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Ted Cruz Wrecks Bernie Sanders

In a debate in which his opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) referred to the Koch brothers twelve times, Sen. Ted. Cruz (R-TX) wrecked Democrats’ attempts to “scaremonger” about the dangers of big money in politics.

Political funding for Democrats and the broader left eclipses that for Republicans and the broader right, said Cruz on Wednesday during a CNN-hosted town hall debate in Washington, D.C.

Cruz noted that the largest political donors primarily fund Democrats:

You know, there’s a pattern you see of Democrats, which is they try to scaremonger. And so their latest villain is the Koch brothers, and they say this money and politics is what it’s all about.

But, you know, John Adams said facts are stubborn things. Here are some facts. You look at 2014. In 2014, of the top 20 groups that gave money to politics, I guess listening to Bernie they were all Republican, no? That’s not the case. Sixteen of the top 20 gave primarily to Democrats.

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  • Ddenney1

    People ned to WAKE UP! FOX sent some one to COLLEGE CAMPUSES and presented the GOP tax plan and it was hated BUT when the EXACT same plan was presented as BERNIE’S plan they LOVED IT!! Parents nedd to be sure their KIDS are NOT INDOCTRINATED and really know the truth BRFORE you turn the over to the PROFESSIONAL CONS IN ACADEMIA!!!!! It is up to us what our children BELIEVE AND LIVE BY!!!!

    • Gary Smith

      Well said

      • nosmiley

        Do you guess it has anything to do with the Republican’s long history of telling lies, and stealing ( remember the Bush brothers, and the old man?) Sorry, but their actions over the years cause me ignore anything they state as the truth. You do remember ol’ Prescott Bush, that patriotic jerk, that was manager of Union National Bank in New York ? When the second world war broke out, the U.S. government closed the bank “for trading with the enemy” as the govt. put it. It’s easy to read about. Just look up Union National Bank of New York. If you feel all the sources are lying, try looking it up in The Federal Register. You will have to have above mediocre intelligence to find it. It’s not hidden, but still a bit difficult to use, because it contains all notable information on each day’s business of the government. Folks like the Bush family, the most crooked family in the nation’s history aren’t big enough to get it whitewashed, or removed. ” closed for trading with the enemy,” in simple terms, Bush was laundering money for the Nazi regime- Somehow those little American flags that all Republicans seem to consider mandatory for their suit coats, just doesn’t have much meaning for me, when it’s on a Republican coat. Another good example- I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to call the Turnip a “statesman”, because he doesn’t fit the standard definition in the least. Like using ” Conservative” about a party that year in and year out, spends more than folks that never use the term in their party. But feel free to twist around, and make it OK.

        • Keith

          Talk about liars let’s talk about Russian collusion, Obamacare,urainium one, pay to play, e-mails, open boarders, not teaching American history in schools, black lives matter, etc…….. keep drinking the Marxist kool aid and one day your going to wake up with a historical head ache !

        • Bernie

          You make this way too easy.
          I grew up on the South Side of Chicago.
          For years and lasting until today, I have seen and heard the democrats exploiting and lying to prople of color.
          Their phoniness makes it easier and easier every day that this once-proud democrat (me), is now a “racist”, “bigoted”, “woman hating”, “deplorable” conservative voter.
          I truly feel sorry that this great nation with their “little American flags on their suits” do not have much meaning to you.
          I am sorry that you’re not doing well and the system has left you behind.
          Oh, and the precise reason “Turnip” (how original) was elected is all because he is not a statesman.
          Isn’t it amazing that the Clintons left the White House, according to them, “Totally broke and in debt”, but today they’re worth a quarter of a billion dollars? Could it be money laundering?
          Is so easy making a cumquat like you look foolish.
          Your turn….

  • Randy Brown

    I don’t know what debate you watch but everything you said in this article is a lie. Everyone know the Koch Brothers and other big donors give to Republicans that’s why the Koch’s told Republicans they were cutting off funds if they didn’t pass Onamacare repeal and replacement, so stop the lies. Cruz was there basically just for TV time.

    • lordhoff

      Missed the point, eh? Of course they do; it just is small compared to Democrat doners when taken as a whole.

  • 1josephg1

    bernie sanders is one of the biggest hypocrites there is. Look how much money he is worth. How come he is not giving his money away to fund the causes he wants US to fund? If you do not know the answer I would suggest that you relinquish your voters card.

    • nosmiley

      How come Donald Turnip pledges millions to today’s largest non-profits, but they don’t have information, going back years, that he ever actually gave a dime ??? The lists are there, but no Turnip is on them.
      If you don’t know the answer. go back to Kindergarten and start over. Each time YOUR president opens his mouth, a new lie spews forth. Your boy Turnip also maintains he graduated first in class at Wharton. Interestingly, he is not listed as number one, or ANY of the 53 students on the dean’s list. ( Hint; he never would have been accepted at Wharton , because of his earlier poor grades. A “friend” approached the Board, and stated that Turnips family “might” donate money. Wharton is still waiting. Keep in mind, that if I watch my university’s newsletter, I can donate as little as $ 100, and be put on a framed list, hung in a hall somewhere on campus. Not a bronze plaque, but a framed document, under glass, that states that I donated, and the amount.
      In that your judgment was so off on the election of the Turnip, please understand why more folks have no confidence in what you state. Sorry…….

  • lordhoff

    Umm, that’s been known forever. It’s why the Democrat Party is called the party of special interests with all their rich special interest groups like the eco-nazis.