Tillerson’s Firing Raises Blackmail Talks

Former Senator Robert Torricelli (D-NJ) recently claimed that the firing of Rex Tillerson might have been forseen, “those who still do not believe that there’s a problem in the governance of the United States, that the Russians have something on Donald Trump that is silencing or compromising the good judgment of our presidency, stay tuned.”

Torricelli stated, “It certainly is not good for job security to call the president of the United States an f-ing moron. I understand that, and maybe this was coming — the firing, anyway, for a myriad of reasons, as John has suggested. But the juxtaposition of a nerve gas being used on the streets of London to kill an agent, outrage by the British government, the secretary of the United States taking a strong, principled position, and the White House being silent, and 24 hours later, the secretary of state is fired. Coincidence? Maybe, but for those who still do not believe that there’s a problem in the governance of the United States, that the Russians have something on Donald Trump that is silencing or compromising the good judgment of our presidency, stay tuned. You have not heard of last of this today. We — not Democrats, we, Americans, everybody watching, we have a problem.”

  • Herbert Davis II

    Yes with have a problem. It’s called the Democratic party.

    • George Gerster

      I will never vote for a democrat again, and yes, I have voted for a dem. before, namely that bastard Johnson, and look what that got me and the rest of the country!!!

      • Medic RN

        Don’t feel bad. I voted for Obama….twice. S***!!! Yuk !!
        McCain was a Bush third term. Romney was an untried unknown.
        What we got was our freedom from white guilt proving blacks have every opportunity including the presidency. But a hateful, Indonesian, Jihadist Muslim bent on destroying America was a huge price to pay.

        • Dan Creato

          Medic RN…you ARE on a roll!

          • Medic RN

            Thanks Dan. A roll? Try this:
            Bush #1 was a globalist devoid of national needs. Clinton was…distracted. Bush#2 didn’t want the job. Obama was a racist, hateful Muslim Brotherhood Jihadist promised to return America to the dirt without getting stopped or caught. 28 years of empty American leadership. No wonder we’re coming out of this toilet? MAGA

          • Dan Creato

            This is not a swamp, it is a cesspool, as in man made, and self sustaining.
            THE DONALD, is the only person who could possibly deflect, or stop this fast moving train from continuing to destroy our country from within.

          • Medic RN

            Did you watch Jesse Watters interviewing protesting high school students “America was never great”? The liberal toilet has become a deep s***hole effecting our children. I’ll know we’ve won when the pledge of alligence is practiced again. Otherwise, kneelers are traitors. Their act is their own public confession. Antifa is their armed, NAZI branch. Our constitution allows them a voice. In power, HRC would eliminate that first, free ownership of arms second….just like Hitler did. America would benefit with liberals supervised in cages.

      • Dan Creato

        Ah yes, LBJ…biggest crook to ever come out of Texas, according to many Texas friends.

        • GomeznSA

          He may not be the biggest – well IIRC he was 6’4″ – but he is definitely a CONtender for the title………….

    • Stephen Howe

      When I was a callow college student I was very much into the “hell no, we won’t go” mindset. Although I was never an Angela Davis supporter, nor any admired other negro communist agitator, I was definitely anti-Nixon. That was then, this is now.

      The Demwit Crybaby Party of Poor Losers is irreparably mentally ill and utterly committed to the destruction of America, our Constitution, Bill of Rights & Way of Life. I sincerely & quite sadly cannot conceive of any sort of future that does not include a shooting Civil War. There is no possible way to compromise with libtards.

      Soros & his lefti$t army must be removed from contention.

    • You can help! . . . .Vote! . . . . And bring as many with you as you can!

  • Medic RN

    Wake up ! Trump is like nothing Washington has ever seen. He’s not “A president”; He’s THE president. One of the common sense people with a common sense view of the world and America’s place in it. Bring tired old beltway views; same ‘ol same, get nothing done, make no wave or change? Get stepped on like a turd in the Trump stampede to drain the swamp. Tillerson, McCabe, Comey DID….for starters ! America has been returned to Americans. Come out and stand where we can see you. Bring a spatula so we can clean you off our shoes.

    • Dan Creato

      Well spoken Medic RN…are you related to Ann Coulter?

      • Medic RN

        Identical political twins….except she’s much prettier. Thanks Dan

        • Dan Creato

          I was thinking writing style and content, but beauty comes from within.

          • Medic RN

            Yes. And more thanks.

  • Haus

    Too many “professional governing agents” are in the state and federal government. Our governing bodies used to be a Volunteer Governing bodies. You went to the local, state or federal level for one to two terms if you were good and then back home to pick up your primary lifestyle. You volunteered 2 years, 4 years, 6 years, or maybe up to 12 years of your life to serving the people of this country then go home to pick up your life and your profession of your choosing. your profession was never politics/governing. I still believe that this should be re-instituted. professional politicians are outlawed aren’t they? I remember in my constitution class that the framers expressly forbid professional politicians due to the corrupting nature of politics and governing. I believe we need to get back to the framers original intent of the Volunteer Government and the Constitution.

  • Fry

    This is why I hate all politicians always blaming someone else ALL THAT’S BECAUSE THEY WERE LAWYERS AND HATE PEOPLE WHO CAN CHANGE THINGS FOR THE GOOD

  • J. P. Lynch

    Will we ever be able to correct the 8 years of obama destruction, and the infiltration
    of communists and Muslims, and BLM, black panthers, etc., into our government. ??
    Draining the swamp of careers politicians will take a long time, if ever. (?)
    Term limits are needed for senators and house reps!! None of this would have ever been this evident if pig Hillary had been elected to pick up where obama left off.
    Trump’s mere existance as President is driving the democrats and the deep state within our government to the brink!!
    I pray President Trump can get loyal people in place soon!!

    • Dan Creato

      AMEN! J. P.

  • Jmanjo

    For goodness sake, never ask a Democrat anything if you want a believable answer. This Is just another jackass that has no clue what he is talking about. I used to thank only fools like Maxine Waters were looney but looks like all liberals and Democrats are nuts to the degree of almost demonic in their instability.

    • “Democrats are nuts to the degree of almost demonic in their instability.”
      by golly Jmanjo, I think you have tripped over something here. In fact I don’t think there is any other answer. I’m thinking the ol devil is pulling out all the stops on this out of control final countdown to his latest and greatest effort to destroy all traces of Christianity and Judaism and set up his little one world religion, which of course will be worship of him alone. The final battle between good and evil is right on track.

    • GomeznSA

      IIRC Torricelli had his own ‘issues’ which is mainly why he is a former senator. IOW, he ain’t got any reason to be critical of any one else.

  • Joanne Hamilton


  • George Matyas

    Lets think about this, congress supported the measure to make it more difficult to control opioids by the DEA, The number of people taking opioids in 2015 was 91800000, I am sorry if I question their concern about America.

  • So is the dimdem/socio/commie toreaceli expecting a bunch of “we Americans” to jump on his little suspicions of Trump bandwagon? YES there IS a “problem in the governance of the United States” it’s called treasonous constitution hating nation destroying democrats who totally hate, and are being as big a problem as they can be to, the elected president. The damned lying freaks.

  • Tom

    What might you think of this? The student demonstrations for better gun controls (or just a day out of school) are receiving some national press. Before it all dies as the students lose interest, they should be advised/convinced that term limits might very well enhance the possibility of positive, yet thoughtful legislative action. Get them demonstrating for that objective. Ya, I know. A snowball in hell. A tortoise safely crossing an 8 lane expressway.