t make it an assault rifle. It may have been designed after weapons used in the military, but does not operate anywhere near like them. Get educated from something other than CNN before you spout off the typical talking points.

      • allen blaine

        Texancoach, and where did you get the idea that the AR is an assault weapon? You have been lied to by the media. An AR is NOT an assault weapon. In most states an AR is not allowed for hunting because the rounds are too small for large game take downs. The AR is the initials of the manufacturer, Armalite Rifle. All guns can kill. And yes, the media has an agenda and is using these kids to push that agenda. I would really like to know who gave you the idea that these are military weapons.

        • Say Allen, I see ya know a bit about AR-15 history. You’re right, it was first made by ArmaLite and was designated the ArmaLite Rifle-15, or AR-15 back in the late 50’s. But don’t just stop there…it was made for the sole intention of being a lightweight assault rifle intended strictly for military use in the battlefields and that is what gives me the idea. They later sold it to Colt, but what’s your point…that it is OK to have it in our neighborhoods?

          • Mr. Manfredgensenden

            Yes…with a picture of it on your front door. You will not be robbed or ‘assaulted’.

      • Mary Reynolds

        And when the next incident occurs and its with a hunting rifle or a handgun what kind of uproar will happen then? No, taking the assault rifle is just the first step. The liberals want all our guns gone so they can take control of this country. Wise up.

        • Wyatt

          Actually I am waiting for the next incident to occur using a baseball bat . They will be screaming to have them banned next . Or maybe when someone goes berserk and beats someone to death with a ping pong paddle . The libs and leftists will be screaming to ban them .
          Want something controlled ? Control Democrats ! All the past and recent shooters have been registered Democrats . Anyone doubting can look it up .

          • Ya know Wyatt, with your cute smirkish remarks, you might get a few pats on the back here at this site with the same mindsets, but anyone with a reasoned mind is not going to listen to ya. 17 kids were just killed…murdered and you’re clowning around about bats, but I can guarantee ya some nut wielding a bat as opposed to an assault weapon is going to cause much less damage than the assault firearm would and the nut would go down much quicker…

          • Keith

            The Nut only goes down if there are armed people to take him down. Pretty much all of us Deplorables.

      • Mary

        Could be because gun owners know that it starts with the banning of ONE gun. THEN they find a reason to go after another kind. THEN another. Do I need to go any further?

      • Chester Fenger

        And you’re an idiot

        • Keith

          Note how they react when they know you are right.

          • What are ya talking about Keith…Chester, only spewed out a slur, nothing concrete, no substance…that’s the reaction when your backed in a corner with no facts to fire back with and not when he’s right…just frothing of the mouth is his reaction…

        • Mary Reynolds

          Are you looking in the mirror???

      • Wyatt

        By assault weapon do you mean because of its appearance ? The ‘AR’ in its name stands for Armalite Rifle not Assault Rifle . That company also manufactured the AR 1 . A take down arm that stows all parts in its floating butstock . Its called a survival rifle and fires a .22 caliber round . .22 long rifle if I recall correctly .

      • Mary Reynolds

        So I am guessing that you feel taking the AR-15 is where gun control will stop?Well guess again. That is the first step. None of our guns will be safe and soon the only ones having a firearm will be the government and the gangs.

      • Mr. Manfredgensenden

        Except that NO simi-automatic rifle or handgun sold to the public IS an ‘assault’ weapon. Even the ‘scary looking’ AR15 is too weak and the bullet is too light to even be considered for military use. So the Libs can give up on the (driven in the ground and broken off) diatribe about banning ‘assault rifles’ because they don’t exist for sale to the public.

    • Maggiemae

      I totally stopped watching the Commie News Network. CNN couldn’t give a rats ass about ‘people’ unless they can make ‘something’ for themselves. The Commies will always try to use an ‘event’ like this shooting for propoganda. Hitler would be proud.

  • Donald Hufford

    Ask why she is not crying about the sheriff’s department the could have stopped it and did nothing. How did the gun free zone work for you and your fellow students?

    • Jay Hanig

      If there’s anybody ducking anything, it’s the Coward County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Greg Zonker

    This is CNN–the major fake news station who scripts the people they talk to and if they say anything positive about GREAT president they do not air it. Hie listens more then any other president ever did

  • omega2


  • Skygye

    Trump talked to your group at the White House!! CNN lies and sucks!!!

  • Charles Lagioia


  • Rodney

    I have read at least for stories of a deal made between, first Miami Dade county school board, then Broward country school board with local police and sheriff’s office to go easy on juvenile crime for reasons of garnering more tax dollars. The higher the juvenile crime rate, the less tax dollars they get. The bumbling FBI carries a good deal of blame as well.

    • glock 19 fan

      Yes, the Federal Bureau of Incompetence makes the Keystone Kops look like Scotland Yard by comparison. In fact, the Three Stooges could have done a better job.

      • Rodney

        While the media has everyone attacking the NRA and guns in general, the collusion between the school district and law enforcement is swept under the carpet. It will happen again and will go to feed the anti 2nd amendment fascists.

  • robbpa

    How silly. Trump has gone out of his way to contact the students.

  • Bishop351

    Stands for “Crap, Not News”

    • glock 19 fan

      I think that “Commie” is more accurate; I quit watching it 20-some-odd years ago.

  • Mark Roberts

    CNN needs Their broadcasting license yanked. There hasn’t been one truthful word come from them in 20 years.

  • stephen kaminski

    Why are they blaming TRUMP they should blame the f.b.i. and the sheriffs dept more.

  • SanDiegoSteve

    Take a hike, kid. People need to stop blaming Trump for everything. It is really getting nauseating.

  • El Razorillo

    You are not his constituents! You are a mis-educated political pawn!!! The Democrat Bureacrats created this problem so they can expand government control of the honest law abiding citizens!! The AR-15 is just another weapon to protect U.S. citizens from the Liberal Politicians. It’s time We the People start using them against ANY Politician that so much as suggest they ban them!!!!!!!!!

  • Charles TheHammer Martel

    We know both, brave good cops & the unfortunate growing number of bad cops, BOTH would have ran in that school to fight the bad guy. Even if for 2 different reasons, one being brave, the other being a trigger happy cop.

    We also know the FBI is diligent, and 99.9% of the time, doesn’t make mistakes.
    I read about an artist, a photographer who takes scenic pics of both Urban & rural scenes, that took pictures once, that included either a federal building or airport, I forget which. The point is, before that day ended, the FBI knew who he was, where he lived, and paid him a visit to politely question him.

    Yet we’re to believe they just happened to miss this? If it didn’t further the Elite’s #1 agenda, disarmament through laws repeatedly chipping away at the 2nd Amendment, then sure I might buy it. But if they stood down an let it happen, the end result would be a mourning nation divided, and closer to pushing for gun bans.

    Reminds me of Virgina when that girl got ran over.
    Every Cop I’ve ever known, loves patrolling the night club districts at 2am when all bars empty, because of the fights. The cops love running into the fight to get some themselves, idc what anyone says, I’ve seen it. They’re a little too zealous in those attempts to break up fights.

    I also know as a general rule, the far right racists hate the Alt right, saying they’re not conservative enough because they don’t embrace the far right’s hate.

    So when the KKK suddenly show up to stand next to the Alt right in Virginia, when they were fighting Antifa, I knew it was suspicious.
    Then when cops were ordered to herd the 3 opposing sides together, I knew something bad was happening.

    Then when the cops stood by laughing as the 3 sides fought, instead of running in to get some swings in, I wasnt surprised in the least, when they also stood down and let the mystery driver get away after running over a girl, and PERFECTLY missing an Obama era State Dept agent with a convenient job background for just such events, as he stood in the best spot possible, for all the juicy photographs of a girl getting blame on Trump.

    What did surprise me, is I thought the cops CHOSE to obey the order to stand down, but now it looks as if they had no choice, if they wanted to remain safe. The 2 State cops that obviously didn’t get the memo to stand down and let the murderer driver get away, that ended up giving chase in their helicopter, just happen to crash and die.

    With the actual racist far right’s hate of the Alt Right, calling them Alt lite for their moderate stance, and tolerance of groups the racist far right hate, many believe the so-called “KKK” there that day, given the way they were dressed, and had mmilitary-style coordination, that those guys were well paid mercenaries, like Donald Rumsfield’s own private army, the “private Military contractors”.

    If anyone in this country, besides active military, and law enforcement, has any experience with 50 caliber sniper rifles, it’s them, the private contractors. A low flying, civilian style/non armored helicopter like police use, would be no match for an armor piercing, incendiary, 50 caliber round, fired from a Barrett sniper rifle with a high power scope, especially one with a high tech, electronic scope that does the weather & wind configuring for the shooter.

    Why would they do that? They want to connect Trump to bad ppl, to try shaming people from supporting him.

    The only problem is many of us know the MSM is full of shit, so we went to hear Trump ourselves, and know he doesn’t support the KKK or any other hate group

  • Ken Osborn

    Everyone at CNN needs an ass kicking for lyin’!

  • Joseph Morgan

    CNN needs to be banned from any interviews. It has been shown that script all interviews so that they can get
    their slant and not the TRUTH. CNN should be shut down but it will not be done because it is totally LEFT and
    demo-rat controlled. Money is their only concern not TRUTHFUL REPORTING!

  • Ed Orr

    All of you school kids need look no further than YOURSELVES for who really has blood on their hands. It is YOU, not anyone or anything else. It was directly because of your own bullying , harassment ,and ridiculing the shooter student who are responsible for the incident. Any YOU want to point the fingers at everything and everyone else. GROW up and take responsibility for YOUR actions. AND shut your misguided pie holes until the time ever comes where you see the light of your hypocrisy.

  • Mister Vice

    Our POTUS is in office to represent ALL Americans, not just high schoolers who don’t vote (therefore you are not constituents) and still have more to learn before being unleashed upon the public. I don’t think it would be productive for the POTUS to try to have a town hall meeting with EVERYONE anyway. It’s not efficient and that is why we have local representatives and senators to carry our wishes to the capitol. Apparently CNN has nothing better to do than help youngsters grouse about non-issues.

  • Mary Reynolds

    The time has come for the truth to come out. Seems to me that the shooter, the FBI, the school itself, and the Broward County Sheriff’s Department are all to blame for this tragedy. But here we are again blaming the NRA and the gun. The gun did not walk itself in and start shooting the shooter did that. But wait, we have these misguided school children telling us how to solve the problem when they couldn’t be bothered to report his threats. Seems like they share the blame too. Perhaps they even bullied the shooter who knows. My point is just that it’s unreasonable to blame the gun or the NRA. As for boycotting the NRA, the organization has a large number of members who can do some boycotting of their own. It’s time for us to stop letting these socialists run over us.

  • Jmanjo

    Tapper is a SOB and he disrespects our president more than anyone. CNN should just fail so we can stop having to hear how rotten they are.

  • Mary

    I wonder if these crazy people don’t realize that the president met with students and listened INTENTLY to what they had to say?

  • gene smiith

    Miss Sofie is mistaken.

  • Martin Dyer

    Actually, until they get to vote, they are not his constituents, their parents are.

  • Berengaria

    President Trump has Listened to the Representatives of the Students, gathered at the WH! Perhaps, Sofie should first confront her Fellow-Democrat, the Broward County Sheriff. It appears that the Sheriff has a lot of explaining to do, not only to Sofie, but all the other students, whose lives were placed in danger, on St. Valentine’s Day!

  • William Brown

    We are finding out that the school district where this took place was losing funding because of the hi arrest rate, crime rate, etc. so they pushed the police to not arrest anyone unless it is a felony. Officers were asked to stand down and not arrest people that should be arrested because it will help the district get back their funding. Those who break the law found that they could get away with it and not be charged when in actuality the crime rate spiraled.

  • Rick W

    Another weak minded individual. If I’m not mistaken he had a open meeting with students and parents from that school at the White House . I’m not sure how she came up with that conclusion. CNN induced no doubt. Anything to stir up trouble. They need to pull all the FCC licenses from the company’s that cover and report news that is not factual. Report in responsible and professional manner or dont report at all. Jerry springer wasn’t as bad as some of the news channels are now .

  • Doris Will

    I am 76 years old. I have seen too many of these horrible acts perpetrated. Young people do not have the advantage of seeing and remembering how they were handled by previous Presidents. I remember, and I am amazed at how much President Trump has accomplished in such a short period of time. Negotiations with the NRA, open meetings with parents of the slain students, Presidential Order to make Bump Stocks illegal, Open Meetings with State Governors, meetings with local law enforcement, FBI, ATF, All of these Meetings with all of these City, State and Federal Departments is a huge endeavor plus parents of the victims in 12 days. Until now Past Presidents have expressed their sympathy, our hearts are with you and our prayers are for you, Blame Guns, Blame the NRA. Months go by nothing gets done. Our Governor Scott has already formulated plans for our Schools, has found funding for them. Every plan is on the table. To me, Having armed defenders IN the schools, is the best solution. There are good people and evil people. Guns are objects, the right person holding the gun is what evens the situation, and saves lives. What we need to do is have Institutions for the Mentally iLL, where they can be cared for, and the public is protected. We used to have those institutions before Jimmy Carter closed them, I have no idea why, but I don’t remember any of these mass killings when we had them. God Bless President Trump and God Bless America, and our children.

  • To be an assault rifle it MUST has select fire abilities. This means a switch that allows full automatic fire. Trick triggers and bump stocks don’t make it so.

  • Wyatt

    Avoiding ? He has met with survivors of the horrible shooting . Perhaps you were not one of those chosen to meet with him Sophie but President Trump has met with students from the school . Or maybe he has not said what ‘YOU’ wish to hear or you are playing to the Communist News Network people to further their script and agenda . But if you have a gripe , gripe to the Sheriff and officers who hid behind their cars instead of engaging the shooter . Gripe at the Sheriff who had them stand down because they had no body cams .
    The sheriff says he gave them a badge , a gun and training . Then he says it is not his responsibility . Bitch about him as he is passing the buck in clear liberal fashion .