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Seven Little Words From the Bible Causes Court-Martial of a Loyal Marine

Lance Corporal Menifa Sterling of the Marines was court-martialed after refusing to remove a Bible verse taped to her computer. A staff sergeant ordered her to remove it the verse which he believed contradicted the discipline and order of the Marines. According to Fox News the verse, taken from the Old Testament and slightly altered read:

“No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

The military court found Sterling guilty of multiple charges and reduced her rank from corporal to private. The court did not find that her use of a Bible verse on her computer was a right under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act because “displaying a Bible verse does not constitute religious exercise.”

After the convictions by the military court, Sterling finally looked for legal help to appeal the judgement. She is being represented by multiple people including Liberty Institute attorney Hiram Sasser. Sasser find it interesting that:

“…that such a small strip of paper could so frighten a drill sergeant.”

What do you think readers? Is it ironic that a soldier who protects the right to freedom of religion is not granted the same?