Is Trump Grossly Autocratic?

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says the President is engaging in “the kind of grossly autocratic behavior we’d expect in a banana republic, not a mature democracy.”

Schumer says, “The president’s behavior is the kind of grossly autocratic behavior we’d expect in a banana republic, not a mature democracy. By now, we should all recognize that President Trump’s latest demand is just another example of a relentless campaign to distract from the serious wrongdoing being uncovered by the Russia probe.”

  • voltage737

    Good lord give your bullshit a break. Bunch of deloushinal bastards.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    We are in a republic, not a democracy.
    It is funny that Schemer is bending the ear of McConman. They seem to be
    plotting together. Just because our president is defending himself against the
    swamp creatures he becomes an autocrat? Most of the uncovering of very serious
    wrongdoing is landing squarely on the Demonrats, Chucky baby!!!

  • johnright61

    As usual the head liberal liar tries to divert the news away from his treasonous partners by accusing the President of wrong doing. This generation of liberal office holders have done nothing but line their own pockets with taxpayer money.


    Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & when chanting go ” TRUMP USA” .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller ??
    I would truly appreciate posting a list of the names of real true TRUMP candidates to vote , I know of some , but not all

  • Rich

    Wow my BS meter just pegged again. Maybe Chuckie is getting a cut of the Clinton foundation. See ya in jail Chuckie

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    The President-Just wants everything out in the OPEN-But the Democrates don’t want their CRIMES-To come out -And its Scared- them.-All their Dirty-Little Secrets-Are Coming-Out-And they Don’t like it at All.Vote Republican-Next Election-And we shall see-A Real House-Cleaning-Which we Need.!!!!

  • So what if Trump is hiding secrets! Everyone hides secrets, if you say you do not, you are a liar! And Susan is right, We are a Republic, not a Democracy!!

  • Ronald Hagler

    I find it hypocritical of Schumer to make such a ludicrous statement about President Trump after we endured eight years of worse actions by Obama; actions to which Schumer made no discouraging statements! Obama supported the United Nations “Small Arms Treaty” to the extent that he sent Secretary Kerry to sign the treaty, without consulting or garnering the consent of Congress. This is a direct violation of Article II, Section 2, and Paragraph 2 of The Constitution.

    Obama, with his having Secretary Kerry sign the “Iran Deal”, once again violated Article II, Section 2, Paragraph 2 of The Constitution and Schumer said NOTHING! Now President Trump is trying to re-establish protocol and Democrats have no idea as to how they should act. The idea that a sitting President would actually follow established protocol is as foreign to them as is the fact that there never was a Trump/Russia collusion: something the Democrats continue wasting tax payers’ money to “discover” even one piece of evidence to the contrary!

    The tragedy is not that Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, et al are so stupid as to not realize their stupidity, but, rather, that the people who continue voting for them are even more stupid.

    • Marybeth Hope

      I so agree with you about the ppl who keep voting those imbeciles back in office! These men only know how they can break the law not follow it!

  • gvette

    Chucky thought it was great with the communist Kenyan destroying our country, bring us close to being a third world country. LOL…Remember what sate he’s in NY. The sister state to CA.