Are Republicans Trying To Destroy Mueller’s Investigation?

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is accusing President Trump and the Republicans which are in Congress are trying “sabotage” special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Nadler stated, “I think the Mueller investigation has to continue first and foremost. The committee has to defend the Mueller investigation against the president and the Republicans in Congress attempts to sabotage it and discredit it and the FBI and the Department of Justice. Congress is supposed to be a checks and balances. Under the Republicans, it has been the exactly opposite, Chairman Nunes of the Intelligence Committee, was caught on tape at a Republican fundraiser recently saying he views his major role is to protect the president. The role of Congress is not to protect the president. It is to hold the president, any president accountable to the American people. We ought to be holding investigations. ”

  • Name

    The Democrats are trying to over through a legally elected government. They should all be charged with sedition.

    • Rich


  • Stephen Howe

    “The role of Congress is not to protect the president. It is to hold the president, any president accountable to the American people.”

    WRONG. It’s to propose, debate, consider, pass legislation.

    • Jeannie

      They did not hold b HUSSEIN o accountable.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        He did say ANY president didn’t he?
        Then by all means start investigating the unqualified president.
        Starting again, with the fake credentials of bath house barry.
        Then work on investigating his entire cabinet, and any associates of his.

  • Lee J

    Nadler is one of the biggest obstructionists in congress. He will defend ANY Democrat position right or wrong. The Dems want to keep Mueller going through the midterms, in hopes that they’ll get the house back and stop what they know will eventually show that their side is a party to sedition!

    • Thing is, he’s a heavily BIASED obstructionist. I don’t mind obstructionism in Congress, if it’s applied equally to all comers.

    • ONTIME

      Jabba the Hutt…..a Star Wars match…..Bingo!

  • Jeannie

    There is no russia collusion investigation. It is a witch hunt to take down the President we LEGALLY AND DULY ELECTED HIM. This must stop.

    • C. LeSaint

      Time to take down Mueller one way or another!! Time for a heart attack!

  • Mark Roberts

    How do you sabotage something that should have been deemed illegal to begin with? If the whole premise of the investigation was founded on ill-gotten gains and false accusations, how is righting the wrong sabotage?

  • John Chism

    Riiiiggghhhtttt… Like the leftist held Obama accountable…NOT. Remember this. “History is written by the victors.” The Democratic Party has been in control for over 75% of the last 100 years. Since Trump was elected President this is the first time that Republicans held all 3 branches of our Federal Government since Lincoln. And has put our Supreme Court with more Conservative Justices than Liberal Justices.

    The Democratic Party is in a panic mode that they’re being proven to be the cause of all our problems. Because everything that President Trump has been doing is MAGA. From Wall Street to Main Street, record low unemployment and record high employment, deregulation and improved trade deal’s with lower taxes the GDP has increased too, less people on Government Assisted Living makes their welfare systems less needed and less funding to them. That increased GDP transilates to increased revenue going into the Federal Government. So why the heck are the Democrats bitching? Because it was President Trump and the Republican Party that did it…Not them. Proving that Socialism is a failure, again.

  • Patrick Feeney

    Has Rep. Jerry Nadler been drug tested? Only someone on drugs would try to justify the Mueller mess!

  • parthenon1

    If the’re not they should be ! Its a make believe world around the Democrat party and the extension FBI and Mueller investigation. Hell the crookedness is all out side before tken inside the investigation

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Any president? Really? Then investigate Obama and while you’re at it Billy boy/Hillary Clinton.
    Isn’t it Mueller who is attempting to sabotage President Trump? You’ve got the whole thing backwards.
    Mueller and his posse’ have huge conflicts of interest and have shown biases since this started. They
    are ALL corrupt and have ties to Hillary. You cannot serve two masters. America is wise to this horrible
    witch hunt to stage a coup. There has never been a more obvious attempt to overthrow our POTUS.

  • jackel

    Mueller’s witch hunt is being financed and bought by the socialist democrats, all of them, and G. Soros because President Trump is slowly ruining their power grab of America with our wallets. Simply they want socialism, or whatever, as long as it ensures their continued power in the swamp and to control the rest of us—–America and our well being be damed!!!
    If this is not clear after 8 plus years of Obama Era (error) and President Trump’s continual exposure of the socialist left’s anti-America agenda, then maybe the swamp should consume us!!!
    And if this were B. Obama and H. Clinton being investigated, there would be no wrong doing what so ever——say Hypocrites!!!!
    And republicans just have had enough about nothing!!
    On with the positive work of building America for the rest of us, which the dems don’t have a clue but just say they do or yell and scream at anything positive. The growing economy a prime example, almost a sinister wish that it collapses so the dems can champion failed socialism over and over again.

  • BF39

    mueller should write his report, clear the President of collusion and quit spending the American Peoples money. I think we have paid enough to him and his cloonies.


    Nah…..The R’s don’t even need to try and destroy Mueller and his collusion scam or his worthless petty use of the law, he is self destructing just like his bolster the DNCommunist that helped put him up to this squalid effort to unseat a legally elected President…This POTUS is head and shoulders above those wallowing in the swamp mire wailing about impeachment …The economy is a resounding success, trade negotiations have new doors opening and we can actually be energy independent with a handle on being the world’s controlling exporter of energy products, this nation has just begun to roll back to the front of the line….The D’s are a now sniveling bunch of communist losers and their platform is let’s go back to failure and a gov controlled economy, “we will show you how we lead with our behinds.”…….toothless, worthless crumb munchers….

  • Ken

    How this guy is able to maintain his power is incredible. He is the worst partisan around and should not even get one vote, let alone enough to elect such a terrible man.

  • John R. Bloxson Jr.

    Representative Jerry (Meddlesome) oh I mean Nadlers yor party stopped the investigation of the I. R. S., your party tied the hands investigating Fast and Furious, You stopped Hillarygate, and Obamagate no mr Nadler you are a major Hypocrit so shut up your lies.

  • Rich

    What investigation? We are down to Taxi Meters and Porn star payoffs to go away. ( I didn’t know a consensual hookup was against the law) He said she said, I’m not so sure. The left has a way of finding a tramp for all occasions If he is looking for Russians he should try the Clinton crime family. They are everywhere.

  • Rredden

    KGB Mueller is part of the Coup being ran against the United States and OUR President by people like KGB Brennan, Clapper Comey, Rosenstein and many others conspiracy Against the United States life in a military prison they all need to be indicted ! And will be soon !