Trump Destroys Excuses For Comey Firing

In a preview clip for NBC’s Lester Holt interview of President Donald Trump, which will air tonight, Trump essentially destroys the entire case his communications team has been making for days. This, you will recall, was the original timeline: on Tuesday, Trump was provided with a memo by deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein recommending the firing of FBI director James Comey for his botched execution of the Hillary Clinton email investigation; Trump received a recommendation from Attorney General Jeff Sessions as well; Trump then fired Comey on the basis of those recommendations. Kellyanne Conway appeared on national television to inform Americans that nobody could question Trump’s timing on the firing, even though the events at issue had occurred months ago, and Comey was in the midst of investigating connections between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

On Thursday, Trump blew up that timeline.

TRUMP: He’s a showboat, he’s a grandstander. The FBI has been in turmoil. You know that, I know that, everybody knows that. You take a look at the FBI a year ago, it was in virtual turmoil, less than a year ago. It hasn’t recovered from that.

HOLT: Monday you met with deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein. Did you ask for a recommendation?

TRUMP: What I did is, I was going to fire Comey, my decision –

HOLT:  You had made the decision before they came into the room.

TRUMP: I was going to fire Comey. There’s no good time to do it, by the way.

HOLT: Because in your letter, you said “I accepted their recommendation,” so you had already made the decision.

TRUMP: Oh, I was going to fire regardless of recommendation. He made a recommendation, he’s highly respected, very good guy, very smart guy, the Democrats like him, the Republicans like him, he made a recommendation, but regardless of recommendation I was going to fire him.

There goes the shoddy cover of Rosenstein’s letter. Trump wanted Comey gone, solicited a letter from Rosenstein, and Rosenstein obliged. The White House then tried to pin the firing on Rosenstein before that excuse collapsed. And Trump himself says so. Ugh.


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  • mike

    I wonder if the dems would scream foul if we demanded sharpton, schumer and so many others’ taxes.

    • keepyourpower

      We should and Trump should.

      • rothgar

        Which of those others are in violation of 4 decades of precidence.

  • brysava

    Who cares–the FBI director serves at the pleasure of the president. It is Trump’s choice, so stop all the harping for political advantage. Everyone wanted Comey gone, until he was gone.

    • Floyd E

      i agree with you 100%

      • greyfox

        It does make good fodder for the left and all their stupid followers. Democrats continue to display their hypocrisy, because their sheeple are so uniformed and they can get away with it

    • Jeannie McCall

      Here the DemonRats have been HARPING about wanting Comey fired, but once Pres. Trump actually FIRES the guy, SUDDENLY Comey is their best friend, shouldn’t have been fired, etc., etc., ad nauseum!! Sick of all the DemonRats’ two-faced LIES!!!

  • VirgoVince

    Trump doesn’t NEED excuses, he has the BEST reason; DISLOYALTY!!

    • metheoldsarge

      I agree. He should have fired him when Schumer and his lap dogs were demanding it. That would have caught them flat footed.

    • Millard Huff

      There will be more firings coming very soon.

    • rothgar

      Loyalty to the President is not a requirement for FBI Director or for most other positions especially Commissioned Military Officers who swear Loyalty to the Constitution/Government not the person of the President.

  • gunnygil

    The so called interview by Holt, the LIAR of Sandy Hook, was not a interview but a televised attack on the man who represents the America he hates

  • metheoldsarge

    Trump is damned that he did and would have been damned if he didn’t. I may be raked over the coals over this. I agree that Comey had to go. But to dismiss the head of a major government agency like the FBI, should be done face to face and in private or at least while Comey wasn’t in a public situation giving a speech. It is never a good idea to publicly humiliate anyone. It will come back to bite you every time. To do it over the media when the person is on the other side of the country is very bad form. I think Trump stepped in it on this one.

    • Jeannie McCall

      But at least the King of the Federal Bureau of “Instigation,” James Comey is FINALLY GONE!!

    • greyfox

      I doubt it. He has done more outrageous things without suffering any backlash. The left and the MSM are going to demonize him no matter what he doe’s, how can he lose?

  • Donna Morken

    The demos couldn’t wait to get rid of Comey 9 months ago but now that he is gone they ridicule Trump. What a bunch of Jerks, just need something to go after Trump for. Fakes just like the FAKE NEWS

  • President Trump is once again brilliantly playing the media, getting them to piss all over themselves, getting them to expose themselves as the fake news rat finks they are, and when all the real evidence comes out in the wash and the truth is known and President Trump is 100% justified in his actions, he will be standing tall and they will be tucking tail and slinking away yet again, as has been happening for 2 years now as President Trump outmaneuvered them, won the presidency, and continues to win for America.

    • Jeannie McCall

      Amen!! Totally agree!!

  • poppytoymaker

    I’m glad he got rid of Comey, he should have done it sooner, but he really has to be stupid to give Lester Holt an interview..

  • Jeannie McCall

    Comey should have been fired on Jan. 21, 2017!! He’s been a lying, sneaking TRAITOR to our President, since he was appointed by the lying, cheating bustard, OBLAMMER!! Never should have kept Comey in office as long as he did!! Thankful that Pres. Trump FINALLY fired this treasonous traitor, James Comey!!!

    • metheoldsarge

      He should have done it in January when Schumer and his lap dogs were demanding it. Would have caught them all flat footed.

  • greyfox

    What shoddy cover? He has every right to fire him by authority of his office as president. You idiots make it sound like he did something illegal. He doesn’t need a reason, it’s one of the perks that goes with being President or are you people too stupid to know that simple fact? He can do a lot of things as President, why don’t you beat on that drum?