Trump Called Not Racist But Racially Insensitive

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) is claiming that President Trump is definitely racially insensitive.

Partial transcript as follows:

BRENNAN: Do you think that President Trump and his administration have deepened this divide? Have you seen any signs of hope that they’re helping to bridge it?

SCOTT: I will say that when I went to the president after the Charlottesville incident, he asked me what could he do? We were not on the same page as it relates to the history of race in this nation. But we found common – a common position on legislative remedies that could help people in distressed communities. The opportunity zones that we’re talking about throughout this country, the president said he would commit to supporting that legislation. He did. It’s now law and now 50 million Americans may see reasons to breathe hopefully about the future because of that legislation that will bring more resources into distressed communities.

BRENNAN: After Charlottesville you said the president is not a racist but he is racially insensitive.


BRENNAN: Is that still what you believe?

SCOTT: Absolutely. Yeah, the president is not a racist, but is he racially insensitive? I think the answer is yes.

BRENNAN: You haven’t seen an improvement in language or in actions by the Justice Department.

SCOTT: Well I can’t – I can’t say whether or not the entire administration reflects his position. I will say that he has been very positive on legislative remedies. I think if you follow the facts what you’ll find is that unemployment rates within the African-American community at six point nine percent haven’t been this low in almost two decades. The Hispanic community hasn’t been this low in almost two decades. The fact is that the policy position of the administration is moving this country in the right direction economically. We still have to work on the tone and the rhetoric.

  • Stephen Howe

    Anyone who doesn’t kiss the collective negro foot is “racially insensitive.” Honestly, GET OVER BEING A VICTIM, yo! The only lingering “racism” in America is of negro origin. Whites just want to be left alone and want NOTHING to do with negro crime, ignorance, violence, etc. Negroes want segregation as much if not more than whites…one word…”Wakanda”

    • SeanM62

      How about Americans? I mean Native Americans? They worked for 5 years to develop a plan for the Bears Ears National Monument to protect their religious freedom. They suggested 1.9 million acres, Obama gave them 1.2 and then Trump cut it by 85 percent. All that because Trump hates Indians – they out-competed them in the casino business and they are dark – and Utah Mormons cannot stand the thought of Indians having anything in the state. The People were proactive, did their homework and got screwed. Race, my man. Race, being a victim but not acting the victim – working toward a constructive end and being shafted. Get the picture?

      • Ben

        You really are hung up on the race card aren’t you…? Most of the up-to-date liberals have given up on trying to prove Trump is racist – with no proof, they had to drop that, and then accuse his wife of wearing the wrong shoes, then accused her of not holding his hand, then him using 2 hands to hold a glass of water, then tried to charge him with collusion and that turned out to be baseless and foolish, then he was a terrible guy for firing disloyal, corrupt liar Comey…now all ‘good’ liberals have moved on to trying to prove he had an affair…To be an official Trump Hater…you need to keep trying to find something that he’s done wrong but = FYI…if you want to see a real live racist…look at Obama …but the ‘Racism’ charge against the least racist POTUS ever….just shows how out of date you are.

  • Santiago Tello

    Trump is accused of being insensitive for towards gays, blacks, whites, LGBT, lefties, righties, people that play animals, and everything else! Fercryingoutloud! Let him do his job.

    • George Jetson

      Problem is he’s having difficulty doing that as well. Doing his job. in addition, he’s overly sensitive and needs to close his twitter account.

    • SeanM62

      “Let him do his job?” In between golf games or trysts with porn stars?

      • George Jetson

        HAHAHahaha!!! Excellent! Although I wouldn’t mind a little Storm between my golf games.

        • SeanM62

          Wouldn’t we all. I’d just skip the golf.

      • John T Koszalka

        Sean The 2nd part was not necessary. The man is doing his job through all the muck, and mire being thrown at him. In my 83 years this is the hardest working President that has held this office. You may disagree with that, but you are going to have to tell me different. He could just be sitting back enjoying his life instead at 70 years old he chooses to serve we the people (aka) THE DEPLORABLE ONES. God Bless President Trump.

        • SeanM62

          If I had a 4-hour work day and 3-day golf weekends before retirement, I would have died of boredom. Not our orange laddie who seems to thrive on lack of work.

          • cal3301

            Trump’s a workaholic, he’s always been. He averages over 11 hours of work a day and less than four hours of sleep a night if you had bothered to listen to the news! Not like the daily golf playing, vacation taking, party every weekend in the White House, Obama!!!!

          • SeanM62

            If you include the 7 hours Trump watches Fox News to get his daily security briefs, you may be right.

          • cal3301

            You’re a sick old man. You’re just jealous!!!! Get a life, being miserable gets you nowhere!!!!!!!

      • Terry Butts

        You seem confused it was OBAMA that spent all his time on HOLIDAYS etc. the Affordable care act (as it is misnamed) was not even legally signed by him he had the auto-pen sign it so his RELIGIOUS HOLIDAY in a FOREIGN NATION was not interrupted.

        Obama’s vacations

        versus Trump’s vacations.

        IF using an AUTO PEN to sign legislation is somehow constitutional then we need no presidents congress can simply have a machine sign what they pass with NO SAFE GUARDS in place. Why stop there how about AUTO VOTING MACHINES we can streamline the entire process and remove PEOPLE completely just have machines AUTO IMPOSE legislation based on who wrote it instead of the PEOPLE having a say in or control of the laws created in this nation after all that is what the liberals have wanted for decades.

        The entire point of the CHECKS and BALANCES established by the founders of this nation was to protect the constitution and rights of the people each SECTION of the government is supposed to read the ENTIRE LEGISLATION before voting on or signing that legislation not rely on a SUMMERY or vote on/sign it WITHOUT EVEN READING IT.

        Trump is STAYING within the LIMITS the constitution places on the office while trying to RESTORE LAW AND ORDER to this nation something the past several presidents IGNORED to placate FOREIGN NATIONALS and the UN in violation of their oath of office.

        They have provided NO PROOF of any of the allegations against Trump that they started SPOUTING before he was even sworn in because they still can not stand that much of the COMMUNIST PROGRESS in this nation is being UNDONE by someone once again trying to RETURN this government to following the constitution and PROTECTING ITS CITIZENS Constitutional rights while even CONGRESS is trying to abolish those rights in an effort to become the TYRANTS the founders warned about when they CREATED the only nation where people had true free speech and freedom of RELIGION.

        Obama himself stated AS HE SIGNED the DACA deal that had a BUILT IN EXPIRATION DATE that it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL. When it EXPIRED the media and liberals threw a fit BLAMING TRUMP as if his refusal to VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION as well by extending it was him somehow ACTIVELY cancelling it or being RACISTS etc. when it was simply allowing the CONSTITUTIONAL immigration laws to be enforced again.

      • Awwwwwwwwww shuduuup! You must be an Obama Dem & you’re just mad because Trump is cleaning up all of O’s treasonous destruction of the American Republic.

        • SeanM62

          Are you a comedy writer for Faux Noise? Bratbarf?

      • 1josephg1

        don’t get smart. Stay like you are!

        • SeanM62

          I’ll try, but it won’t be easy.

      • Ronald Hagler

        Sean, Sean, Sean…Obama played more golf than Trump ever will. At least President Trump has not forced two of our military personnel to postpone their PLANNED Hawaiian wedding while he played a round of golf; as did Obama. Never mind the preparations, food being preserved and friends and relatives who were flown to Hawaii for the wedding….Obama decided to play golf that morning and nothing was going to stand in his WAY!!!! Do you think President Trump would be so callous as to do that? Obama abandoned protocol, by-passed Congress and acted more as a ruler than a leader, yet you criticize a President who is trying to save U.S. jobs, arrange for corporations to return to U.S. soil, rehire displaced U.S. workers, and reduce the ever-increasing flow of illegal aliens coming here and further draining our financial resources. Like the liberal DNC minions who came before you, you ignorantly trash President Trump. I suppose you are confusing education with intelligence.

      • George Matyas

        There is only one race on earth (homo sapiens) so lets stop complaining about nothing. The term should be bigoted, and everyone now and than can be a bigot . skin color does not determine race, people are all shades, from white to black. golf games is true but porn stars is fake news. He has done more for the people (85%) while Obama only helped the 2% elites and 13% of the bottom poor.

    • rivahmitch

      Quite honestly, I don’t give a damn about his purported “sensitivities” . What I care about is his performance which, thus far has been quite good.

  • Junius Graham

    Can you trust Scott, after all he has become Lindsey Graham’s Rino brother. They both are in the same bed with Soros.

    • George Jetson

      Another Soros crybaby. Anyone against the President in your teeny tiny little mind is in cahoots with Soros. Just another foolish conspiracist. Go home to your Daddy Putin.

      • Junius Graham

        No liberal ever speaks the truth, they are only good at calling names. They never check facts.

  • neo rambo

    maybe racist has been called out so much that the folks don’t know when there is someone trying to help all of America. that being said he is also doing the right thing putting America dreamers first and dumping the illegals in the trash bin where they belong.

    • George Jetson

      The true definition of a racist and a nationalist. They should stand you next to the President and then they would see who the extremist really is.

  • Virginia Ping

    What a jackass the government can’t make people who hate the color of a person change the government is not supposed to get into our lives like that and if they could the first people who should change is black people because they hate white people just because we are white

    • SeanM62

      “the government is not supposed to get into our lives like that.” Correct, but Christianity preaches to love thy neighbor as thyself. Looks like Christianity has been a failure in the US.

  • Daniel Brofford

    Well if ppl in minority communities are doing better economically and trumps policies are helping in education what do you want for us to praise you everyday? Not going to happen if that is being racially insensitive then I don’t know what to tell you ppl. We want for you to do as well as white ppl. We want for you to live the American dream but we are not going to give you perferential treatment which I think is what some of you want. Equal treatment is the most you’re going to get. So quit because the more you try to get something for nothing the more we will not want to give you anything. STOP the BS.

  • Medic RN

    Will you get over yourself?
    We’re not black or white. That’s antique! We’re red, white & blue. America is waayyy bigger than social group colors. Don’t you see that? Don’t you know that?
    Don’t wait for me to join you in your self-pity potty. America has opportunity to be whoever, whatever you desire to be. Don’t like where you are? Change it!

  • alpambuena

    most of us are fed up and tired of the race card…..everytime we talk about preventing voter fraud or beefing up border security….the race card is pulled out. maybe that’s the problem..we allow the race baiters and these over sensitive gender freaks to control the narrative…which prevents us from getting anything done,,,,,personally I could care less if someone gets offended….the issues that are ruining this country are way too important….

  • SeanM62

    Trump is “racially insensitive” and Bibi Netanyahu loves Arabs and Santa Claus will come in December. Forget it. Trump is a racist. In the words of the immortal Sen. Jake Garn, “Let’s call a spade a spade.”

    • Ben

      Maybe you could post some of the examples of our POTUS’ racism or are you just continuing to spout liberal talking points without any justification?

      • SeanM62

        Let’s start with Native Americans. He was out-competed by their casinos and never forgave them. He took his ire out by reducing Bears Ears National Monument by 85%. Native leaders worked for 5 years of planning and coordinating to establish a religious haven for 5 tribes on land held sacred by them. It is the ONLY time Americans have requested a national monument be set aside for 5 genuine American religions. In one action, Trump screwed these Americans and trounced religious freedom. By reducing Bears Ears and also Grand Staircase-Escalante NM he is opening up thousands of sacred cultural sites to oil, coal and uranium mining and eternal destruction, egged on my local Mormons who are also racist. BTW local Mormons have a local industry digging up American graves for fun and profit. There is a start to decribe his racism.

        • Ben

          You stated “He was out-competed by their casinos and never forgave them.” I don’t believe this qualifies as “racism’ It sounds more like revenge against a business competitor…regardless of race … that is a very weak attempt to make that about race…… sorry

          Once again…Trump promised, before the election, and in fact was elected to correct the failed policies of Clinton and Obama by eliminating their over-reaches of power [including] when they ignorantly expanded these state controlled areas. Once again…this has nothing to do with racism,religion, screwing the Indians, politics or mining natural resources … this is about returning land to the states.

          Again, I’m sorry that your efforts to criticize our POTUS is based on biased talking points from fake news. I know that liberals use “racism” as the go-to insult and it’s long been their generic defamation when they have nothing else, but please don’t allow liberal hatred and bitterness to cloud your mind where you cannot think responsibly. I’ll accept your apology in advance.

  • NCnative

    The problem is not whether or not Trump is racially insensitive, but whether or not the racist are still racist over their objections. The truth is, it is basically the racist that are the ones complaining the most about racism in the country, because they need the racism in order to justify their own hate and segregation discrimination. The loudest complaints are by those that demand the right to discriminate because of their own racism towards others, better known as the BLM, a cornerstone of the Leftist agenda. The Left needs hate, the Left needs complaints of racism, the Left requires hatred against the common citizen that doesn’t bow in submission to their dictates. I don’t think that Trump is racist, but I do believe that the strongest voices against Trump are the racist that the Left needs.

    • SeanM62

      You are projecting, as psychologists term it.

  • Sorry Mr. Scott you are wrong, Trump is just the opposite it was Obama that was incentive calling for South American countries to send their children across Mexico, many raped, and killed before getting here. This is a crime against those people. The right way to come to this country is to apply but the democrats do not like that. They are going to be woken up this election and 2020 election when you will have record numbers of legal Hispanics voting for Trump along with increases in the blacks voting for Trump and the unions voting for Trump except maybe the teachers unions because they have an agenda and it is not good for the students of this country.

  • shooterg

    Shouldn’t we all be insensitive to race ? As in, race should not be a factor, period. In short, we should only be concerned with the content of your character !

    • Ben

      Are you serious? If you don’t believe we’re supposed to put the black race in the forefront of all out decisions, choices and preferences…if you don’t know that you are forbidden to say certain words that black people continue to say, if you don’t believe the black race is due special privileges, employment considerations and reparations for their race’s hardships, if you don’t believe that all the injustice, poor education, high prison population and ghetto mentality is 100% caused by the evil white man…. then you are nothing but a racist …. “insensitive”…. no way!

  • Timmy is a Dem goat hiding among the Repub sheep.

  • Martin

    I’m disappointed in Scott ‘s comment.

  • Carolann Enkhaus

    Obama caused all this racial tension with his degradation of the police, his total ignoring black crime and black crime against whites and his socialism that is brainwashing our children. Instead of making black children do better in school they chose to make white children feel guilty. When obama ran for president no one thought about race, now its thrown in our faces everyday because thats easier then dealing with the real issues affecting the black community

  • 1josephg1

    Shame on you. This is a president that is keeping his promises. He is just not giving people special rights for the sake of political correctness. Get over it!!!