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Trey Gowdy Has Epic Response to Obama’s ‘Widows and Orphans’ Comment

Few things are more satisfying to watch than when someone destroys one of President Obama’s petty and absurd comments with nothing more than the facts, a little logic and a razor sharp wit.

Case in point: Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC). During his opening statement at a recent meeting of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, where he serves as chairman, Rep. Gowdy decided that he’d heard enough of Obama’s divisive attacks and addressed the President’s remarks head on.

“The president says we are scared of widows and orphans,” Gowdy said.

“With all due respect to him, what I’m really afraid of is a foreign policy that creates more widows and orphans. So maybe where he ought to start is a foreign policy in the Middle East and Syria where people can go back to their homelands, which is their preference.

Maybe you ought to defeat that JV team you thought you had contained. That would be the very best thing you could do to help people aspire to a better life.”

Gowdy seems to always have the right response. He certainly seemed to have hit a nerve with a lot of people, because the response on Twitter was overwhelming. Many people brought up the fact that it was a woman who reportedly wore the suicide bomb vest recently (even though there is still some question as to whether she was the one who actually detonated it). So, why is the president so convinced that only men can commit acts of terror?

And let’s not forget that ISIS teaches children from a young age how to become terrorists. PBS Frontline recently ran a story on “ISIS in Afghanistan”   where it showed how children are being taught jihad from a young age. They are being used as spies and suicide bombers, taught how to behead infidels… truly bone-chilling stuff.