Are We Sure Russia Meddled In Elections?

Fox network anchor Shepard Smith recently stated “there’s no question, none at all,” that Russia indeed meddled in the 2016 elections.

Smith stated, “There’s no question, none at all, from his own employees, his own intelligence services, and members of his own party. Russia interfered in our 2016 election and is interfering in the democratic process right now. Just last Friday, Justice Department officials announced new charges against 12 Russian agents accused of hacking the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

“Today President Trump said there was no collusion and ended the roughly 40-minute conference after a 130-minute private meeting, in which we may never have details, by calling the investigation a total witch hunt. The Russian president Putin denied any wrongdoing. He called possible collusion with the Trump campaign nonsense. The summit in Helsinki comes after President Trump had a contention meeting with some of America’s best allies during the NATO summit in Brussels and with the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Theresa May.”

  • Perfick

    In the context of elections, just exactly what is “Meddling” supposed to mean? We hear it over and over and over, ad nauseum. “The Russians meddled in the election.” So? There is no doubt that illegal alien Mexicans more than meddled in the election because I heard one on NPR gleefully stating that although she couldn’t vote because she was “undocumented,” she helped by knocking on hundreds of doors in Hispanic neighborhoods urging occupants to get out and vote for Mrs. Clinton.

    That to me is far viler than anything I have yet heard that the Russians did. It is time for people to come to their senses.

    • the Russian “meddling” which even some prominent anti-Trumpers have admitted didn’t sway the election,consisted mainly of running pseudo conservative FB attack ads(though i don;t remember seeing any…) pretty much a nothing burger

  • Jmanjo

    Shepard is correct that Russia did meddle. But the Dems meddled even more than the Russians! The FBI should have insisted for national security that the DNC servers be inspected then we would have seen how crooked they were. The Russians were nothing compared to or own liberals!

  • Rich

    I’M not so sure. Hillary destroyed anything on her home job server and the DNC never did allow the FBI to look at their server.( Something to hide?) Who, what, how, where, when,and why are the questions that have never been asked. All we get is the DNC’s word for it and they haven’t told the truth in at least ten years.

    There are probably thousands of baseball diamonds in Washington and I am supposed to believe that a guy just happened to be at the right one at six in the morning so he could shoot Republicans? In Chicago we would call that a hit. My BS meter is going wild. I’m not saying the Ruskies are above it, I’m just wondering if they did.

  • lightingengineer

    There are two separate issues here. 1. Did the Trump campaign collude with Russian operatives to somehow change election votes in Trump’s favor? 2. Did Russian operatives independently work through the internet to get access to the DNC purposely unprotected server and did they use social media to affect the opinions of voters in favor of Trump. The Democrat fake news media purposely equates these two issues whenever Trump talks about the special counsel investigating campaign collusion as being a witch hunt. He has never denied the reports of Russian operatives independently working through the internet. However, since his election, possibilities denied by Obama are now assumed as fact only because of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) which is a true brain disorder caused by incessant pounding from fake news. The globalist supported fake news media has purposely hidden our main national problem and that is the federal deficit being driven by the trade deficit. If these graphs do not totally scare you, then you truly suffer from TDS. I wish nothing but the worst for socialist globalist Democrats and their fake news media that care only about power and corruption and could care less about self-reliant and hard working Americans.

  • Shepard is one of the most biased people at Fox; though lately i am really wondering abut Neil Cavuto

  • John Eastin

    if smiths lips are moving,,,,he is lying

  • John Eastin

    now for the bottom line,
    Does anyone think we are not doing the same and have been forever???? Why not, we make thing happen not watch them happen or wonder what happened.

  • If there is anyone out there that voted in the 2016 election and was swayed one way or the other by anything that the Russians did please let me know what, where and how they influenced you, if I don’t hear back I’ll continue to call BS on the whole thing.

  • Louisiana Lady

    Shepard Smith has been obviously anti-Trump from the beginning, and he would believe anything that would put Trump in a bad light. Smith is a gigantic nothingburger.

  • Danny S.

    Shepard Smith is a candidate for a job with CNN. His inability to get past his bias and hate for Trump makes him a failure as a journalist. It is a shame that us conservatives can’t get away from blathering idiots like Shepard. Conservatives are limited to just a few station where we get a chance to hear news that isn’t dominated by anonymous sources and outright lies.