Students Wearing MAGA Hats Unlawfully Booted From Safe Space

On the campus of Fordham University, several students were made to leave a non-profit coffee shop. Why? Because they were wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

The coffee shop was considered as a “safe space” for students, but apparently, the hats were “triggering” students to respond with yelling and accusations. Now this space is clearly not accepting to Trump supporters.

The students were screamed at by others, hearing things like: “Fascism, Nazis!” They were also given three minutes to leave the premises.

“You are threatening the integrity of our club. This is a community standard — you are wearing hats that completely violate safe space policy,” said the coffee shop manager.

What happened to free speech?

  • marc

    All colleges are liberal fronts………

    • Mike McShea

      I respectfully disagree. The earlier comment about Hillsdale College is spot on. They specifically rejected any government monies so their curriculum would NOT be degraded by government intervention.

  • CCblogging

    The real Fascists are the Fascists demanding that the Trump supporters leave the coffee shop. No freedom of speech from liberal Fascists unless you agree with them.

  • Gail Davis

    Some legal group should take on these Trump supporters with their MAGA hats. Seems to me some of their rights were violated.

    • Holy Joe

      Would the ACLU support or defend these so called MAGA hat wearers ? I doubt it – Civil Rights are only for the Lefties.

    • Terry Butts

      If telling someone they could not wear their ISLAMIC religious attire because it violated the dress code and made some students FEARFUL was a violation of their rights then KICKING people out for wearing harmless POLITICAL messages (the media twisting the meaning of it does not make it harmful or a hate message) that support the LAW, CONSTITUTION, and LEGALLY elected president definitely violated their rights.

      Frankly I wish there was a way to send every single (insert your own expletive) that calls Trump a Nazi back in time so they can ACTUALLY LIVE under a real Nazi government and learn what the word actually means then any of them with even a partial brain could see how stupid they have been trying to compare OBEYING existing laws and FOLLOWING the constitution to how the NAZIS did things.

  • Ken

    Typical liberal behavior. Had conservative did the same thing to liberals they would have been arrested. Only conservatives do not act that way. They actually think that the other side has a right to support who ever they want. Imagine that!

  • George2

    This place should absolutely be sued for discrimination. Places of business can be sued, and caused extreme loss of income for such ridiculous things as refusing to make a cake in honor of “same sex marriage” etc., Which the word of God tells us isABOMINATION. This outrage SHOULD NOT GO UNPUNISHED!!

  • gilfaethwy

    Apparently the coffee shop is a Bundeswehr Rathskeller… in classical Freudian transference, the real Fascists– those who threatened and ostracized the students wearing the MAGA hats… are accusing others of being the very thing THEY are!

    It’s like PeeWee Herman saying “I know you are but what am I?”—it would be risible if it weren’t so disturbing. I think the so-called “resistance” is pathological… and ultimately, evil.

  • Jackson Brannon

    This is EXACTLY why I do not want govt paid college!!!

    • Myke Smith

      Then may I highly suggest you take a long hard look at Hillsdale College, Hillsdale MI. They are the preimer conservative and stanch defender of The Constitution.

      • Wumingren

        Yes! They are supported by tax-deductible donations from friends like us.

  • Myke Smith

    The liberal mantra of “Free Speech” translates to “You may say anything ytou wish…SO LONG AS WHAT Y7OU SAY TOTALLY AGREES WITH OUR MESSAGE”… In other words become nothing more than a stooge and mindless whimp or shut the hell up. As to this so-called “safe space”, the idiots who seek to become safe should follow the steps outlined for all like persons.. “Go home, jump under the covers, turn your electric blanket to high, assume the per-natal position and suck your thumb!

  • Don Baker

    Since this shop is a school sponsored activity, the students should file suit for 1st amendment violations.,

  • Wumingren

    Those guys wearing the MAGA hats need to have “I’m With Her” hats to switch out to when management tries to give them the bum’s rush. That would be fun.

  • Old Ga Dawg

    Vote all Liberal Democrats out of office


    Maybe if they were HOMOSEXUAL republicans they would be protected from that kind of DISCRIMINATION!!!!

    How can they be ALLOWED to DISCRIMINATE against ANYONE?!?!?!?!

  • jim jones

    Ain’t that America, queers can force businesses to serve them, but young Americans can’t express their political views, what the fuck is wrong with this picture?

  • Terry Butts

    Strange how their idea of free speech is VANDALISM, RIOTING, and VIOLENCE and that anyone that exercises actual PEACEFUL free speech that does not agree with their opinions have to be punished somehow.

    Meanwhile groups actually SPOUTING Nazi racist philosophy in support of CENSORSHIP, DISARMING those not supporting the POLITICS of democrats, and committing and calling for others to commit acts of violence in support of their racist beliefs are no just ALLOWED at such places but welcomed as if they are the victims simply because someone DISAGREED with their anti American beliefs and violent acts done to promote those beliefs.