Republicans Accused Of Not Caring About Democracy

MSNBC Legal Analyst and former federal prosecutor Paul Butler recently stated, “sometimes we have to wonder how much the Republicans actually care about democracy.”

Butler stated, “[I]f you look at these Republicans, and why they seem relatively unconcerned about the Russian attacks on our democracy, that’s also of a piece with why they seem relatively unconcerned with states trying to limit people’s ability to vote in other ways. And so, the Supreme Court is considering all these cases now where states are trying to dilute voting. So, at the end of the day, sometimes we have to wonder how much the Republicans actually care about democracy.”

  • Rachel

    Democrats don’t care about democracy. They try to suppress everyone who disagrees with them like and force their views on them like all the Transgender crap.

  • Stephen Howe

    The GOP cares deeply about our democracy, as does Trump…that’s why they BEAT HILLARY INTO A PULP in 2016…sick old murderous witch!

    No one cares much bout choo, Paul!

    • Alfred Palumbo Jr

      Trump won the electoral votes clinton won the popular with 3 million more votes then Trump a fact that your republican cult never mention and this board is definatly repugnant republican site

      • Kent Powers

        All in California, the joke of the country, 4000 a day leaving as quick as they can, fires every where, too close to hell.

      • Stephen Howe

        Popular vote? WRONGO! That’s CNN lingo. Hillary may have won *the plurality*…too bad that has NEVER been a way we’ve elected our Presidents. Dig up your high school civics books and review WHY the EC exists.

      • kbmiller

        Who cares? Only dim witted morons who STILL don’t understand that Electoral Votes count. Founding Fathers had it figured out. You don’t.

      • Stephen Howe

        Er…this was supposed to make sense? Spell-checker? Grade School grammar classes?

  • Patrick Feeney

    The Demoncrats could screw up an iron ball!

  • Lee J

    Grow up! You’re full of it. If there’s a danger to our democracy, it’s with the Dems. Your party is the one infested with socialists who hate America in its present form. You’re the party of Schumer, Pelosi Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez -Sanchez- Lopez- Jimenez- Suarez- Mendez. You want open borders and unveted Muslims. So please, go tell your story to people as ignorant as you are.

  • David

    The GOP cares about PEOPLE, they just aren’t good at covering up what shouldn’t be seen (as the Democrats are). The Democrats use the tactic (effectively) to ACCUSE THE OTHER GUY LOUDLY AND OFTEN what your doing ‘BEHIND CLOSED DOORS’ [like Hillary arranging the deal with the Russians to get them Uranium One- a Uranium mining concern].

  • Charles Lagioia


  • David Williamson

    Give me a break, that anyone with a D after his/her/it’s name can say anyone is careless with anything? LMAO. If it weren’t so tragic, it would be laughable….

  • “you look at these Republicans, and why they seem relatively unconcerned about the Russian attacks on our democracy,”
    Of course it never crossed that ignoramus’s mind that we consider the Democrats to be a greater threat to our democracy than the Russians are.
    Which is why we’re more concerned about illegal immigration, voter identification and fraud, and unsecured un-official e-mail servers containing classified information than we are that the Russians managed to find out what skullduggery the DNC was concocting against their own members, or trying by any means to get a meeting to influence a candidate to repeal anti-Russian legislation after he or she gets in office.

  • we aren’t trying to suppress any votes but the illegal ones,Paul Butler

  • Mac Daddy

    Yea they do care more about Democracy, the People & the Country then you & the Last Socialist/Communist Democratic regime of race baiters who tried to destroy the USA & turn us into slaves for Liberals & Militant Muslims. Maybe you & Obama ought to review the terrible & traitorous ways you tried to defile the American People & destroy the Constitution. The funny thing is when Obama hurt the Country we went to the poles & voted & tried to make a change where as Liberals the supposed gentle party of the little man just caused riots & attacks on anyone who doesn’t agree with them. See mister Anti-American Socialist please move out if you are not happy with the present Administration or you can justify the Liberal violence. But eventually if the violence keeps going onto the Middle of the road & Conservative people their will be a civil war & I don’t think you will be on the winning side. Because “We The People Are Pissed”!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kent Powers

    If you truly believe that having voter I.D. to vote is a restriction on voters, how come you need one for the IRS, Obamacare,social security, food stamps, unemployment, drivers license, write a check, use a debit card, place on line orders, pick packages at the post office,etc. A person who has no id must live in a vaccum in outer space as they can not do any form of business on this planet. If I.Q. were a requirement to vote you obviously are out of luck.

  • Jeanne Stotler


  • DonRS

    What a joke, coming from a Democrat nut job.

  • Medic RN

    Hey Butler? You’re supposed to put your sox on BEFORE your shoes! Perhaps you might STUDY liberal democrats illegal imigration for illegal voter registrations BEFORE you condem Republican efforts to protect and conserve our elections?
    Good idea huh?

  • Francis Kennedy

    OBAMA KNEW about the Russian interference AND SAID NOTHING!! Lied to the people and didn’t inform the campaigns (Trump) give me a break. The Dems REALLY BELIEVE the people are that dumb?? WE KNOW, quit trying to tell us anything different. Almost TWO YEARS of hampering the running of government and it hasn’t worked. LOOK AROUND YOU, it’s staring you in the face!!

  • Ken

    Is this guy for real? Does he think that letting dead people, criminals, and illegals vote is good, but making people show who they really are is bad? YUP

  • Danny S.

    Hey you dumb shit. Just what has the Democratic Party or even you done to better the plight of Black Citizens here?
    Does the word Uncle Tom fit well? I think so! Democracy has been under attack from Democrats for the last 10 years.