Sen. Tom Cotton Speaks On Kavanaugh

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) recently admitted to looking forward to meeting Brett Kavanaugh. He also stated that any Democratic opposition would be a “somewhat laughable political game.”

Partial transcript as follows:

HEWIT: So tell me about your reaction last night when Brett Kavanaugh, the President probably called you beforehand, but what was your reaction?

COTTON: The President did throughout this process what he promised to do on the campaign trail, what he did in his first opportunity to nominate a Supreme Court justice, is work from a list that he gave to the American people in advance of very distinguished jurists of all stripes. He selected Judge Kavanaugh who has a long and very impressive record from the D.C. Circuit, and before that as a very capable appellate lawyer in Washington, D.C. I’ve got now a stack of opinions on my desk that I’ll be reading through, which is one of the reasons why I left the law and became a soldier, but it’s part of the job. And then I’ll look forward to meeting with Judge Kavanaugh very soon.

HEWITT: Now there is a story this morning that this was prearranged, a deal that was made with Justice Kennedy to entice him to retire, that it would be Judge Kavanaugh. I don’t know if it’s true. It’s widely reported. If it is true, does that change your assessment of this?

COTTON: Hugh, no, that’s the first I’ve heard of such a deal. And I’ll evaluate this nomination on its merits, on Judge Kavanaugh’s record and his character and his jurisprudence. Justice Kennedy served our country for a very long time, and we should thank him for that service. But he’s going to take senior status now, and what we have to do as senators is evaluate Judge Kavanaugh’s record, and Judge Kavanaugh’s jurisprudence when we vote on his nomination. The relationship between the President and Justice Kennedy, in my opinion, is really not relevant to that consideration.

HEWITT: And I want to urge everyone to consult history. Often, justices talk to the White House about when they’re going to leave, so that’s not a scandal. I talked earlier with Todd Young, with Raj Shah, Senator Cotton, about the Kavanaugh papers at the Bush White House library, the Bush library down in Texas, and about the Independent Counsel papers, urging rapid disclosure, because they will eventually come out, those that are not classified. Those that are classified will end up in a SCIF for senators to review. Do you agree with me, or do you think that there’s any doubt that those papers have to be produced?

COTTON: Well, I have no doubt that the Senate will receive the documents we need to consider Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. In fact, George W. Bush just committed to President Trump already that his library and archives would work in an efficient manner to make sure that all documents are produced, and to the extent that there are any privileges or classification issues, they work in a cooperative manner to try to get senators the information they need. Now that said, we certainly can’t let the Democrats slow roll this nomination, making endless and needless requests for documents in which Judge Kavanaugh played no part. For three years, Judge Kavanaugh was President Bush’s staff secretary. That’s the person who controls the flow of papers in and out of the West Wing. It’s a very important role, but that doesn’t mean that he wrote hundreds of thousands or millions of pieces of paper that crossed the President’s desk. And we shouldn’t let the Democrats use the facts like that to draw out needlessly the meetings and then the hearings that we’ll have on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. I expect they’ll do that. The Democrats in the Senate have kind of gone around the bend already on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination if you look at some of the extreme rhetoric, or my favorite part was some of the senators standing out in front of the Supreme Court last night protesting the nomination. And you could see in the background they had signs premade not just for stopping Kavanaugh, but stop Barrett and stop Hardiman and stop Kethledge as well. So it’s clear they’re just playing a somewhat laughable political game, and they would have opposed for partisan reasons anyone that President Trump nominated.

  • SeanM62

    Tom Cotton is a sycophantic and evil person, one of the 47 traitors to attempt to undermine the Iran agreement several years ago,

    • Christopher Tabin

      for your information, that Iran deal that Obama and his cronies came up with would have done more damage to our country, as well as all the other nations. cotton was one of the few who tried to stop it.

      • SeanM62

        Israel didn’t like the deal and Republicans just caved. The deal was in the US best interests to keep the commitment. No one trusts the US to keep its word and these are two of the reasons – cowtowing to Israel and an unstable political situation. And the US has always felt perfectly free to lie.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    It is time to call a spade a spade. The DNC has become a Socialist organization along with the left media including CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC and HLN. They are only concerned with regaining government control and could care less about the People of the United States. Here we have a Constitutionalist who will follow the Constitution and not be part of a Super Legislature like these people want. They Hate Christians, Jews, America, and think the American People are stooges they can manipulate to their will. They really do want us to be like Venezuela they can control like zombies.

    • SeanM62

      And the RNC has become a fascist, neo-nazi organization, demanding a “strongman” leader and treating any non-wealthy or “dark” person as expendable. The RNC, along with Faux Noise, is now an arm of the Russian propaganda machine.

      • Dexter L. Wilson

        The Democrat Party according to Tom Perez requires that their members must be Pro(Death)Choice, killing babies up to and including the nine month. A Doctor who used to work in a hospice,told me the Obama Administration supported EUTHANASIA. As for the separation of illegal immigrants from their children, Obama had separated 72,000 children where Trump had separated 2,000 which was corrected and never corrected during the Obama Administration yet the media and democrats never said much about it when Obama was doing it.THIS IS YOUR PARTY’S PRACTICE WHICH MORE RESEMBLES THE THE NAZI’S THAN THE RNC. (The unborn and “useless eaters”) NOW DO YOU HAVE THAT STRAIGHT? IT IS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY THAT LOVES LIES AND PORTRAYS OTHERS AS DOING WHAT YOUR PARTY DOES. 60 MILLION + UNBORN DEAD SINCE ROE! WE DON’T KNOW HOW MANY ELDERLY AND INFIRM THAT WERE EUTHANIZED. Your party does not throw grandma or grandpa off the cliff; your party just euthanizes them in hospices.

      • Dexter L. Wilson

        As for Russian Collusion, even Mueller said there was no Collusion by Trump’s Campaign and Putin. Let’s see, Hillary paid for the Steele Dossier which had no basis in truth yet the Obama Machine had it used to investigate Trump’s Campaign. Ms. Chalupa, a Democrat operative went to the Ukrainian Embassy to help find dirt on Trump. Hillary ok’d the Uranium One Deal which was shown by an under FBI agent involved payoffs (to the tune of 140 Million Dollars to the Clinton Foundation) kickbacks and money laundering and was still OK’d even though the then head of the FBI was Robert Mueller the Third and he had to know that the deal was illegal selling 20 % of our Uranium Mines to a Russian Backed Business. And there has been no proof of collusion with Trump. Who is a Liar? Is it possible it is the DNC and the Colluding Left media involving MSNBC, CNN, CBS and so on?

        • SeanM62

          First, Mueller has said nothing concerning Trump himself, but those around him in the campaign are falling like leaves – almost 40 indictments, 5 convictions and 2 in jail.

          Second, More and more of the Steele Dossier (the first buyer was a Republican) are proving to be true. We are still waiting to see if the “Golden Rain” story is correct – because Trump is so vindictive the bizarre story is believable.

          • Dexter L. Wilson

            And you know that every indictment has had nothing to do with Russian Collusion with the Trump Campaign. Mueller has gone on a fishing expedition and has no fish concerning this matter yet. 12 Russians went and got info on the DNC, provided the information to the American People, many of which of the activities were illegal (go back and read the Wikileaks info and you will see how much garbage the DNC was pulling including illegal activities of the Podesta Group referred to as the A group and on and on, including destroying Bernie Sanders run) involved with the Uranium One Deal also how Podesta’s Group was also involved in the Ukrainian election that they went after Manafort for and still no indictment of Podesta and Hillary. So still no evidence of any collusion by the Trump Campaign. Even Rod Rosenstein was clear about no Trump involvement and he even went to Trump first to tell him what He found. I still WANT TO KNOW HOW MUELLER CAN INDICT SOMEONE WHEN THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS WERE REACH, EVEN FOR THE IRS!!!!!! (10 YEARS). So Manafort may yet not go to prison. There is still a question about Flynn that even the FBI said he didn’t lie. By the Way Robert Mueller the Third is up to his neck in the Illegal Uranium One Deal when he was the FBI head. One last thing, The Dossier still has no basis in truth, and even Steele even said he didn’t believe it. The idea that Trump would urinate on the bed that the Obama’s slept in would not happen because Trump has a phobia concerning germs and we know this by Glenn Beck who is no supporter of Trump. So you can throw that baby out with the bath. (Also it claimed one of the persons in Trump’s staff of the Campaign was in a certain place and he had never been there). You listen to too much of the Communist News Network and MSNBC.

      • Dexter L. Wilson

        Excuse me but Planned Parenthood’s Mother Margarett Sanger was celebrated by the Nazi’s because she thought that Blacks, “Low” Italians, the Irish were inferior races. They even put Planned Parenthood abortion facilities in Black Neighborhoods and used Black Ministers to “convince” young Black women to abort their children. The Nazi’s aborted any babies that were not Aryan. They killed the infirm. And Guess what Obama promoted; euthanasia in hospices according to a doctor who worked in one. The Nazi’s did the same. You call the RNC Fascist, guess who is wearing that shoe? Your national Chair, Tom Perez said you can’t be a Good Nazi, excuse me fascists unless you support Pro(Death)Choice. Your party is anti-God when it comes to these things. Your Obama was killing people in Hospices and supporting Abortion on demand just like the Nazi’s. So who is the Fascists? Remember children are made in the image of God so let ‘s see , your party hates God which means they hate Jews and Christians. and follow the same plan as the Muslims according to their Qur’an that says you must kill Christians and Jews (Read it for yourself or get a synopsis from CBN in their booklet, “Islam a religion of peace or war?”) They also are told they can lie to unbelievers (racquiya) which is not a stretch from your Democrat Party that has lied that the Party of Lincoln switched from abolition back to slavery when it wasactually the Republican party that enabled the Civil and voting rights acts to pass because the Democrats did not have enough votes to pass them. 64% of the Republicans voted for it and only 34% of the Democrats. And by the way only 1% of the Democrat politicians changed parties after those votes. So who is the Nazi collaborators, racists and fascist’s who lie like the Muslims? Your party.

      • Dexter L. Wilson

        You forget how the Democrats have taken Blacks for granted. You forget about how many people now have jobs. When the National Chairs says you can’t be a Democrat unless you are Pro-death-Choice and the Obama administration promoted euthanasia in hospices that was the practice of the fascist Nazi’s. If reference to dark, if you are refering to the south of the border illigals your king Obama separated about 4 times as many families. As for the facts that Blacks and Hispanics, job opportunities have greatly increased. Those that are “expendable” on your part seem to be unborn and infirm, so who are the fascists and real Nazi’s? You do know that Planned Parenthood put their clinics in Black Neighborhoods getting Black Pastors to convince Black women abort their children; I know about the emphasis in hospices for euthanasia having spoken to a doctor who worked in such. And on your Party having cared less for Dark Persons when Obama was president because your media didn’t seem to consider them “important”, only after Trump became president. Talk about getting close to the Russians, your president and candidate found it most convenient to get close to the Russians, starting with FDR, Jimmy kissing Breznev on the Cheek, Ted Kennedy colluding with the Russians in trying to prevent Reagan’s 2nd term, Hillary with her reset button, her involvement with the Uranium One Deal with all the laws broken (kickbacks money laundering), Obama making promises about being more flexible after an election, only putting sanctions on the Russians after Hillary loses the election. Your party does not need a “strongman” with MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC amoral atheistic socialist blatant promotion of the DNC and extremely unfair and often twisted attack on the president and even his family.

  • Cookie Vranish

    Boy! These Democrats are really funny! Honest they are not, smart as they think they are, not! Just plain crooked! I thought at first, that the Obama administration including Obama needs to be in prison for life on the charge of treason! Now, I think all Democrat voters need to spend about 5 years in a mental institution before they are allowed to vote! These people are truly crazy!

    • SeanM62

      And now we have a president who is Putin’s girlfriend. Looks like both presidential candidates in 2016 were gals. No matter who won we were going to have the first woman president.