Republican Belittle’s Trump

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) appeared on CBS and stated President Trump’s “behavior” was making it “very difficult for young people to identify with the Republican Party.”

Jeff Flake stated, “If you look every four years, every presidential election cycle, we are as a country are 2 percent less white. Voters of color, it’s changing that way. I don’t think that we made enough of an effort as Republicans to appeal across the broader electorate.”

“Then with young people as well given some of the positions and behavior that the president has exhibited I think it makes it very difficult for young people to identify with the Republican party. I think they have been walking away from the party in general. I think they’re at a dead sprint right now and we’ve got to change that.”

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Fluck Fake. RINOs must HANG.

    • Al

      LOL Good one.

  • monongahela

    Flake you haven`t figured out what a republican and leader is . You are a demorat through and through

  • bob

    When a so-called republican needs to go on a liberal station to make a point against the president then he isnt a republican. Flake just by his name says it all.

  • Al

    You’re a Fluke Flake. Pizz off.

    • RC

      You call him Fluky Flake. I call him Flakey Flake. Somehow they seem to go together.

      • Al

        LOL We certainly have his number. He IS a RINO. LOL

        • GomeznSA

          NOPE – he is and probably always has been a lefty in disguise and probably can’t even qualify as a rino (none of them deserve caps) much less a Republican nor a Conservative.

          • Al

            Right on friend.

  • don

    Oh, I thought the article was about a Republican. That’s Jeff (self serving) Flake.

  • 7littleangels

    Flake has the most appropriate name in congress! He is a master at saying and doing very stupid things and his departure from our government cannot come soon enough! He is an embarrassment to this country!

  • kate777

    Senator Flake and Senator John McCain are so RINO which is not funny in the least; they have their own reasons for continued attacking President Trump but have not a solid argument. As with any President and Congress agreement always does not exist but what is wrong with both Senators, it is not the programs or bills or government that they are really attacking, but President Trump as a individual. They seem to delight in giving criticism any way they can; they ignore the fact that they were not hired by the voters of Arizona to dump on President Trump but to work for the good of the Nation. To put aside their dislike of President Trump but work to get this Nation back on its feet, which unfortunately for We the People they both have not; they just keep making fools of themselves which is quite embarrassing for the voters and We the People of Arizona and the U.S. of A.

    • tunnelrat

      Then why do the voters in Arizona continue to reelect these fools?

      • GomeznSA

        Juan McAmnesty has indeed been re-elected but flake is a one termer – he knew he had absolutely no chance this time, maybe there are enough snow birds in AZ to keep gramps in as they see him as a kindred spirit?

        • tunnelrat

          Snowbirds shouldn’t be allowed to vote in Arizona. They are probably registered somewhere else. We have the same problem here in NM. Jaun McAmesty, as you so appropriately named him, should never have been reelected the last time. He deserted Vets and supported Obummer care.

      • kate777

        Because the Dems Senator candidates being offered were ten times worse/ 🙂

        • tunnelrat

          Sorry, I wasn’t talking about electing a democrat, you have that now with these two RINOs. I know there are some great conservatives in Arizona, I’ve met them. It’s just a matter of getting them to run. Hell, send sheriff Joe.

          • kate777

            Yes, there are several connservatives running for Senator Flakes vacant spot when his term is up the end of this year I believe…Kelli Ward, former Sherrif Joe Arpaio, and Sally Ward.. So shall see. I think Sally is a little more moderate but I don’t hear as much from Sally, she apparently has more Southern Arizona than Northern AZ. notice.

        • Cookie Vranish

          Take them out in the primaries!

  • Bill

    Flake is a good name for describing this fool. Flake is a demoRAT through and through, a liar, coward and represents the dimwit demoRATS to the best of his treasonous ability. Go away and stop making a bigger fool of yourself.

  • roughman

    Sadly, Mr. Flake is one of my Senators. (The other being McCain…)
    Flake is a worthless sack of you-know-what. There is a reason he is not seeking reelection.
    We HATE him!

    • Cookie Vranish

      Your other Senator is no good either! Get us some good ones next time?

  • Martin

    Your through.Go away.

  • Chuck

    Jeff is living up to his last name!

    • Al

      Flake is a Flart. Or something. He sux… but not in a romantic way.

  • parthenon1

    Not a Republican. . . a RINO. . . He’s dead in the water, he found out his district no longer supports him so he is not running for election!

  • Dan

    I don’t think this guy should be referred to as a “Republican”. He’s not a member of my team.

  • Steven Butterbaugh

    I like Trump. I’m feeling American again instead of having a President who wasn’t very crazy about America. I feared he would have us socialized and in chains whenever he could arrange it.

    • Paul Ruggiero

      I think you must be insane. Have you actually listened to Jeff Flake’s speeches?? They were about liberty and facts and truth – not fascism and lies. I cannot understand how an objectivist like yourself likes the fascist.
      Ayn Rand would HATE Trump. You are out of your mind.

  • Ed Price

    Traitor to the cause! I am ashamed you have an R behind your name. McCain fits in that category as well. Unfortunately, we have 5 more years of McCain. U Flake can just go collect your Gov retirement and health care for the rest of your life. What a POS.

  • Walter Bazner

    Flake is a puxxy and at least Trump is a man and stands up for us. Flake is a sissified little jerk. If flake sticks around and runs for office you will find him as your friendly neighborhood dog catcher. Leave the friendly part out!!! Just a complete little pukey sissy!!

  • Dealerdeb1

    THAT was a racist comment. Does he think that there are no conservatives in POC? IF you identify with lib policies then you are not true to core principles. He needs to appeal to their common sense. most kids are liberal always has been that way then they start to grow up pay for themselves and get real.

  • Dealerdeb1

    he is a well documented Trump hater and a very liberal person. He should be on the left.

    • GomeznSA

      He IS on the left, he just talked a good enough game to get elected ONCE and after his true colors came out he knew he couldn’t get away with his game twice.

  • Jackson Brannon

    Flake should instead ask WHY his people of Arizona overwhelmingly HATE HIS GUTS!!!!

  • RC

    Just what does anyone think we could expect from that traitorous RINO, Communist bastard? If BS was music Flake would be a very large brass band. If I remember correctly he said something about running against Trump in 2020. If that lying ass were to be elected we’d be worse off than we were with Obama, and that was pretty bad for 8 years. Flakey Flake wound immediately want to be our dictator. I sat in a meeting and listened to his lies and BS when he was running for the Senate. That guy would lie when the truth would do more good.

    • Charles Lagioia


  • Bruce

    Jeff Flake isn’t a true conservative! he lets his personal snobbish elitist attitude get in the way of governing. Flake is part of the problem! right along with Susan Collins John McCain and Mitt Romney and anyone who follows them. They all might as well be a Democrat. As far as Romney he is an elitist and I think he’ll undermine the president. He is on a list of anti-Trump hater’s.

  • Yvonne

    Flake is braindead

  • gideonrockwell

    This fool is a Demotard in Republican clothing. I would not be surprised if the Demotard Socialist National Committee infiltrated him into the Republican Party to spread havoc in the ranks

  • RightVote

    Jeff Flake has been ‘gaining TV time’……I Think he is using this as part of his resume for (Drum Roll)……
    A Pundit for CNN or MSNBC. He really can’t do anything else.

  • Bishop351

    Flake is an idiot. The participation trophy crowd are Dems and will remain Dems until they realize the handouts are over. No Republican wants the Dem snowFLAKEs. Political correctness is dead Jeffy. Go get your milk and cookies now…..

  • Jim Wagenmann

    Flakey is an imbecile of the lowest magnatude. He needs to grow up and quit acting like a spoiled child because Trump gets things done and flakey does not even know where to start.

  • Rick W

    It is your job as well as the rest of the Republican party to make sure you communicate with the younger generation, so stop all the childish behavior and get your shit together and try to act like a responsible Republican party leader and not like a little Democratic leftist bucking the system every chance you get. You seem to want the spotlight as much as the dems do . Grow up do your job.

  • Robert George

    I wish Flake Flake and RINO McCain would just go home and shut up. They are both enemies of our country.

  • DonRS

    The only media that will allow the FOOL FLAKE on their airspace is the FakeNewsMedia. He and they are made for each other. “Flake” Flake, the flameout, was recognized for the FOOL HE IS, long before the end of his term in office. A good indication of the need for TERM LIMITS!

  • Gardener8

    Mr. Flake should reassess where he goes from here and refrain from bashing his betters.

  • Gerry Costa

    This jerk is NOT a Republican — he is a demoTRASH george soros puppet just like his butt buddy mcphony mccain !!!!

  • John

    Flake is not a republican, just like Mccain, Rinos.

  • higgy01

    How dare anyone call Flake a republican. He isn’t even a RINO he is just a piece of cowardly turncoat dirt that thinks he is still relevant. He’s not running for reelection because he is as popular as an itchy rash on a hot summer day.

  • Cookie Vranish

    Jeff Flake is a loser. He has ideas about running against Trump? ROFLMAO!!!

  • Jmanjo

    This guy is a real jerk. I guess he thinks he is the new McCain!

  • Paul Ruggiero

    Flake is a patriot and true American. You all are just xenophobic racists. Good luck with that.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Flake is a stupid jerk who cannot be re-elected. He’s a snake in the grass.
    McCain is a traitor and a rat who needs to retire and go home.
    Flake off! Flakey!

  • jim jones

    Shit for brains, Flake, could not attract a young person if to a free amusement park party, fuck off asshole!

  • Juanita Elrod Reed