Trump Fights to Strip Unconstitutional Exec Branch Power

Former President Barack Obama built a legacy on executive overreach and abuse of power, but the Trump administration and Republicans are working to implement new measures that would reduce his own power as well as for future presidents.

According to The Hill, 16 presidents used the Antiquities Act to secure federal land for monuments and wildlife, with Obama using it the most by far. Obama used the law 37 times to secure 553.6 million acres of land and sea monuments.

The Antiquities Act was signed into law by Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 to protect land in America.

In order to limit executive overreach on this issue, House Republicans have moved forward with a bill aiming to reform the law that allows for the president to claim large swaths of land as national monuments and shield them from being developed on in the future.

The measure was introduced by Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, and is in step with the Trump administration’s goal of rolling back Obama-era government overreach and giving more power back to state and local governments. 

What’s really worth noting about this is that as president, Donald Trump is supporting an effort on Capitol Hill that would curtail the powers of the executive branch that were expanded so egregiously during the Obama years. In other words, Trump is giving up power that has accrued to the White House to put it back where it rightfully belongs under the United States Constitution — in the hands of the people through their congressional representatives.

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  • Robert D

    Well, damn. There’s another chip taken out of the democrats claim that Trump is a dictator. I guess Obama was the dictator. Who knew? Oh, yea, we all did.

    • sherri palmer

      You are so right! Trump is doing a great job at taking the power out of the govt and putting it back into the hands of the people! Good job, Trump! BUT deport DACA, they have to go!

  • macaye2

    good. roll on.

  • kruggerx

    Well I see it 2 ways. In Feb 2009 the GOP told the American public they were going to do “Everything & Nothing” to make Obama a one term president. So he didn’t have much choice but to sign executive orders. In fact the same thing happened to Reagan that’s why he signed MORE then Obama. Now I see a President Trump that has NO IDEA how to pass legislation. I don’t even think he knew before the election how the process works. So far because of the GOP inability to get anything done President Trump has had to follow President Obama example. So far all President Trump has accomplished to sign executive orders undoing Obama’s orders same thing Obama did. Some how Trump needs to get legislation passed not just sign his name!