Rubio Clashes With Trump’s Choices

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) claims it was unwise of President Trump to have cast most immigrants as criminals.

Partial transcript as follows:

AXELROD: The president has depicted the people who are coming as dangerous, he said they are not sending us their best, rapists, murderers….The vast 98%, 99% of these people are being charged with a misdemeanor, they don’t have criminal histories. Is it fair to depict them in that way?

RUBIO: I don’t think it is ever wise to cast a broad net, a generalization over any group of human beings. So, yes there are people that cross the border that are dangerous and criminals and alike. I would say through my experience the vast majority of people are coming over because just want a better life. My sense of it is if you are a father, for example my situation, if my family is desperate they are living in a dangerous situation, I’d do almost anything to protect my children and find a better life for them. So we have to understand that element of it. That doesn’t mean we don’t have to have laws on our end. Mexico has immigration laws. Canada has immigration laws. I don’t think that we should generalize. I think vast majority of people crossing the border are just coming because they want something better.

  • DonRS

    Rubio doesn’t have a clue how many illegal immigrants are criminals – NOT A CLUE! How many are “TOO MANY”? I’ve got a gar of Skittles. Only 10% are poisoned! How many would you like? Just reach in the gar and CHOW DOWN!

    • mountie

      He is just stupid. They are all criminals. That is what being an illegal is.

  • survivor33

    Rubio, you and the rest of the Senator’s should know by now that Trump is always trashed by everything he does, but you and the rest, should know President Trump knows what he is doing. We may not like some of the things he says or does but he has 99% been correct. SO STOP THE TRASH TALKING HIM AND STAND BEHIND HIM. JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE SPANISH SHOULDN’;T BE A GOOD REASON TO NOT STAND WITH HIM.

  • rottenrollin

    IF they’re here illegally…..

    They are BY DEFINITION criminals.

    And they bring a culture of corruption with them.

    • JosephineSouthern

      The illegals broke the law to get here and they will not hesitate to do it again if they feel they need to get somewhere.

  • William Richey

    Senator Rubio, lets for one minute consider you are correct. Here are the problems with your thoughts these people come here because they want all what you and others consider as free stuff (ie) welfare, medical, and jobs the only but that stuff is not free it is coming from us tax payers. And President Trump is correct many are criminals and all need to come, in the correct way.

  • parthenon1

    Senator you are right about one thing,”they are coming because they want something better” sure, our welfare system ! Since Mexico is becoming a communist nation on July 1st. we will be blasted with political refugees so we dont need the nonpolitical immigrants coming as well ! Also Senator when your family came here from Cuba they were invited by our government, most of these today are not the quality people your family is !

    • 1josephg1

      What is definition of quality. What happened to Marco.

      • parthenon1

        Im sure there were a few undesirable individuals who came in with the Cuban Refugees but for the most part these were the higher class people Castro wanted out or dead so he could confiscate their holdings. So most of these people were “quality” former executives etc in Cuba. Quality may not mean the same thing to different people but I dont often agree with Rubio when it comes to allowing just anyone to be allowed to stay !

      • Artemis

        Marco, you have never been concerned about anything except Amnesty, period! They come here illegally, they are FELONS, and if you continue to “push” the issue, then you are an accessory to whatever crimes they commit. If they are such great and wonderful people, then they should do things legally, or better yet, straighten out the Politics/ policies in their own Country of Origin instead of coming here and messing OUR Country up!

      • parthenon1

        Its my understanding Marco’s family were broken by the Castro regime when he nationalized all industry and confiscated the wealth of people like Marcos family. they came here and worked and are now comfortable but they were forced out of Cuba where todays refugees come here to live on our welfare and indigent healthcare system and to suck $ (with no SS or income tax) to send back to Mexico or the other nations involved !

  • Junius Graham

    Remember that Senator Rubio, is an original to” Gang of Eight” , member just like Lindsey Graham. Both would not hesitate to have open borders to destroy America!

    • Charles Lagioia


  • 1josephg1

    Hey rino rubio! Truth hurts. Be legal and we have no problems. Be illegal and you have problems. Very simple

  • mark

    If you cross the border illegally then you have committed a crime against the USA. That makes you a criminal and if you do it twice it makes you a felon!

  • disqus_7EcB0kPDrU

    I don’t think Trump ever has said that most illegals are criminals, (other than being illegal is a criminal offense). But, Trump has emphasized that MANY illegals ARE criminals, when you look at the high percentage of illegals in our jails, and the crimes committed by illegals are some of the worst. Then, consider that there’s a literal army of Mexican drugs runners pumping drugs by the semi load into our country, that alone is reason to build the wall and enforce our immigration laws.

    • Artemis

      Well done, that’s telling it the “way it is”!

  • US Patriot

    Little Marco Rubio is a walking talking douche bag!

  • Oinkle Tom

    Apparently, “Blue Blood Marco” is not familiar with “rule of law”. I guess he missed the civics class in high school. Wake up boy.

    • Artemis

      Go Marco help promote the very thing that happened to Cuba…..why don’t you go back there and really “contribute” some of your bright ideas, I’m sure you’ll be well received!


    These Illegals break the laws by sneaking into our country then they work under the table not paying taxes and send monies to their home country two more laws broken, then they rely on the generosity of our welfare system and take full advantage, they get things i as an American cannot get, and they are not citizens using phony id’s etc. another crime broken. These illegals take jobs from hard working Americans to better themselves, better your country thus yourself don’t rely on my taxes to benefit you success!!

    • Artemis

      All of this while 1 out of every five AMERICAN children does not get enough to eat! (Documented Fact)!

  • Francis Kennedy

    You know what…all Trump’s been able to do, is ALL the stuff nobody else could get done. Yea, some things haven’t gone the way he had hoped or envisioned, BUT AT LEAST HE’S TRYING!! Economy blazing, unemployment at all time lows (the LOWEST in Black AND Hispanic demographic in HISTORY) Tax reform and higher income, just to name a few. With the press, Congress, many of the Rich & Famous, along with 1/2 the Nation/the World against him, he just keeps plugging along. NOW, the Senate has 5 months to get another of his Justices’ seated on the Supreme Court~~

  • Spunky

    They are criminals period