Trump Backers Attack Anderson Cooper

What happens whenever terror strikes in America? What can you count on to happen for sure?

Yes, Americans will laugh in the face of the attackers and go about their busy lives (just as New Yorkers did when they went out into the night on Halloween after a terror attack left 8 dead and 11 wounded).

No, it’s the sudden influx of “journalists” into the strike zone — rushing in like moths to a flame to do breathless reports from the streets to show that, hey, we’re just like you, man, out on the street.

Well, that didn’t go so well Tuesday night for CNN’s Anderson Cooper. No, everything was fine at his $4.3 million pad in Greenwich Village. But Cooper had to go from CNN’s midtown offices down to (gasp!) lower Manhattan so he could give his important insight about the terror attack.

Some fans of President Trump were there to greet him.

As Cooper, standing on the street, read an intro for a reporter, a woman can be heard yelling from off-screen: “You’re reporting on an ISIS attack, right?” Cooper, looking a bit annoyed, glances off screen, then carries on.

Then a man shouts “Where’s Kathy!?”, apparently referring to Kathy Griffin, a longtime Cooper pal who was fired from CNN after releasing photos of herself holding a rubber model of Trump’s decapitated head, covered in blood.

Then the woman jumps back in and twists the dagger, hard: “Are you going to tell us how evil Trump is?” She twists again, even harder. “How’s the travel ban looking now?!”


  • Austinniceguy

    He’s a brainless idiot who continues to support H. Rotten Clowntwat in spite of the overwhelming proof of her corruption so this won’t bother him in the least.

    • I care

      your right, Cooper a little girl who would crap his panties if even slapped by a REAL GIRL.

      • ipsd48

        To paraphrase something from facebook; Anderson Cooper is like an old TV; you have to slap it a couple times to get it to work

  • jack

    ooo I like that woman ! C N N should get out and stop trying to bury our country with false news ( SORRY < FAKE NEWS )

  • richard black

    LMAO !!!

  • Medic RN

    You can only kick the tiger so long. Eventually, it will rip you to pieces. Today, Antifa is planning to begin their attack…on the tiger; Hillary’s “basket of deplorables”….all of whom are way better armed….and frustrated as hell at liberal arrogance, lying and stupidity.

    • richard black

      i know werewolves bark at the moon..but do demoncraps ??? apparently so !!!

      • I care

        Yes ,behind the sofa

  • James

    Just another stupid fact to bother you folks. The attacker was not from one of the banned countries so he would have been here with or without the ban.

    • Wumingren

      You make an excellent point for broadening the ban to include all Muslim countries.

      • James

        That’s right, if we’re going to be racists let make sure we include all Muslim countries.

        • Wumingren

          Check your definition of “racist.” Muslims are not a race. Muslims are theocratics that rule across racial divides in the name of Allah. You hate Christians for moralizing and judging how you live, but you fail to see that Muslims not only judge how you live, they also carry out vengeful sentencing on all infidels. Christians leave the sentencing up to God and only hope to lead sinners away from sin.

          • James

            You should revisit the Bible. There are many places calling for violence against non believers and sinners. The punishment is not left to God. Does that mean that we blame all Christians for violent acts by other Christians.

          • Wumingren

            Yes, revisit the Bible, but differentiate between Old and New Testaments, i.e., Old Covenant and New. And, no, we do not condone violent acts committed by Christians, but we do call them out for it (murders of abortionists, for example) rather than, say, dancing in the streets following mass murders of non-Muslims.

    • You’re right. He came in under Chuck “the schmuck” shumers brilliant plan to give away visas in a lottery. Typical leftist moron

      • James

        Ignoring the facts again. Why am I surprised. This was a bipartisan bill signed into law by George Bush. In 2013 a group of 8 Republican and Democratic senators including Schumer wanted to end the bill but it didn’t happen. But why bother with the truth when alternative facts work so much better.

        • Speaking of ignoring the facts. You cut and pasted a very small part of the total from Google. Wow! You must be a genius for being so smart. It was a stupid program to begin with and Schumer only made it dumber. And saying it was signed into law by Bush 41 doesn’t make it any less dumb. Bush 41, in my opinion, was only slightly less evil and stupid than owe-bama and bush 43. Had you read the entire definition of the Diversity Visa you wpuld have plainly seen it was aimed at the Irish who for some reason were seen to have been discriminated against in the past. Then schumer and his fellow morons decided to expand it to other countries who do not have a large immigrant population. If you can’t see what a stupid program this was and is, well. I guess that says more about your IQ than it does about anything else.

          • James

            All I’m trying to say is blaming Schumer for the program because you don’t like him rather then acknowledging that he only had one vote in the House. A minimum of 217 other House members had to agree with him. When the Gang of 8 tried to pass legislation to reform the immigration system and end the Diversity Lottery, it passed the Senate but was defeated in the Republican controlled House.

          • OK, I did let my absolute hatred for schumer cloud my response. I almost get sick to my stomach every time I see him with his glasses hanging off his nose lecturing me and all other Americans on how we should think, act, and vote.

          • James

            I can understand that. I’d be lying if I said that never happened to me.

          • Peace 😉

          • James

            My concern is folks seem to turn towards hating all the folks who don’t agree with them. In the old days people with political disagreement could have a civil discourse about their opposing views without bringing hate into the conversation. Not anymore.

  • Ginger

    If Anderson Cooper wanted to save any sense of credibility as a journalist, he would leave CNN and stop pushing the BS agenda of the left. It’s very sad how now he has become the poster child for fake news.

  • Edward Perkins

    Its hard to fathom the management of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, Wash. Post, USA Today, etc being clearly UNABLE to recognize that their corporate and personal futures are going to be defined by what they do and don’t do regarding Hillary’s possibly treasonous revelations in the last week. Add to that what Brazille has brought forth and it should become clear to 90% of the public that Hillary, the DNC, and Obama have all violated the public’s trust and the voters hopes they placed in them. TRUTH matters, even the uneducated know that but the corporate media and those allied with them don’t seem to grasp this. IF Ed Gillespie wins in VA, this coming Tuesday I believe that tells us the public is waking up to what has been going on by the media and its cohorts and all hell is going brake forth, hopefully against them and Antifa.

  • jim hogan

    she was keeping the dumb ass off guard, thats keeping him the deer in the head light look, BRAVO to her…

  • Donna Wasley

    Yippy. A way to tell the truth to this liberal idiot reporter who don’t seem to realize these people are evil and want to kill and destroy us. CNN is a bunch of lying traitors to America supporting Killery and Obummer who have tried to ruin our country with greed and corruption.

  • harley93

    Cooper is just another libtard A-Hole. How many gay anchors do we need on TV!

    • EdWatts


  • conc11111

    Yes democrats are idiots,they stand up and tell us everyday.

  • Joecolt

    I would be Honored to meet the People who Attacked Anyone from CNN, The Sad Fact is New York looks Lost after 911 and all the Other Attacks from Terrorist around the World this one will Blow right By like all the Others, Liberal Insanity Owns New York just Like California, We Have a Mayor who Should be Tared and Feathered and Run Out of Town, and the Sad Fact is he will be Elected again by these Liberal Morons, When he was Elected we had a Police Task Force Fighting Terrorist the Same Mosque this Terrorist just came from in New Jersey was also the Same Mosque the First Attack on the Trade Center with a Truck Bomb, Our Task-force was Investigating this Mosque, It Seems the Muslims from this Mosque got in touch with Muslims Overseas and Called our Mayor Complaining of Profiling, and his Lack to Foster Better Relations with Muslims, So This Idiot Disbanded our Task Force and the Investigation into this Mosque? Now I don’t Know, but when we went after the Italian Mob, we looked at Italians, We did not Care about Profiling or any kind of Political Correctness we just needed to Catch Bad Guys, Until this Liberal Madness, and Pure Insanity came into play. Liberal Democrats Don’t Care one bit if Trump is Right with his Policy’s they only know if Trump gets them in Place they are Finished, that’s the Only Reason they are Against everything he does or Says. No Normal Person would fight most of Trumps Policy’s, they are for the Safety of the American Public and America for the Most Part. Yet Liberal Democrats Refuse, Obstruct, Block and Resist every one of them. They are even Fighting Tax Cuts. After they Lost because of doing Nothing for the American People for the Past 8 years, you would think they would come around to do something for the American People but the care more about Illegal’s and Outsiders then Americans.??????? Vote them Out or watch our Country decay.

  • Robert Pekarik

    It’s a foregone conclusion that the corrupt to the core liberal progressive democrat communists and their swamp dwelling RINO’s buddies will slowly but surely become a laughingstock to we the people. These anti-American main stream media communists continue to forget one very important fact———They live in the United States of America and we the people love God, our nation and our families. Continue to destroy any one of these rock solid values and you will lose.

    • Bfor Real

      Liberal, progressive democrats love God, our nation, and our families too! It’s the extreme conservative, Republicans that are corrupt! Look at the news, the real news not FOX.

      • Robert Pekarik

        It’s the liberal progressive democrats who have removed God from our schools, our cities, our states and you are the ones who continue to put all of America in danger by filing idiotic lawsuits to allow terrorists to enter our nation. It is liberal progressive democrats who support, encourage and celebrate the killing of millions of children in the womb. It is liberal progressive democrats who lie to we the people on a consistent basis. It is liberal progressive democrats who’s agenda and policies are trying to turn our nation into a communist socialist cesspool. It is the liberal progressive democrats who take the side of the illegal criminal aliens who murder and terrorize American citizens and are plotting daily to murder and terrorize American citizens. Fox reports these actions by the corrupt to the core democrat party. The main stream media covers them up and expects people like you to follow along like good little useful idiots. Wake up, you are part of the problem by not seeking the truth. The only reason your corrupt and immoral politicians hate our President is because he has exposed their corruption and criminality.

  • Andrew Molina

    Pandering piss ant in touch with his feminine side; recommend he not wear his emotional confliction on his sleeve


    ALL RIGHT ! Can ‘t top that. Chuck Adkins

  • big KAhuna

    Why even wast your time talking to this Caboose Bandit?? He is not worthy of our attention. He works for fake news and his values suck- literally.

  • Janetta Prussia

    Hes Gloria Vanderbilts only child he doesnt have to be a sleezy reporter, he does it because he really is a sleezy “Change Agent!”

  • wayne g dearry

    The blade isn’t worth commenting about.

  • Rex Stevenson

    Don’t be too hard on Anderson or he will run home crying to his husband.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Just what do expect from a fag?