Rand Paul Calls To End Trump ‘Witch Hunt’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) stressed the importance of the “integrity of the elections” rather than handing out payback to Russia for meddling in U.S. elections.

Paul stated, “I think we mistake our response if we think it’s about accountability from the Russians. They’re another country. They’re going to spy on us. They do spy on us. They’re going to interfere in our elections. We also do the same.”

“We need to make sure or electoral process is protected. Because it is about partisan politics, we’ve forgotten the most important thing is the integrity of the election.”

“If we have proof that they did it, we should spend our time protecting ourselves instead of having this witch hunt on the president. I think we need to be done with this so we can protect our elections.”

  • wes

    Remember the obama administration tried hard to influence the election process in Israel. Russian influence is not worth going to Nuclear War over. More corruption from the democrats and their election crap than from any other country. They did a pretty good job of rigging their primary to seclect Hillary over the old man. Also many rise from the dead to vote democrat. Illegals break into the US just so they can vote democrat.

  • Dead people voting and illegals doing the same is the Democrat way, live legal individuals are not enough to carry them.