Is Trump Dealing With Domestic Extremism?

former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson worried that the Trump administration isn’t addressing the issue of domestic extremism “to the same extent” as Obama once did.

Johnson stated, “The threat exists among domestic extremists, as well as what we refer to as terrorist-inspired extremism from overseas. We began funding these local organizations to counter violent extremism late in the Obama presidency, and we wanted to fund groups that would address domestic extremism, groups like Life After Hate, for example, for those who are leaving extremist domestic groups. And my fear is that the current administration is not dealing with it in the same way, to the same extent.”

Do you agree with Johnson?

  • Morgan23

    Funding more left wing liberal groups won’t curb domestic extremism because they are the source of the extremism. It is not the duty of the government to fund ”groups” because the ”groups” will be a reflection of those politicians that help fund them and they will end up being ”activissts” like ACORN who ultimately degenerate into political organizations.

    • apzzyk

      Show me where ACORN is funded by the government.

  • apzzyk

    Since Trump was elected, such things as ‘hate’ speech on the net has increased, as have actions such as the attempted bombings of Trumps enemies, and now this mass shooting at the Jewish temple. I think that Trump was trying to win the Jewish vote when he ordered the movement of the US embassy in Israel, only to find out that there is no money to really do this in this year’s budget, and now with the only response being to lower flags and saying that they should post armed guards, and failing to condemn these domestic terrorist actions in Charlottesville and now in Pittsburg, it might be that even the big Jewish Donor, Sheldon Addleson, might consider backing Democrats, since actions or inactions speak louder than words.

  • Dennis Anderson

    People don`t like what they don`t understand. Hitler took advantage of this and annihilated the jewish world by the millions. Why should any of you athiests give a shit where the Embassy is? You don`t like jews for what reason? It probably is because they are smarter than you are.They always seem to do better than you mutts for some reason. You want to put them down for all kinds of reasons. I don`t see the majority of them cutting off heads stealing or putting their privates in under age women or men. I don`t see them wanting to sleep with the same sex. I don`t see them wanting to marry a camel. The left is always calling for help when they create the problems.This racism thing and the caravan is all yours you warped out democrats.