The Possible Las Vegas Shooter’s Motive

On Friday, Las Vegas undersheriff Kevin C. McMahill told the media that the motive underlying Stephen Paddock’s monstrous rampage remains a mystery. It’s truly bizarre that almost a week after the shooting we have no insight into what set Paddock off. Generally speaking, mass murderers kill in order to send a message, or because they’re seriously mentally ill.

Dylann Roof was a racist who killed to strike fear into the hearts of African Americans; Timothy McVeigh considered himself a revolutionary, and lashed out at “tyrannical government” over the Waco siege; Adam Lanza was autistic, obsessive-compulsive, likely schizophrenic, and became obsessed with school shootings.

Paddock, though clearly morally empty and repulsive, retained enough lucidity to craft his deadly scenario with meticulous precision. He selected a specific floor and room to provide maximum shooting advantage, smuggled guns and ammunition into the hotel undetected, utilized specific modifications on his weapons to increase devastation, and even planted cameras outside the room so that he could see the police coming for him. Mark Steyn pointed out that, in many ways, Paddock’s actions more closely resembled those of a professional hitman than those of his mass-shooting predecessors. The careful planning suggests Paddock had some form of motive.

So if Paddock wasn’t a paranoid schizophrenic facing a complete mental break, what message was he trying to send? We know now that he didn’t leave a note; he didn’t leave revealing internet search histories; he didn’t turn himself over to the police so he could enjoy his infamy. Is it possible that he simply had no motive or message? Perhaps, but alternatively, author Mark Steyn shared a theory on Friday sent to him by a reader whom he describes as a “gentleman at a London think tank.” The reader’s theory, which is worth reading in its entirety, even if just as a thought experiment, arrives at a motive that seems to check nearly every box.

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  • milmac

    Paddock was not the mastermind. The motive was to influence congressional supporters of gun control legislation. I would investigate the democrat establishment, the Deep State, the Shadow Government, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergs, the Clintons, George Soros, the One World Order, big money campaign donors, plus a slew of other individuals and orgnizations including republicans.

  • Wesley J. Warnke

    In my opinion, his motive is as obvious as a clown at a funeral,- he was an anti-Trump radical.
    (A) The common public perception of country music fans is that the majority would probably be conservative Trump supporters. Whether factually true or not, this is the common supposition, likely shared by Paddock.
    (B) He was NOT attempting to maximize casualties of the general public, as he had to shoot ACROSS Las Vegas Blvd., the busiest street in the state of Nevada. Not a single report of even one car or vehicle with a bullet hole in it. All of his fire was reserved exclusively for the concert attendees.
    I believe that the authorities have kept his motive (Antifa) from the public in order to prevent factional warfare.