Schiff Doesn’t Want Rosenstein To Resign

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Adam Schiff (D-CA) believes that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein shouldn’t resign and added there seems to be “a slow-moving Saturday Night Massacre.”

Schiff stated, “Rod Rosenstein should, under no circumstances, resign. If the president intends to obstruct justice, Rosenstein should require him to be fired. He shouldn’t take a step affirmatively and essentially let the president off the hook. This looks to me like a slow-moving Saturday Night Massacre. It seems like the only question is whether these steps take place now or they take place after the midterms when the president believes he’ll pay less of a political price for it.”

  • Magik

    Schiff isn’t even a good liar . I look forward to the day his sealed indictment is unsealed and they arrest that lying buffoon .

    • apzzyk

      Schiff, Waters and others are fully protected by the Speech and Debate Clause -read your Constitution. Trump does not think that it or the laws apply to him, but many others disagree. The only thing protecting Trump from impeachment is the House Majority, and the failure to assert the Consitutional powers of the Congress is a big issue when it comes to House races where the incumbent has a high record of supporting Trump, and where the GOP challenger is promising to support Trump no matter what, and so far as I can see the Trump supporters seem to be loosing by wide margins at this time in most places. The people seem to want to return to the Constitutional system that is intended with Congress being treated as an equal partner rather than sitting passively on the sidelines and doing nothing. If you will look at Art. I, section 7 which are the powers reserved to Congress. Congress has the powers over immigration and Trump has taken this power away from Congress by alluding to a threat to national security; Congress has the power over tariffs and international trade, and with the same alluding to the same; The Senate has advise and consent powers over international treaties, and using the same, has taken this power from them. All of this has been done without the necessary prerequisite of declaring a national emergency, the last of which was declared in 1948 by President Truman when N. Korea invaded the south, with this not even being done with the war in Viet Nam, so he is essententially operating as if he were in fact King and absolute ruler.

      • Magik

        Yea , the House majority and the lack of any crime . D – bag .

  • joecrew

    He’s the party’s buffoon and is to stupid to know it.

  • mrp15

    Who cares what Schiff wants. His insignificance is exceeded by his mendacity.

  • Adam Schiff is a lousy rotten liar and I hope the people in his district realize how stupid they look when they elect a jerk like that.

  • Christian_Patriot7

    Every liberal communist demoncrat MUST BE PURGED FROM CONGRESS!!

  • Kirk Kahler

    schifts days are numbered just like many of the corrupt democrats and RINO’s in Washington ! soon all of the cheating, lies, misdeeds and corruption will be exposed to the American people and the out cry for them to be jailed will be huge ! they no longer have Obama and his DOJ, FBI, CIA and IRS to keep them safe ! trump is slowly draining the swamp and every week so much is coming out about the left and their corruption ! the democrats last hope is regaining their power in the midterms so that they can remove trump , stop all the investigations in do their corruption, stop the American’s from knowing the truth ! you all wait and see what happens !

  • John R. Bloxson Jr.

    Talk about obstructing Congressman Schiff is among the biggest obstructionist in the Congress and He and Rosenstien are Puppets of their master George Soros.

  • Jeannie

    Of course the liberal A*hole doesn’t want Rosenstsein to resign…The traitor is one of them!!!!!

  • Mark Roberts

    scumbags need other scumbags around them at all times to feel safe and secure.

  • pbargioni

    If Schiff doesn’t want Rosenstein to resign then it is probably a good idea if Rosenstein resigns!

  • Richard

    Rep Adam Shit needs to resign or just shut his piehole and not prance his ugly face in front of TV, is he trying to get re-elected? LOL.

  • parthenon1

    Schiff is a pin head (truely look at his head !) No one should believe him after the spectical he made of himself recently with all of the supposedly incriminating evidense in the Russia collusion Witch Hunt!