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The Taliban’s Special Nickname for Bowe Bergdahl Will Have You Laughing

Most Americans are familiar with how the Obama administration worked overtime to try to sell the American people the narrative that the Army deserter who they were trading five high-ranking Taliban henchmen for deserved a hero’s welcome.

One of Obama’s go-to mouthpieces, Susan Rice, peddled the line in the media that Bergdahl had, “served with honor and distinction” while Obama himself paraded into the Rose Garden with his arm (bizarrely) wrapped tight around Bergadahl’s mother’s waist as her husband trailed like a puppy behind them.

But it soon came out that Bergdahl was not the hero that Obama would have us believe. According to those he served with, he was a traitor and a deserter. Even worse, that men had died while trying to find him and free him from the Taliban right after he had gone missing.

The new season of the podcast show ‘Serial’ is focusing on Bowe Bergdahl. Which seems timely in light of the fact Bergdahl now faces court martial by the Army. He could spend the rest of his life behind bars, which some think is better than he deserves.

A recent episode of ‘Serial’ features an interview with Taliban member Mujaheed Rahman who said that,

“A dead soldier was worth nothing, but he was captured alive. He was like a golden chicken. He was worth maybe 5,000 men.”

Yep, Bergdahl was the Taliban’s ‘Golden Chicken.’