Rapper Discusses Criminal Justice Reform

Rapper Meek Mill recently appeared on ESPN and discussed the issues with criminal justice reform shortly after being released from prison because of old convictions.

“I feel like I got a job to participate to help change these policies and laws that keep people in and out of prison without committing crimes,” Meek Mill stated. “That’s just the one part of the system that I’ve been through, the part I witnessed, the part I experienced. So, I thought it would be good if I reached back out and helped some of the people, family members and friends that stood up for me through my rough times.”

“It’s been 10 years since I’ve been under the eye of the law for criminal activity. and I’m still being sent back to prison for minor infraction like technical violations. … I don’t think the policy should exist.”

  • Jim

    Maybe you should not be involved in criminal activity

  • Lee J

    Don’t do the crime……..

  • Jmanjo

    No kidding…the system isn’t broken…he is! Duh…if you do not break the law then you will not have to go to jail!!!

  • justdave

    It’s called parole violation(s). Just do not do the crime and you won’t be in jail or on parole. End the cycle of poverty and crime will go down. Stop having children that you can’t support and are not mentally capable of properly raising.