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The Taliban’s Special Nickname for Bowe Bergdahl Will Have You Laughing

Most Americans are familiar with how the Obama administration worked overtime to try to sell the American people the narrative that the Army deserter who they were trading five high-ranking Taliban henchmen for deserved a hero’s welcome.

One of Obama’s go-to mouthpieces, Susan Rice, peddled the line in the media that Bergdahl had, “served with honor and distinction” while Obama himself paraded into the Rose Garden with his arm (bizarrely) wrapped tight around Bergadahl’s mother’s waist as her husband trailed like a puppy behind them.

But it soon came out that Bergdahl was not the hero that Obama would have us believe. According to those he served with, he was a traitor and a deserter. Even worse, that men had died while trying to find him and free him from the Taliban right after he had gone missing.

The new season of the podcast show ‘Serial’ is focusing on Bowe Bergdahl. Which seems timely in light of the fact Bergdahl now faces court martial by the Army. He could spend the rest of his life behind bars, which some think is better than he deserves.

A recent episode of ‘Serial’ features an interview with Taliban member Mujaheed Rahman who said that,

“A dead soldier was worth nothing, but he was captured alive. He was like a golden chicken. He was worth maybe 5,000 men.”

Yep, Bergdahl was the Taliban’s ‘Golden Chicken.’

  • Louis Gamber

    This is what we need! America is WAKING UP!
    Pick the BEAUTY? Spot the Ugly!

  • SDofAZ

    Fitting and BO bought him hook line and sinker!

    • wsurfs .

      NOT TRUE….!! EVIL Barack INSANE Obama, the POS POTUS PUTZ, knew from the get go that Bergdahl was a TRAITOR to our side and a HERO to his side…the muslims…the communists…the marxists….the socialists…the demons….!!! That’s why he made such a big deal of parading Bergdahl in front of the American people as some sort of hero….!! He did this to twist his antiAmerican knife into our American souls even deeper…!!!

      • SDofAZ

        The name, Golden Chicken, is fitting and BO sold him as that special fellow we needed to trade for. I did not say he believed any of it, it was his story and he stuck to it until truth prevailed. You are right, BO is an arrogant narcissistic sociopath with NO Conscience. Everything he does is planned and calculated to bring this country to his fundamental destruction.

        So, cool your jets wsurfs, everyone knows that BO is a consummate liar in chief. When this all happened it was the story of the moment and what was being sold and BO did hang with his story still thinking all of us are morons! Not. What is done in the dark does come to light eventually.

        • wsurfs .

          Agree…You’re right..! However, my point is that I think Obama knew from the get go that Bergdahl was a deserter…!! He actually didn’t sell us Bergdahl at all,,,,he stuffed him down our throats and he did the GITMO deal even without notifying Congress which he was supposed to do, remember the Congressmen complaining about that..! The whole thing STINKS…!! We’re on the same page, SDofAZ, and we’re definitely not morons…! Thanks for your post..!

  • Ddenney1

    Just like 0!! The bad guys know he is a GOLDEN CHICKEN SHIITE!!!!

  • Orion

    “Golden Chicken”? Should have let him roast!

  • wsurfs .

    Bowe Bergdahl should be shot by a firing squad of hung my his “Golden Chicken” neck until he’s DEAD…!! THE same goes for that POS POTUS PUTZ, Barack INSANE Obama and the United States Congress and the Supreme Court….!! They are ALL TREASONOUS TRAITORS….!

  • Surly Curmudgen

    When he is dead someone who does the lettering on head stones add this wording “known to the taliban as the golden chicken”

  • Barbaracvm

    Songbird Johnny is what the North Vietnamese called McCain because he willingly gave them information.

    • A natural born American

      I totally believed that way back the first time I heard it. Look at how many ‘socialist’ issues he’s voted for since first taking office. Thank God nothing ever materialized from his bid to be our POTUS. I really think that had Sarah been the one running for the office the republicans would have had a much better turn out. For one she wouldn’t have chosen the songbird to be her running mate. And she might just have been our first woman president.

      God Help the USA if hillary winds up as president. Even the libt–ds should understand her loyalties MUST lie with the muslims of the Middle East as THEY are the ones who’ve paid for much of her campaign. EVERY candidate is bought to some extent UNLESS they pay for their campaign out of their OWN pocket. Thus far there has only been one candidate who refuses to be bought. The Middle East also paid for much of obama’s campaign — look where HIS loyalties lay? Think of how much easier it will be for his muslim brotherhood to overtake this country ONCE he is able to disarm most Americans. I may be wrong but weren’t they declared outlaws in Egypt? And didn’t he STILL send them something like 60+ BILLION $$?

      • kjenkinsaf

        You folks just ruined Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird for me forever.

        • A natural born American

          Sorry. When I was a young libtard I loved so many songs written for and sung by libtards. Despite slowly evolving into a conservative and gaining a better understanding of those songs, I have to admit I STILL love many of the songs of my youth. And I still listen to some of them.

  • Edd USN Ret.

    Since he is the “GOLDEN CHICKEN” I really believe he needs to be fried in PIG FAT and served up to oBOMB a and family at GITMO with the rest of the muSLIME jihadist.

  • steven

    Obama is the terrorist golden goose.

  • RC

    I don’t understand all the carrying on about Bergdahl. He deserted in the face of the enemy, His fellow soldiers testified to that, yet he’s getting every break someone who might have spit on the sidewalk would get. During WW II people were court martialed, convicted, found guilty and faced a firing squad for less. Now they call it misbehavior? Give me a break. He did wrong should pay without all the publicity.

  • Holy Joe

    Bergdahl, the ‘Golden Chicken’ I love it – with the other ‘Golden Chicken’ putz in the Whitehouse, they make quite a pair of dumb clucks.

  • tinkerunique

    NOTHING mentioned about the $5M that also went with the “Gitmo 5”.

  • charlie Hall

    Can you say Eddie Slovik?

    • Dissolute

      Yep. Firing squad. Bullets are cheap.

      • charlie Hall

        A rope is cheaper AND REUSABLE

  • Dissolute

    Bergdahl is a delusional, contemptible punk and it is galling that fine young men were harmed or killed during the search for him after he deserted.

    He may consider himself exceedingly lucky that none of the unfortunate young men saddled with the responsibility of finding him was one of my sons. Despicable twerp.