Scarborough Insults Trump’s Size

During and episode of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Joe Scarborough said many who have worked under Trump would be shocked to find out he is mentally sane, contrary to popular belief. He then went on to claim that President Trump’s reported weight is the real concern and comes as a “shock.”

Scarborough said, “[W]e won’t question the doctor. I will say, on his mental sharpness, if that is in fact the case, and medically, perhaps that is, he has shocked and surprised a lot of people who have worked around him for the past several years, who have been saying that he is not. And secondly, I’ve just got to say on the weight, I know somebody who is 6’3″ and weighs close to 239 pounds, and all I can tell you is this, if that’s what 239 pounds looks like, I would weigh 170 pounds. So, yes, I have great respect for people who have great respect for this doctor. But if that’s what 6’3″, 239 pounds looks like, that’s a shock to me, only because people I know very well, that are 6’3″ and weigh close to 239 pounds look like they weigh about 30 or 40 pounds less than that.”