Police Chief Apologizes To Men Arrested At Starbucks

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross recently made a public apology for previously defending the officers who arrested two African-American men at Starbucks.

Ross stated, “I’m here to discuss the unfortunate incident that has been in the news about this great city, an incident that I fully acknowledge that I played a significant role in making it worse. For starters, I should have said the officers acted within the scope of the law and not that they didn’t do anything wrong. Words are very important.”

“While it is no excuse, my lack of awareness of the Starbucks business model played a role in my messaging. While this is apparently a well-known fact with Starbucks customers, not everyone is aware that people spend long hours in Starbucks and aren’t necessarily expected to make a purchase. I have had multiple discussions over the last few days and and it is a—I shouldn’t say a well known fact, but a wide spread belief, that everyone knows that about Starbucks. I am here to tell you that I did not and it is also reasonable to believe the officers didn’t know it either.”

“I can appreciate, in light of the Starbucks policy and how well known it is to many, why these two men were appalled when they were asked to leave. For this reason, me, I apologize to them.”

  • I must admit that in pursuit of my doctoral degree from the University of Phoenix, I frequently visited one of the many Starbucks locations not far from my home to enjoy a stimulating hot coffee (Americano) while working on one of my lengthy papers, and letting my family slumber without my noisy paper shuffling. I would not say my actions contributed to Starbucks’ success, but I sure appreciated their convenient availability!

    • jim jones

      Yeah, but at least you bought a cup!

      • Jim,

        I started working in San Diego, CA when I was 9 years old. I was working for a laundry that had crews who picked up the laundry from Navy ships in San Diego Harbor to provide the crisp whites that the sailors were pleased to make their formations look clean and crisp. Many of the crew members were police augmenting their income by working the early morning hours in support of our Navy, a major ‘industry’ in San Diego. We all paid for our ‘gedunk’ (the morning coffee, donuts, and so forth) while on the Navy Ships and doing our jobs. I also found out, at that time, that many small business owners, the backbone of our American economy, enjoy the protection of our local police that they often offer the police officers a free cup of coffee just to keep them and their presence around their businesses. I see nothing wrong with that.

        Now that I am referred to as Doctor Todd, (it seems I was always going to school) I fondly remember being an active and growing member of our American Work Force and pleased that we have so many dedicated members for our local police forces.

    • Bernie

      You could have gone to the library!
      But I find it funny that the left-wing Starbucks and its executives are being ridiculed for treating a couple of guys the way they did.
      Give liberals an inch of rope and they’ll hang themselves every time.
      I love it…..!

      • Mein kampf

        Do us all a favor Bernie and give yourself an inch of that rope.

        • Bernie

          Your turn…

        • Bernie

          One more thing, Mein.
          Who are the “all” you speak of.
          See, I told you how giving you an inch and you’ll hang yourself. Or, at least make a fool of yourself….

          • Mein kampf


          • Bernie

            That’s all you got?

    • Steve W

      Wonder if things are different late at night and business is likely slower? Middle of a busy time, rules are much more likely to be enforced. This is true of many businesses, has to do with creating sales when the opportunity is there.

    • rottenrollin

      And how is that relevant?

  • iwojimafan

    Why didn’t they just buy at least one cup of coffee? It seems that they were just going to stay there and cause a ruckus so that they could holler that the manager was a Racist and that they could sue and get money.

    • rottenrollin

      E X A C T L Y

    • smankes

      right that is the new way to do things.

  • jim jones

    Philadelphia is riddled with useless black scum and this back stabbing, alleged police commissioner is one of them.

    • Mein kampf

      Jim Jones go put on your white robe and hood and tie yourself to a stake and light a match you POS!

  • Finder1009

    Seems that the men arrested didn’t have the common sense god gave a fence post. As far as i can find, Nowhere does it say they told the employee’s they were waiting for a friend.

    • Bill

      I’d be willing to bet that there is a “part” of the story we aren’t hearing … from the media.

    • Mein kampf

      The Manager never asked and when the police officers arrived the two black men told the police officers they were waiting for another person whom they were meeting as a business contact. That person did show up minutes later when the two men were already in handcuffs and explained that he was there to meet them and asked why the two men were being arrested. It’s all in the video.

  • twspears6007

    Business’s must beware of opportunist that will create an incident to gain attention to a cause that will involve the police and a arrest in some cases. Make sure that the police are aware of all company policy’s . I am sure that the policy of no bathroom use without a customer purchase apply’s to all race’s. I hope cameras were on to find out what was going on if not business’s are subject to a she said he said situation that leads to a very disarming and legal confrontation.

  • Joseph Morgan

    See the most race baiting organization has made the police(chief?) throw the officers under the bus for doing what was RIGHT. The 2 offenders were trespassed, refused to go, therefore were arrested. But the CHICKEN LIVERED VETERAN HATING ceo of stinkbucks caused a person to be fired and police offers to be made the bad guys. And now their so called (superior officer) does not have the balls to stand with his officers. This whole thing stinks of a set up to show that stinkbucks is the good guy for firing the employee and being a BIG deal by giving a full fledged show of “shutting down and supposedly have human relations classes? If this case ever gets to a court and these 2 ignorant idiots are awarded monetary compensation then you will just how phony the justice system is and how easy it is to screw the U.S. by the liberal left.

  • rottenrollin

    Chief, you were wrong to stand up for your men…….

    You’ve got to suck ass for the Liberal Agenda.

  • Maggietish

    The fact that the police chief for Philadelphia came on national TV and apologized for his officers doing the job for which they are hired is an absolute outrage. It’s no big surprise that most cities are understaffed with police officers only because the politicians, and in this case the police chief, Continue to not support their officers and more times than not literally throw their officers under the bus. This is a result of the war on police officers started by President Obama and supported by every Democratic mayor and governor throughout the United States. It’s a national disgrace. These brave men and women on the police force put their lives on the line for the American people without the support of the round police chiefs and that’s beyond disgust continue to not support their officers and more times the night literally throw their officers under the bus. This is a result of the war on police officers started by President Obama and supported by every Democratic mayor and governor throughout the United States. It’s a national disgrace. These brave men and women on the police force put their lives on the line for the American people without the support of their police chiefs and local politicians And that’s a total out rage

  • Berengaria

    Something is very odd about these two Starbucks Patrons, I even read where one of them said they Feared for their Lives.
    Starbucks is about to be receive a Surprise from these two Actors, who will be expecting a payoff from The liberal Starbucks.

  • Ronald Hagler

    I know nothing about star bucks (other than they bend over backwards to disrupt American traditions) but I do have a degree in Business Administration and Economics and there is nothing I’ve ever learned about businesses being opened to have people sit there and buy NOTHING. Realizing that it was Starbuck’s CEO who declared Starbucks would give any immigrant a job if they showed up and applied. I feel they are so far left and Anti-Democracy that they will do anything to create chaos for the present administration. I do not believe even Starbucks can withstand, for any extended time, clientele who do not buy Starbucks products.

    • Ronald Hagler

      P.S. Why would a Police Chief throw his officers “under the bus” by apologizing for them having done their job?

  • Gerry Costa

    Take your BS apology and stick it where your brains apparently are — up your racist a** !!!!!!!

  • al

    i feel no sympathy for starbucks especially after they way they treated military men..and how they asked 2 police officers to leave their store becuse they were upsetting patrons…but now what happens…do they start letting people hang out at their stores when paying customers want to eat and sit down???…i had to use a bathroom at a mcdonalds onece and i couldn’t because i wasn’t a i bought a coffee..and was allowed in..what makes these 2 special??..because they are black?? mens priveledge????

  • David Horner

    It is probably a franchise owned and operated by an individual. Either way it is a business that has the right to ask loiterers to leave. If they dont its trespassing. If they get grumpy its even worse. If asked to leave they should have left. Its not their house.

  • Eugene Crocker

    This is how the liberals get by with everything, apologizing for something that didn’t need it. I bet if it was two white guys, that had been booted out of Starbucks, no apology would have been given. This is the problem since the sixties, cow-tow to the colored community. It is about time the colored people, became responsible for their own actions. I am a little tired, of trying to raise their children and my own. These thugs never stop, they want everything handed to them, on a silver platter. I’m not saying every colored person, does this but a good majority, in the cities do. they start using drugs as teenagers or younger, mostly because their mother or father, don’t care about them. Their mothers and fathers are to strung out on drugs too. It is a shame we are paying, for these drug attics life style. When are we going to learn, throwing money at this situation, doesn’t work? They just use it to buy more drugs. I know the governments stance on this problem, let them get high and kill each other, we don’t care, as long as it isn’t in my neighborhood.

  • Eagle2758

    It was a shakedown, compliments of the Grievance Industry