Pelosi Accuses Republicans Of Internal Cover-Up

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) joined CNN Monday night and spoke on the recent decision to release a confidential memo which exposed FBI bias.

Pelosi called Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) a “stooge of the White House” and even went as far to say that this is part of a Republican “cover-up.”

Pelosi stated, “I’m very proud of Adam Schiff and our House Democrats for protecting the integrity of the intelligence community. This is a very big honor that the leader gives to the ranking member, that the speaker gives to the chairman, to be deputized, to protect the intelligence. Intelligence for force protection of our troops, for fighting terrorism and the rest of that. Instead, Chairman Nunes has acted like a stooge with the speaker.”

“A stooge of the White House, at the acquiescence, or maybe the guidance, of the Speaker of the House. This is not about one thing or another. This is about the integrity and the safety of our national security.”

“They have crossed from dangerously and recklessly dealing with intelligence to a cover-up of an investigation that they don’t want the American people to see come to fruition, and that is most unfortunate. Now, I have probably longer standing than anybody in the history of the Congress on intelligence. I’ve served there as a member. I was a ranking member in my time there, and then in the leadership as a member of the Gang of Eight. So I’ve had access to all of the intelligence, which Mr. Nunes could have access to, but has not.”

“I’ve seen it. I’ve seen not only the memo and the basis for the memo, but the underlying documents. What they’re putting forth is totally false. And they’re putting it out there as if it is factual and then saying, we’re going to show this to the American people, but we’re not going to show the rebuttal to it by the Democrats. Now, the Democrats have said rightfully. We shouldn’t be putting anything out unless it has been reviewed and redacted by intelligence.”

  • bc

    Polosie is the longest standing member of congress with the most lack of intelligence !! LOL !

  • Bishop351

    Thanks to CNN for finally verifying they have zero validity….all they needed was Pelosi!

    • Christiann

      CNN must lose their broadcast license!

  • Bernie

    I don’t ever want these people to stop taking.
    They make fools of themselves without any help!!

  • ardvietvet

    Pelosi should look in a mirror and say…..I am a WINGNUT !!!!

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      If she were to look, she’d break it.

      • Popetal


  • J. P. Lynch

    Nancy Pelosi has had a lobotomy and no one told her!! She’s an idiot and a liar.
    She is one of the most corrupt democrats in Washington too!!

    • Bucks County Dudebear

      Somebody needs to take Nancy ” out back – like behind the woodshed ” and put her out of her misery and relieve her suffering – she is beyond ” illogically – inconsistently – incomprehensibly – irrefutably detached from reality ” – there is absolutely no hope for her return to anything close to normal – sane behavior.

      • E Scott Hollingsworth

        I think that she should be put out of our misery and suffering.

        • Bucks County Dudebear

          Absolutely – putting Nancy out of ” HER ” misery will will remove her from our misery and suffering completely as well !

        • don lavrich

          too bad her mother didn’t abort her!

      • J. P. Lynch

        Great idea !! If only…….

        • Bucks County Dudebear

          Great idea !! If only – it were possible to really ……… ! I think it is possible for the voters who put Nancy where she is today – to rethink and reevaluate their support for her !

          • J. P. Lynch

            She’s from California. Her voting base is completely brain washed by liberal
            schools and colleges or too much marijuana!! She should retire before her dementia gets too obvious!!

          • Bucks County Dudebear

            I did hear that she is quite wealthy – in her late 70’s – represents a district in San Francisco – so that does substantiate her brain washed liberal air head support !

          • J. P. Lynch

            And her husband owned a winery and/or canneries and did quite well. He was investigated in the past for hiring illegals (?). Isn’t that typical of hypocritical
            progressives !! Put a fork in her, she’s done !🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

          • Bucks County Dudebear

            Yes – absolutely ! Being an Air Force vet – I stand / salute the the flag !

          • J. P. Lynch

            Thank you for your service ! Yes , standing for the flag is what Americans have done for over 200 years. Progressives are not Americans in any sense of the word. Progressive is the code word for communism. Just ask Soros!
            God bless America! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

          • Bucks County Dudebear

            Thank you for your recognition. I was proud to serve – actually, I went into Air Force the next day after graduating high school – I had no idea what I was going to do with my life and needed direction to give me focus – a friend was joining – we went off to basic training together – the education was great – they turned me into a Medic – I never went to Viet Nam – wound up working in military hospitals around the country – saw – treated – helped many GI’s coming home missing limbs – life-changing injuries – eventually worked in private hospitals / medical centers / prison system – medical research – retired from a developmental center for mentally handicapped after about 50 years in medical system. It hurts me terribly to see disrespect of our flag / anthem – I saw – knew personally, so many guys who gave so much of themselves to help their buddies – to “preserve – protect – defend” our freedoms / way of life. It was literally “pounded” into our heads every day – “We will never – ever leave you behind” – when those brave Americans were left behind in Benghazi – fighting for their lives on that embassy rooftop, I know the very last thought on their minds was ” Help must be coming – they will not leave us behind ” as they died, giving their last breath. I truly believe “Bozo Obama & Hillary Clinton are responsible for their deaths just 7 weeks before a presidential election that he would not have won if the details of what happened at Benghazi had been reported by the corrupt media in this country. I get emotional – tears running down my face right now – every time I think about them fighting for their lives on that rooftop. Kneeling athletes making million dollar salaries have no idea who or what has been sacrificed and lost – how many hopes and dreams have been dashed – children growing up without parents – so that we can be here – today – now.

          • J. P. Lynch

            Bucks- what a great career you had! Very admirable and passionate career.
            You and your family must be so proud of your service. It’s men like you that make our armed forces great! My brother was drafted and served in Vietnam Nam. He started a charity for veterans and does quite a lot too. I agree with you about Benghazi – what a cover up that was. It’s criminal and Hillary and Barack should pay the price for treason, along with John Kerry. Benghazi was an insult to our entire military. Words cannot express the outrage over Benghazi and the fact the democrats tried to hide it ! It’s great Pres Trump respects our military and has Mad dog Mattis running the DOD and has Rex Tillerson at the state dept and marine John Kelly as chief of staff!! It’s a strong group and I know they have Trump’s back and every member of our military. This respect was certainly lacking for 8 years under Obama. Thank you for sharing your story.
            I enjoyed it. MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

          • Bucks County Dudebear

            Thank you J.P. – It always is a good feeling to be acknowledged / recognized – of course that was the short version – their are many gory / disgusting details that I do not like to think or talk about – we have to take and learn to deal with the good and the bad – at the time – while it is happening – you have to pay attention – deal with the “here and now” – it does not feel like what you are doing will amount to anything worth remembering or wanting to talk about. You and I certainly seem to be on same frequency – have much in common – lots to talk about. Liberal media – Democrats progressives – many on left have been “spoiled crazy delusional” so much to extreme by Obama and his extreme communistic socialism , they are unable to accept – handle – deal with any rational – reasonable – sensible solutions. I am here in Bucks County in Southeastern Pa. north of Phila. – I wish we could get together in person – sit down over coffee or a drink. Thanks for listening !

          • J. P. Lynch

            You are welcome. Give me your email address. We can continue on email if you want?? Have a lovely evening !🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

          • Bucks County Dudebear

            My E-mail – [email protected] ! ususususus

  • Guy Jewett

    Nancy , Adam is the one who didnt want it released, now you is covering up what!!! Your all crooks and should be in jail with Hillary or maybe the zoo or circus.

  • jackcandobutwont

    pelosi is insane….she still thinks the POTUs is bush not Trump!!

    pelosi is proof that toooo much alcohol and botox are not good for the few and remaining brains cells still working!

    • survivor33

      I really don’t think Pigoski has any brain cells left. She used them all up about 9 yrs ago at least.

  • Mary Locke

    This woman doesn’t even know who the President is she keeps calling him Bush. She is not fit to hold this office and if you really look at those who only has worked in government most of their lives. They have no knowledge and very little common sense about the real American people and worker. They only know how to lie, cheat and rob the American Taxpayer. The main stream media is not much better. YOU CAN THINK GEORGE SOROS AND HIS FRIENDS POURING MILLIONS OF DOLLA RS INTO ALL OF THEIR POCKETS.. PLUS PAYING ANTI-FA AND OTHER GROUPS TO KEEP PROTESTS AND VIOLENCE GOING.

    • J. P. Lynch

      Exactly! Soros should be arrested for treason and shot!! Nancy Pelosi is a perfect example of why we need term limits for the house and the senate!

  • gtm615

    Here we go again. The typical left wing finger pointing. They, in accordance with the Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, accuse the opponent of what they themselves are doing to direct attention away. Let’s see, they accused Trump of colluding with Russia, have demonstrated Zero evidence after more than a year, while evidence is piling sky high of the DNC and Hillary being the ones colluding.with Russia. Now Nancy Pollution is accusing Republicans of “cover-up” while they themselves are steeped in one of the greatest cover-ups and violations by abuse of power ever found in American history.

    • J. P. Lynch

      Agree 100%. Nancy Pollution is a good name for her!!

  • YesMan

    What a nasty women she & illery are I believe came out of the same loonie bird egg, too bad they weren’t scrambled and served at the democRATS non-prayer breakfast.

    • Christiann

      Not nasty just totally stinky road kill!

  • DaveyJ

    Nancy Pelosi is such a creep that she seems to want to start CivilWar 2.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Nan, you slipped up when you mentioned the underlying documents.
    The underlying documents are the ones that Judicial Watch had to sue the
    government to get, under the FOIA. They are the watchdogs for the American
    people. If the information contained in the documents is false, then why did
    Judicial Watch have to sue to get them? Also, why did it take so long for them
    to be released? Please explain why official government documents would contain
    false information. Why should the information be redacted?

    • J. P. Lynch

      Exactly !!

  • Christiann

    The liberal communist demoncrats accuse others for what they are actually doing!

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      Yeah. That’s their normal approach to everything they do. Nothing changes with them.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    One point and one point only. The DNC never let the CIA or the FBI see their computers in order to determine if indeed a foreign power had gotten hacked them. So if anybody is not releasing internal info, it is the DNC and Ms. Pelosi if she really cared would see to it that they were checked. Ain’t going to happen.

  • big KAhuna

    Remember this woman is the same person who spearheaded the worst/most costly healthcare program —Obamacare ( big disaster). Aside from being a Socialist ( anti American) she has no credibility-
    Definitely one of the biggest jokes in DC slightly above MadMaxine Waters.Her selection to office was solely because she was a female – not her lack of brains.

  • ROB

    Anytime a progressive accuses the other party of wrongdoing remember this. They accuse those of the very things they are guilty of themselves. ala Russia collusion. Who colluded with Russia. hillary clinton and the progressives.

  • mrp15

    She is second only to HRC as a corrupt politician. Both of them have enriched themselves at taxpayer expense and other illegal gains. We got rid of Hillary; now it’s time for Nancy to go.

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      Waters has also been labeled, corrupt. All 3 need to be poster child’s for a 21 gun salute with all guns fully loaded and all pointing at them.

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    Pelosi-The American-People know it’s The Democrates that have been Lieing and Covering-Up Things for Yrs.Dont you think it’s time you Retire-You don’t even Relate to the American people-You’re living in your Own Fairy tale-World.

  • Estell Newton

    Pelosi needs to crawl back in her hole and stay there.

  • Doris Will

    Do the voters realize that the people they elect to office represent them. They are sent to Washington to do the Peoples Business. We do not pay them to stand Before Their respective legislative bodies to talk about Doggie do do and crumbs. If they had been doing our business, we should have received larger salaries and smaller taxes eight years ago. While they were living Lives of the Rich and Famous on our largess, they made sure none of those PERKS trickled down to us. Does that remind you of a Fat Nut Case in North Korea? Health Insurance: The People have to take Obamacare, not the legislators, Pension Social Security for us. Full salary for them. Government Shut Down, no pay for Military, full pay for Government Officials. That is what Nancy Pelosi meant with her Doggie Do Do Sundae? It’s the same recipe she’s been using for years.

  • Somebody kill Pelosi please.

  • Suzu M

    Wait…what? Pelosi: “I have probably longer standing than anybody in the history of the Congress on intelligence. ” Good to know, in case any other investigations are needed.

  • gideonrockwell

    Crazy Eyes Pelosi may have a little bit of a lead on Psycho Maxine Waters for Mayor of Crazy town. The on;y covering up going on in D.C. the last few years has been between Obama-Clinton Crime Cartel moles in the DOJ , the Clintons, the Obamas, and high level Democrats. Pelosi wasn’t exactly stable before Nov. 2016 and since Trump won she has gone full throttle moonbat as has most of the older high level Dems.

  • Kirk Kahler

    what is so funny is it is democrats that are doing all of the cover ups ! just look at the hush fund that was found ! look at the Clinton email ! look at how many of them have ties to Russian banking ! from what I have been seeing in the last year is just what liars they are ! pimps of fake news ! what race baiters they are and how fast they use the race card ! how they support terror/hate groups ANTIFA and BLM and worst openly support there violence ! at how they hate Americans but love the illegals ! how they have made war on free speech, life, history, police, white men, and faith ! what they have been and still are doing to the black and Hispanic voters is just sick ! they preach doom and gloom but we see that trump has been good to us so far and if they ever get over there hate and start doing there job of protecting us ! making our lifes better ! helping to bring back our jobs ! end there old school corruption ! stop with the lies ! I don’t see them getting any seats back and I hope they don’t get any cuz they are not good for America at all !!

  • Robert Dimmock

    We are supposed to listen to the woman who called Trump, President Bush either 4 or 5 times . Does she even know who,where, or wht day it is halfof the time. It’s time for her to go!

  • Ken

    Pathetic to call someone a liar and offer no proof or no correct information. They have not disputed anything in the memo. I sure they will in ‘their’ memo but Democrats don’t exactly have a reputation for telling the truth about anything. As a matter of fact their whole existence is based on lies to people gullible enough to believe them! Just as they lied in a dossier they made up and/or paid for and then lying about that to gain a FISA warrant to surveil a Trump campaign official, and then using that lie to get a special prosecutor appointed to investigate another lie about Russia and Trump collusion. All lies, through and through. And it has cost us millions of dollars which they should have to repay the government and serve time in prison.

  • Free America

    This is what the Democrats do. Accuse the opposition of exactly what they are guilty of.. So basically she confesses Dems are guilty of a cover up. O course you don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to know that.

  • Albedamned!

    This is spewed from the poster child of corruption!

  • Jmanjo

    What she meant to say is that she is a bigger liar than any Republican and her little boy Schiff is the best little jackass she has ever owned!

  • rs1123

    I DARE her to take the 30 point mental cognition test that Trump took and scored 100% on. I bet she’d get maybe 10 out of 30 points, tops.

  • KVandy

    nitwit nanny should be careful what she calls people. She’s one of the biggest lying demoncrap idiots around. Every time she opens her mouth, she puts he butt in it.

  • jjmcl431

    Pee Lo Si is real, a real moron.

  • Babsan

    Pelosi and her co criminals always accuse others of what they always do.That’s why she comes up with that sentence.

  • Ronald Hagler

    When one reflects on the indiscretion displayed by all of the Kennedy men (with Robert, Ted and John having illicit sexual affairs while married and in government servitude to American citizens) it is ludicrous to have Nancy Pelosi proclaim her pride in Schiff and the House Democrats protecting the integrity of the U.S. intelligence community. When one acknowledges the antics of Bill Clinton (while serving as President) and his sexual exploits within the White House walls, it is pure idiocy to have Nancy Pelosi speak of the integrity of the Democrats? When one examines the lies issued by Democrats pertaining to the so-called Trump/Russian collusion, is it not daft to have Nancy Pelosi speak of integrity within the Democratic party? When one views Nancy Pelosi’s continual cavalcade of lies and misrepresentations, is it not absurd to believe she knows anything about that which she speaks? If we refuse to forget the lies and deceit displayed by both the Clinton and Obama families, we can discern just where Nancy Pelosi stands, relative to the truth.

    Nancy Pelosi is so venomous towards President Trump, Republicans and conservatives, she refused to stand and acknowledge President Trump’s presentation of less unemployment among Black and Latino communities: even in the wake of her claiming the Democrats are the party which protects the low-income, working class citizen! Nancy Pelosi is a bitter, ignorant, noxious individual, teetering between insanity and sanity at an alarmingly dangerous rate!

  • Bruce

    The Dem.’s aren’t listening to the people! Their hate for POTUS is really driving them to lie and say anything to make POTUS look bad and try to impeach him. There just going down the rabbit hole not doing the job of there constituent’s! The only looser’s here are the people they represent! And yes Polosi is nuts and a liar!

  • Raquel Salientes

    She claim to have seen the underlying documents. I doubt if she can go past the first two pages. Whatever “intelligence” she claims to have possessed have disintegrated in her dementia mind

  • Dennis Anderson

    Palosi Galore she stinks good, and thinks bad. Sorry Galore youre going to have to sign it to see whats in it. Its your croud that came up with the fake dosier. To late to let go of the rope Obamas going to drag you to hell with him.

  • don lavrich

    Pelosi forgot that she was obamas stooge!

  • Aline Oary

    She has 40 million american dollars she got from insider information over the years. She is just afraid her part in the illegal sale if uranium one will come out. Can’t wait. I want to see this bottom feeder in the slammer.

  • DaveyJ

    Pelosi is a dumb……no swear words needed, her Tales of the Crypt Look say it all!!

  • metheoldsarge

    She was a White House stooge for eight years.

  • gene smiith

    lying schemeing witch ( Bitch )

  • April Stoner

    So, who listens to the stupidity that falls out of her mouth every time she opens it, it’s beyond belief someone with her lack of intelligence was able to land a job, much less in the government, clearly the vetting for politicians needs to be overhauled based on the childish democrats display of ignorance.

  • Robert Brumley

    It’s extremely funny that the Dems are accusing the Republicans of what they are doing.

    • bc

      That’s Marxism ! (Accuse your enemy of the things you are doing.) And tell a lie enough times & people begin to believe it to be true. That is being accomplished with the help of main-stream media i.e. CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC. A lot of stupid sheep are getting all their info from these fake news outlets.