Impeachment To Follow If Democrats Win House

ABC panelist Cokie Roberts just went public with her observation that if Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives in 2018, there is no doubt, “you will see a move toward impeachment.”

Partial transcript as follows:

DOWD: This is — Ken Starr said something that I completely disagree with, which I think in a normal world is accurate. He said that basically the president has this power and the Congress is vested with the power to control the president. The problem is, we don’t have a constitutional crisis today, we have constitutional rot. And the rot is, is that Congress is now unwilling to provide the checks and balances to the presidency of the United States. And so the president is allowed to do stuff, and our only solution today it seems like is to go to a special counsel and try to pursue it that way, because the Congress — the congressional house committees, many congressional members of the Senate and the GOP, refuse to do anything. And so our constitution is now rotting because of that.

ROBERTS: No, no, no. But I don’t disagree, the biggest check is the voters, and we have an off-term election coming up, and our off-year elections.

DOWD: The problem is a lot of damage can be done every two and four years.

ROBERTS: I understand that, but off-year elections really sort of serve of like a parliamentary vote of confidence. And if, in fact, the Democrats are able to win, which is a big, big if, but if they do, I think you will see a move toward impeachment.

  • Dan

    The Democrats just can’t get over Hillary losing the election. Their mission to impeach in my opinion has alot to do with them being worried that the Trump administration will continue to investigate and discover the blatant crimes committed by the previous administration. Once they’re exposed it could hurt the party for generations to come. This is why they’re so eager to impeach. They’re sore LOSERS!

    • Christopher Tabin

      well that’s because the democrats don’t have all the evidence they need to impeach Trump as of yet. and besides, they’re not going to find any collusion between Russia and trump. there was plenty of collusion between the Clinton campaign and Russia, but they wont tell the American people about that.

  • Greg Zonker

    Keep on talking this way–you are assuring a Republican win in the mid terms

    • RC

      With the absolute lack of leadership and traitors, namely Jeff Flake and John McCain, there’s a good chance the Republicans will end up in the minority. Perhaps even in both houses. If that happens you can bet the old homestead that the first president in recent history who wanted to make the country better will be impeached, found guilty in a kangaroo court and kicked out. Then our country will be lost forever. You have no idea how I hope I’m wrong, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Freedomlover

        These guys want to be followers – of Dem, not leader.

        • RC


      • mike

        If a kangaroo type impeachment takes place this 72 year old vet is headed to DC fully loaded. I hope when I get there, there are about two million other vets that feel the same way.

        • J. P. Lynch

          Amen!! Thank you for your service!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

        • RC

          Since I was discharged the year you were born I guess I’ll have to leave that up you youngsters.

        • Bruce Wayne

          Turning 84 so i`ll be a couple of step behind you

  • Martin

    Democrats are crooks.

    • RC

      I don’t know about you, but I think they’re no longer Democrats. They’re Communists posing as Socialists (same thing) and are masquerading as Democrats. And I agree, they’ve proven themselves to be crooks of the highest order. Liars, too. And we have some RINO’s like McCain and Flake who would lie and cheat when the truth and fairness would be better.

  • Freedomlover

    … And then, our country will turn into socialism as Venezuela or Cuba with only the Democrat socialist rule. Right?

  • delong003

    IF the socialists win the House and the GOP still retains the Senate, it’s a no go situation. And Cokie is a liberal anyway.

  • Lee J

    Earl Browder was the Communist Party candidate for president in 1936 and 1940. He ended his campaign, and said that he no longer needed to run because “the Democrat party has accepted our agenda” There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Need I say more?

  • mike

    Impeachment = civil war, and as terrible as it would be for the non-combatants this country needs a severe culling. So it might be worth the sacrifice.

  • Terry Butts

    They must be talking about the previous presidents that ignored the Constitution as Trump followed the Constitution even allowed an UNCONSTITUTIONAL EO with a time limit built in to expire despite CONGRESS demanding he simply extend its enforcement beyond its limit so they could continue to ignore their job of addressing the issues within the limits allowed by the constitution.

    Impeachment can only be done if the one being impeached actually VIOLATED the constitutional laws of this nation.

    Simply REFUSING to cave to certain politicians UNCONSTITUTIONAL demands is not Unconstitutional or a violation of any CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.

  • Scott Lemoine

    Get over it there isn’t gonna be any impeachment. Butt hurt whine bag democrats that have nothing better to do. Well you know what? Keep doing what your doing and the POTUS will keep making America great and good and continue to reveal the crooks. Ohh HaHaHa Ohh HaHaHaHa!

  • J. P. Lynch

    Matthew Dowd and Cokie Roberts are living in another universe! Omg!!
    These two flaming liberals are poster children for “liberalism is a mental disease”!!
    How does ABC let them spew this crap on tv?? I will continue to boycott ABC!
    MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • EdWatts

    Yeah, well…

    …After the most recent “State of the Union” address, we can lay that nonsense to rest.

  • Karl Ruffing

    i’m seeing republicans retaining control of both houses by large majorities come November.

  • don lavrich

    the dems are delusional. do they think they are going to take the house back after these F.B.I. docs are read by the American people. its going to be a bloodbath. the people are tired of the dems. they are going the way of the wig party.

  • Robert Hunter

    If corrupt Demoncrats try to inpeach the BEST PRESIDENT in history, there will be a revolution and demys will LOSE !

  • gideonrockwell

    The Demotards had best be worrying about keep anyone in either house in the next couple of years. They couple be facing a wipeout in November after hearing some of the citizens reaction to the memo today. When this is over only the most conservative Republicans maybe left standing in the chambers. We need an I.G. to inspect all the members financials just to be fair, but I think a lot of Dems would retire or resign rather than stand for it. Trey Gowdy for Attorney General.

  • David

    The Democrats WILL NOT regain the House, because THEY ALL VOTED AGAINST the Tax Reform & Jobs bill that will result in ‘Joe Q Public’ getting MORE $ in their paychecks!!!

  • Finder1009

    These IGNORANT MORONS come up with this, after letting Oblameo do anything he wanted much of which was contrary to constitutional laws, federal law, and just plain common sense. With just a little luck we can remove all liberals from positions of authority in America.

  • Grim Reaper

    The reason the Dems want to so
    desparately impeach our President is because Trump is successfully crushing their socialist/globalist agenda. The Dem agenda is one in which they are fighting to completely dismantle and destroy our national sovereignty and incorporate our country into a cabal that gets its marching orders from the U.N. and other Global organizations whose Elites seek to impose their warped views upon us, while exercising their fascist dictatorial power.
    Trump has put a huge monkey wrench in their plans to do this, by reasserting our Constitution and Laws that enforce our National Identity, and has brought back Capitalism in such a positive way he is blowing their untenable socialist programs right out of the water.
    God bless Anerica, and God bless our President.

  • Uncle Bob

    May i ask, impeach for what, you can’t impeach someone because you don’t like him?